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IT Management

I currently earn my living providing IT support and management to businesses and private individuals in the south-east of England. Please view my company site here.

Email autoreplies

If you think these are a good idea, please read why vacation messages are bad.

Free software

I do all kinds of things with computers pretty well all the time and from time to time I produce code snippets, utilities, etc which may be useful to the general community. As and when I do, I'll post them here. Please help yourself but don't even think about blaming me if it doesn't do what you want.

Norton Killer

KillNorton.wsf is a VBScript which tries really, really, hard to remove Norton AntiVirus / Norton Internet Security from your machine. An added benefit is that, in order to achieve this, it removes ALL Norton / Symantec traces - you'll need to reinstall any Symantec software you actually want to keep.

Norton Internet Security - just say 'NO'


iso8601.vbs is a pure VBScript class to manipulate and process ISO8601 date and time formats. No need for Java or ActiveX stuff, just pure VBScript!


myback2.wsf is a VBScript script in Windows Script File format to provide regular/scheduled, disk-to-disk backups. Not (yet) good for automatically backup up to CD, but will be.

GetIDEs is a Python script to fetch the latest set of virus identities (IDEs) from the SOPHOS website. It has facilities for updating both standalone machines and network installation folders. It can be run standalone or imported into a controlling script.

Why "Saphena"?

Saphena Computing Ltd was the name of a software house I ran during the 1980s and early 90s

Amongst its claims to fame is the case of Saphena Computing Ltd v Allied Collection Agencies Ltd which set the precedents for much of the case law affecting computer software in English Law.


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