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Frodsham Congress Review
Doran Wins Major |
Chester Wins Team Prize.
Chris Doran's score of 4/5 was enough to secure at least equal first at the Frodsham Congress, while "Chester 1" stumble to first place in the team prize.
All six of Chester Chess Club's representatives were paired for the first game of the tournament and it was a fairly successful night for them. In the Major (under 170) top seed Chris Doran was held to a draw.
In the Intermediate (under 130) section, equal top seed Joe Nemcek was victorious as was Steve Lloyd who benefited from his opponent's dodgy rook sacrifice. Meanwhile Colin White held super kiddie Henry Broadley.
Finally in the Minor (U90) section both Ian Clayton and Marvin Hayes were comfortable winners.

On Saturday morning Marvin Hayes appeared to be cruising the minor section after a comfortable and relatively quick disposal of his second opponent. Colin White finished soon after but was unfortunately defeated. Elsewhere Joe Nemcek won again as did Chris Doran, while Ian Clayton could only manage a draw and Steve Lloyd suffered a defeat.
Between rounds 2 and 3 the members of Chess club organised themselves into two teams for the team prize. Chester 1 consisted of Chris Doran (top seed in the Major), Joe Nemcek (top seed in the Inter) and Marvin Hayes (cruising in the
Minor) while Chester 2 consisted Lloyd, White and Clayton. Before the start of round 3 Chester 1 had a 1.5 point lead over the next team.
Round 3 went well for Hayes, taking advantage of his opponent's poor sacrifice to become the sole leader of the Minor section. Ian Clayton made sure he was still in contention with a victory to put him on 2.5 points.
In the Intermediate section, Steve Lloyd got away with a dodgy sac to secure a second win. Colin White also recovered from the morning defeat with a surprisingly easy victory over a 124.
Finally Chris Doran won again in the Major but Joe Nemcek lost to the eventual winner of the Inter.
Sunday was unfortunately a bad day
for most of Chester's players.
In round 4 of the Intermediate, Colin White walked into a backrow mate and Steve Lloyd fell for a cheapo mate after having the better of most of the play.
Marvin Hayes dropped his first half point after recovering from going an exchange down. Chris Doran, Joe Nemcek and Ian Clayton could also only manage a draw. The results allowed Cheddleton to level with Chester 1 in the team prize.
In Round 5 Steve Lloyd won a wild game, Clayton lost a game he was winning and Hayes was eventually punished for his terrible opening. White and Nemcek also lost but fortunately Doran won his game and Chester won the team prize (a clock) on tie break.
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