The English Cemetery at Malaga - Spain



John Blackadder AITCHISON, died suddenly 30th June 1905, aged 49 years. Chief Engineer, of the s.s. Cid, formerly of Cockburnspath, Berwickshire but lately of Brockley, London. Erected by his widow and comrades


Catherine M. ANAN, died 12th September 1879, aged 36 years, of Market Drayton


James ARMSTRONG, died 11th May 1870. Buried with him was the stillborn baby of Marion Murray


Philip ASHWORTH, died 17th January 1871, aged 26 years. The son of Edmund and Charlotte Ashworth, of Egerton Hall, Bolton


Edith Louisa ATHORPE, died 4th November 1872, aged 31 years. The widow of Marmaduke Athorpe, ofAlicante


Henry BARHAM, died 5th November 1859, aged 41 years


Reverend Henry Watson BARNARD, Vicar of St.Cuthbertís and Canon of Wells, died 9th July 1855, aged 63 years, at Granada


Mary BARNSLEY, died 26th May 1860, aged 66 years. The wife of Thomas Barnsley


Thomas BARNSLEY, born at Donnington Wood, Shropshire, died 7th September 1886




Thomas BATTERSBEE, Captain, Royal Engineers, died suddenly 7th December 1851, aged 57 years, while on a tour through Spain


William P. BEECHER, born in Newhaven, Connecticut, U.S.A. 12th January 1797 and died 24th October 1850. Erected by his friends


Mary Louisa BERWICK, born 22nd August 1828 and died 20th June 1853. The daughter of John and Mary Ann Berwick, of Scawby Grove


Franklin Crosby BEVAN, born at Baltimore U.S.A., 26th June 1872 and died 27th November 1907


John BEVAN, died 1st May 1816. English Merchant, the son of John and Sarah Bevan nee Gurney, born in London about 1780. He died before the opening of this cemetery and therefore is remembered on a tablet placed by the gate by his eldest and only surviving son J.C.D. Bevan in 1878


Mary Prioleau BEVAN, born 27th January 1906 and died 5th November 1906. The daughter of R.F. and M.P. Bevan


Charles Toll BIDWELL, F.R.G.S., born 28th December 1831 and died 1st May 1887. H.B.M.ís Consul for the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Jaen and Murcia


Robert BOYD, died 11th December 1831, aged 26 years. From Londonderry, Ireland, the friend and fellow martyr of Torijos Calderon, who fell at Malaga in the sacred cause of liberty


Catherine Charlotte Ann Eliza BOYLE, born 9th February 1849 and died 16th December 1851. The daughter of Patrick and Mary Frances Boyle, of Shewalton, Ayrshire


Graeme Hepburn BOYLE, born 8th February 1848 and died 28th January 1852. The son of Patrick and Mary Frances Boyle, of Shewalton, Ayrshire


Henrietta Augusta BOYLE, born 5th November 1845 and died 6th May 1852. The daughter of Patrick and Mary Frances Boyle, of Shewalton, Ayrshire


Alice BRADBURY, born at Malaga 16th November 1859 and died 4th December 1859. The first child of Thomas and Emma Bradbury


Emma BRADBURY, died 3rd January 1863, aged 28 years. The wife of Thomas Bradbury, of Astbury, Cheshire


Robert Arthur BROOKE, died 29th November 1860, aged 25 years. The eldest son of Robert Brooke, Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset


James BROWN, born 20th June 1840 and died 29th October 1841. The son of Henry and Elizabeth Brown


James Ludowick BROWN, died 5th January 1856, aged 27 years, of Paisley, Scotland


Josephine BRYDGES, died 13th May 1900. The wife of Egerton Brydges


Henry Thomas BULLEN, died 31st October 1864. A native of Maestrum, Surrey, born 21st May 1821


James CAMERON, died 18th September 1869, aged 33 years. From Inverness, the Master of the schooner Vinco, of Banff


Warner Westema CARDEN, died 3rd February 1854, aged 26 years. Captain, 93rd Regiment, youngest son of Sir Henry Carden, Bt., of Templemore, Ireland


George CLARKE, of Wyndham House, Brighton, died 11th May 1850, aged 62 years


Thomas CLERKE, died 16th November 1855. Born in New York, U.S.A., 27th April 1829, the son of the Hon. Thomas William Clerke, Judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Acting U.S. Consul in Malaga


Charles J.L. COATES, born 24th July 1870 and died 4th December 1893


Ethelbert Francis CODDINGTON, Midshipman, son of Jonathan I. Coddington, born in New York, U.S.A.,  22nd May 1830 and died 8th November 1853


