Traditional hooked rug

This hooked rug was made from a dark grey 80% wool coat and dyed wool blanket hooked in 10oz hessian.


1. Prepare your hessian by pulling a thread along the edge (width and length) as a guide when cutting to ensure a straight edge allowing one inch all round for your hem.

 2. Make 1" hem by hand or machine, this will be the finished size of your rug.

3. Cut strips of fabric 1/2" wide (wider for thin material and pinched double, cut narrower for thicker materials).

 4. Hooking is worked with the hemmed side and design facing down and you oversew the hessian centrally into the frame with strong thread. You will work right to the edge of the hessian.

 5. Expose about 18" to 24" on your frame and wind on as you complete the section.

 6. With your design facing up and your hook in your right hand hold a piece of fabric in your left hand underneath the hessian usually working from right to left. (Reverse if you are left handed). Push in your hook to make a large hole and catch the end of the strip to bring it up through the hessian.

 7. Push the hook down again about 1/4" to the left of the first hole, catch the strip and bring up a loop to about 3/8" high on the surface. (Your loop should be as high as the width of the fabric.)

 8. Continue in this way and bring up the end of the strip to the surface. Start a new strip in the same hole. (the ends can be trimmed when held in place by other loops). Slightly pinching the strip gives a neater appearance.

 9. When your rug is completed, press it on both sides with a steam iron through a cloth, which helps to lock the loops in place.


You may wish to back your rug with fabric i.e. linen. I prefer not to as grit can become trapped behind the backing, which increases wear.


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