The Right Reverend Michael Solomon ALEXANDER, died 23rd November 1845. The First Protestant Bishop of Jerusalem. (He had been appointed to this position by H.M. Queen Victoria.)


Elizabeth ATTLEE, died 4th February 1892, aged 59 years. The wife of the Reverend Simmonds Attlee.


Helen ATTLEE, died 22nd December 1898. A Missionary working for the Church Missionary Society since 1890


Mary BAILEY, died 25th May 1859, aged 8 months


The Right Reverend Joseph BARCLAY, died 22nd October 1881, aged 50 years. He was the third Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, and late Rector of Stapleford, Hertfordshire. His widow who survived him by only 4 months is buried at Ketteringham, Norfolk


Margharit Brandon BARCLAY, third daughter of Bishop Barclay died 18th October 1880, aged 8 years


Ebenezer Johnstone BARTON, died 2nd December 1895. Born at Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire on 29th March 1839, employed for many years by the Bengal Civil Service in India


Robert BATESON, died 24th December 1843, aged 27 years. Member of Parliament, the eldest son of Sir Robert Bateson, Baronet, of Belvoir Park, Ireland






Martha BERCEIM, born 8th September 1848, died 5th February 1888. The wife of Peter Bercheim


Peter BERCHEIM, born 2nd September 1844, died 24th October 1885 


Cecil Augustus Hillyar BISSHOPP, died 5th May 1845, aged 6 months. The son of Sir Cecil and Lady Bisshopp. (His father was the Reverend Sir Cecil Augustus Bisshopp, Bart., the son of the Dean of Lismore. He was ordained in Malta in 1844 and the same year married Mary Anne Bickerton. He died in Malta on 19th January 1849, and was buried in Msida Bastion Cemetery, Floriana.)


Emily Alicia BLAND, died 16th March 1868


Ann BLYTH, died 27th February 1895


Douglas Carnegie BROWN, died 17th May 1904, aged 5 months


Annie Romola BURTCHAEL, born in Rome 8th March 1875 and died in Jerusalem 27th December 1877


Reverend Somerset Brafield BURTCHAEL, died 6th June 1878. Born in Ireland in 1832, he was ordained in 1858. He served in Ireland, Spain, Italy and in 1877 was appointed to Christ Church, Jerusalem


Claudia BURTCHAEL, infant daughter of Somerset and Katherine Burtchael, buried in Florence, Italy


Charlotte Maud CHAPLIN, born 19th August 1870 and died 8th April 1872. The daughter of Thomas Chaplin M.D. 


Ellen CLARK, born 3rd June 1832 and died 20th March 1904


George M. CLARK, born 3rd January and died 13th May 1886


Gladys M. CLARK, born 5th April 1887 and died 30th July 1891


Winifred Ethel CLARK, born 5th July 1892 and died 30th May 1900


Gladys Rowena CONNOR, died 31st May 1888, aged 10 months


Caroline COOPER, died 22nd November 1859. Born 4th September 1806 in   Henley-on-Thames, she had lived for eleven years in Jerusalem


Christopher Samuel CORAL, born and died 31st October 1878


J.N. CORAL, died 22nd July 1891, aged 59 years. For 30 years a Missionary in Jerusalem


James Stephen CORAL, died 4th May 1879, aged 9 months


Mary Christina CORAL, died 3rd August 1868, aged 16 months


Selma CORAL, born 21st December 1847, died 9th May 1894


George DALTON, M.D., died 25th January 1826. Missionary to the Jews


Mary DICKINSON, died 9th April 1844, aged 38 years. The wife of Joseph Dickinson M.D. of Liverpool




John DICKSON, died 4th July 1906. He was born 17th June 1847, and was Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul in Jerusalem 1890 to 1906


James DUNCAN, died 10th August 1868. Corporal, Royal Engineers, died when employed on the Jerusalem excavations


Dorothy Forster ELLIS, died 14th April 1891, aged 26 years. The wife of Frank T. Ellis


