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REIKI is an ancient and profoundly simple healing art, which channels universal life energy, the divine life giving force. REIKI energy is gentle, yet powerful enough to dissolve and assist the healing of ailments of the physical and emotional body. REIKI heals to the subatomic level of each cell. The Japanese theologist Dr Usui rediscovered REIKI, the long forgotten healing art at the end of the nineteenth century. REIKI is an ancient and revered practice of "laying on of hands" which promotes and accelerates healing and balancing of the body, mind and spirit. The word REIKI simply means, universal life force energy.

The REIKI treatment is often experienced as gentle, relaxing and meditative. The receiver lies or sits in a comfortable position. There is no need to disrobe as this energy moves through clothing. A complete treatments lasts about one hour. During this time the REIKI practitioner allows his/her hands to rest gently on or near different areas of the body corresponding to major organs, the seven main glands and the endocrine system, chakras or any physical area that needs healing. The receiver only needs to relax, enjoy and receive! REIKI can also be given to animals, birds, plants or any living thing.


Alleviates pain, reduces stress, supports recovery from addictions, can promote deep emotional release, balances the energy system, can bring peace to the agitated mind, accelerates physical healing, brings deep and restful sleep, allows space for spiritual connection, supports both Allopathic and Holistic treatments.

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