Held in Woodhorn Colliery Museum Ashington

 Dec 7th to Jan 23rd 2001

Museum open Wed to Sun - Workshop open Thurs 10-2pm and Sunday 10-4pm



Lady Godiva


1000 - 1050

  Lady Godiva

by Mary Taylor


Battle of Hastings and Halleys Comet


1050 - 1100

The Battle of Hastings & Halleys Comet

by Nancy Alderton


The Crusades


1100 - 1150

The Crusades

by Doreen Armitage

The Great Cathedrals


1150 - 1200

The building of the great Cathedrals

by Hilary Sigmund

The Magna carta


1200 - 1250

Signing of the Magna Carta

by Margaret Kilvington



1250 - 1300

Introduction of Weaving

Hooked by

Nancy Thompson

Robert the Bruce


1300 - 1350

Robert the Bruce

by Joan Comb

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales


1350 - 1400

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

by Irene Bruce

Joan of Arc


1400 - 1450

Joan of Arc

by Anne Jacklin

Christopher Columbus discovers America


1450 - 1500

Christopher Columbus Discovery of America

by Karen Walker

Henry Vlll and the Tudors


1500 - 1550

Reign of Henry Vlll and the Tudors

by Hazel Robinson

Shakespeare and Reign of Elizabeth l


1550 - 1600

Shakespeare and the reign of Elizabeth 1

by Jean Dobson


Civil War, Guy Fawkes, Astrology


1600 - 1650

The Civil War, Guy Fawkes and Astrology

by Vivienne Dalgleish

The Plague and Great Fire of London


1650 - 1700

The Plague and the Great Fire of London

by Dorothy Scott

Bonnie Prince Charlie


1700 - 1750

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Over the sea to Skye

by Sheila Glentworth

Captain Cook charts Australia and New Zealand


1750 - 1800

Captain Cook and colonisation of Australia

by Shirley Slater

Stephenson's Rocket


1800 - 1850

Stephenson's Rocket

by Jean Moss

Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War


1850 - 1900

Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War

by Gladys Aynsley

Courage and Remembrance 2 world wars


1900 - 1950

Courage and Remembrance

1914-18 and 1939-45

 by Sheila Wilson

The First Man on the Moon


1950 - 2000

The First man on the Moon

by Mary Pilkington

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