(Last updated 14th February 2004)

Working on Grenfell pieces at Marrick Priory workshop


 Woodhorn Matters


My name is Shirley Slater and as a child I watched my grandmother Freda make mats and often helped cut up old clothes, lisle stockings, and jumpers to go in her hooked or clippy/proddy mats. It was a craft born of necessity in those times but now the craft is more of an art form with materials available from many different sources. Clothing manufacturers often discard off-cuts of material and good quality wool clothing can be bought from boot sales and jumble sales. I also use wool blankets which I wash and dye to get the colours I need. My favourite medium is carpet wool as I can do more detailed designs in one or two strands.

I use woollen materials or carpet wool for floor rugs as the rug keeps its shape and shrugs off dirt well but, for wall hangings you can use almost anything as long as it will hook or prod, including plastic carrier bags, ribbon, T shirts and fleece. I have been making rugs for 16 years.

Commissions taken; Company Logos, A much loved pet, Favourite place or building, a childs special drawing. Rugs designed and hooked in carpet wool or wool fabric, price depends on size and complexity of design. Designs drawn on hessian on request for you to hook yourself.

   Like minds please email me rugmaker@lineone.net