06 March 1893 - 01 May 1981

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Barry Cuthbert Jones, actor and Manager.

Born Guernsey, Channel Islands, 6th March 1893.  Son of William John Jones and Amelia Hammond (nee. Robilliard).  Youngest member of a large family, eight brothers and sisters in total.  Educated at Elizabeth College, St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

At the age of seven, determined to be an actor, he applied for a role in a Shakespearean touring company that was visiting Guernsey (Sir Frank and Lady Benson's, Henry V). He was advised to wait a little longer!

"This young man began with Shakespeare, in the most proper English manner.  When Barry was seven years old, Sir Frank Benson and his troupe of players from Stratford-on-Avon came within reach of the Guernsey home where young Mr Jones was quite happy as the baby of a large family.  Somebody in the family took Barry to see Sir Frank.  He was sufficiently impressed to beg to be taken again to see the players the next year.

Then young Barry announced his future profession, 'I am going to be an actor when I grow up,' he said, 'I am going to play Shakespeare with Sir Frank Benson.  Won't someone take me to meet them?'.

'When I am grown up may I be in your company?' he asked, looking brave and being as tall as he could.  The Bensons said he might .  The family told each other and all the neighbours about the baby's ambitions.  I am sure that was a favourite family story.  But it was no joking matter for Barry.  He wrote to the Bensons, and they replied; the correspondence continued until the summer of 1914.  Then he announced that he was going on the stage, and the family quit thinking it a joke.  After all, there was the army for a younger son, but the stage?  My dear, it wasn't done - not in Guernsey".

The army for the short term was to win

Worked in a steam ship office in St Peter Port

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