Ernest Gordon FARQUHARSON, Captain, Royal Engineers, died Tuesday 1st April 1902, aged 32 years


Daniel FAST


Emily Louisa FINN, died 17th December 1858, aged 10 weeks


Sydney GIBBON, died 19th July 1899, aged 30 years. The son of Thomas and Caroline Gibbon, of Bowdon. A Missionary working for the Church Missionary Society in Jerusalem                            


Maria R.C. GOBAT, born 9th November 1813 and died in August 1879. The wife of Bishop Samuel Gobat. (Whilst living in Malta they had two children. Paul Azaria Gobat, born 2nd November 1840 and died 9th December 1841. Another son James Gobat was born 22nd May 1846, six weeks after his father was appointed Bishop of Jerusalem.)


The Right Reverend Samuel GOBAT, died 11th May 1879. He was Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem from 1846 until his death in 1879. (He was born at Cremines, Bern Canton, Switzerland on 26th January 1799 and became a Lutheran Minister. He spent several years working in Abyssinia before arriving in Malta. He was appointed Vice-Principal of the Malta Protestant College in February 1846, but on 9th April 1846 was appointed to fill the vacant Bishopric at Jerusalem by the King of Prussia.) 


Mary Elizabeth GOZA, died 1st October 1887, aged 31 years. The wife of the Reverend R. Elliott Goza


C.H. HILLYER                 


John HOLLAND, born 29th September 1824 and died 26th April 1857. Surrogate of Morpeth, Northumberland


W. HOPE                       


Robert Houghton HUGHES, died 17th April 1899, aged 3 years. The only child of Richard and Frances C. Hughes




Mary Maria JACOMBS, died 18th May 1902, aged 64 years. From Birmingham she went as a Missionary to Syria in 1863


Eliza JEAFFRESON, died 23rd May 1890, at the Deaconesses’ House, Jerusalem, aged 57 years. The daughter of the late William Jeaffreson, F.R.C.S.


John Bowes JOHNSTON, died 6th November 1859, aged 55 years. A resident of Jerusalem since October 1838


Katie KELK  


Robert S. LAUTERSTEIN, died 1st April 1878, aged 69 years


Edith Anne LEES, born in Rotherham, 10th September 1861 and died 1st August 1888 in Jerusalem. The wife of George Robinson Lees


Victor Robinson LEES, born in London 29th May 1887, and died 8th July 1888 in Jerusalem. Infant son of George Robinson Lees




Edward MacCOWAN, M.D., died 6th February 1860. Physician for seventeen years to the Jerusalem Mission of the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews


Cyril Herbert MARRIOTT, son of the Reverend Herbert Marriott


Henry David MOORE, died 26th July 1869


Violet MOORE, born in February and died in May 1872


Reverend John NICOLAYSON, died 6th October 1856. Born on 1st June 1803, he served in Jerusalem for 23 years. He founded the English Hospital and was the builder of the Protestant Church


Charlotte Maria OGILVY, died 18th May 1878


James R. PATTERSON, died 30th November 1897, aged 39 years. Born Boston, Mass., U.S.A.




Antoinette P. POWLE, born 13th January 1819 and died 20th November 1897


Mary Fearne PRICE, died 18th January 1885


William RODGIE, died 20th March 1873, aged 37 years. A Banker in Bombay, India, he was on his way home to Scotland, when he died in Jerusalem. He left a widow 






Sarah Ann STANTON, died 3rd November 1878 at Bethlehem. Born in London 13th September 1842, she went to Syria in 1864, employed by the Society for Promoting Female Education in the East


Charles Frederick TYRWHITT-DRAKE, born on 2nd January 1847 (?) and died 1871 (?)


Reverend James Henry VIDAL, died 15th March 1875, aged 55 years. Vicar of Chiddingly, Sussex


Reverend Charles Frederick WESTON, died 9th April 1884 on a visit to Jerusalem, aged 26 years. From Derby, he was Curate of Widecombe, Bath



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