John Jeken COOPER, died 16th March 1905, aged 56 years. The third son of the Mary Jeken and the late Dr. Peter Cooper of Appleby, Leicestershire. Erected by his widow, mother, brother and sisters


J. Arthur CORBETT, died 18th February 1864, aged 32 years. From New York, U.S.A.


Thomas Charles CORNISH, died 15th April 1861, aged 49 years, of Clifton, Bristol


Maggie CRAWSHAW, born 20th June 1892 and died 19th October 1894


Victoria CRAWSHAW, born 8th April and died 11th July 1888


Henry DAVIDSON, died 5th December 1880


William DAVIS, died 15th September 1884, aged 27 years. An American Seaman


Robert DAVISON, died 28th July 1860, aged 24 years. Of Shields, Mate of the barque Catherine Morrison


Mary DEAR, born in Hampshire 1810 and died at La Perla, Benalmadena, 30th September 1887. Faithful servant and friend of the Mark family


Mary Anne DEARNELEY, died 26th March 1874, aged 31 years. The wife of Thomas Dearneley, of Stalybridge, Lancashire


Charles DURIE, M.D. of Craighescar, Fifeshire, died 1st March 1845, aged 29 years


Betsy EGLIN, born 16th March 1830 and died 2nd June 1849. Eldest daughter of Richard and Phoebe Eglin


Charles Henry FALKNER, died 30th January 1861, aged 25 years. The eldest son of Thomas Falkner, of Bath


Barre Latter FORBES, died 14th December 1871, aged 24 years. The son of the Juliana Anne and Reverend E. Forbes, British Chaplain in Paris


Caroline Elizabeth (Leila) FORBES, died 22nd December 1871, aged 21 years. The daughter of the Juliana Anne and Reverend E. Forbes, British Chaplain in Paris


John Meadows FROST, died 19th April 1842, aged 23 years, a native of Gibraltar


Amelia Stewart GAMBELL, died 5th April 1887, aged 48 years. The wife of John Gambell


Amy GAMBELL, born 22nd June 1873, but only survived a few hours. The daughter of J. and A.S. Gambell


Lucy GAMBELL, born 29th July 1878 and died 2nd September 1878, the third daughter of J. and A.S. Gambell


Marion Stewart GAMBELL, died 20th December 1895, aged 19 years. The daughter of Amelia and John Gambell


William Harvey GAMBELL, died 11th August 1894, aged 23 years. The son of Amelia and John Gambell


Edward Garvin GEDDES, died 2nd April 1858, aged 37 years. The son of John Geddes, of Verre Ville, Glasgow


Robert Villiers GEORGE, M.D., born 28th February 1822 and died 26th March 1871


Francis GOODENOUGH, born 16th May 1799 and died 6th August 1855 at Granada


John GOODNOW, born 29th June 1858 and died 7th December 1907. Formerly Consul-General of the United States at Shanghai


Harriet Sophia GORDON, born 16th October 1841, and died 24th July 1843


Thomas GORDON, born 12th November 1799 and died 16th May 1855. The youngest son of the Reverend Hugh Gordon, of Anworth, Kirkcudbrightshire. For many years resident in Malaga


Arthur GREENE, died 2nd November 1855, aged 28 years. The youngest son of Major William Greene, of Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland


Virginia Quarles HANCOCK, daughter of A.M. and Fanny D. Hancock, born 20th November 1862 and died 25th May 1863


Charles Utermarck HARDY, born 2nd February 1864 and died 15th October 1864


Harriet Amelia HARDY, born in Guernsey 15th November 1833 and died 23rd January 1867. The wife of the Reverend T.W. Hardy


Catherine Anne HARRAS, born in Birmingham, 20th February 1823 and died 15th October 1845


Henry HARRAS, born in Hamburg, 12th August 1777 and died 6th June 1850


William Richard HARRAS, born in Birmingham, 11th February 1825 and died 23rd November 1868


James HARRISON, born in Hull, 25th September 1802 and died 26th November 1837


Georgina Mary HAWES, daughter of George and Janet Hawes, born 31st January 1904 and died 9th July 1904


John HAZLEHURST, died 30th September 1874, aged 72 years. From Altringham, Cheshire


Harry HEATON, died aged 3 years 3 months, the son of Henry and Margaret Heaton. Buried with his brother Leonard


Leonard HEATON, died aged 10 weeks, the son of Henry and Margaret Heaton


Mary HEATON, the wife of Rupert Heaton, of Bolton, Lancashire, died 14th November 1884, aged 48 years


James HEBDEN, died 4th January 1853, aged 31 years. From Scarborough.


George HODGSON, born in London 18th October 1812 and died 24th January 1884


John Thomas Bonafinte HOGSETT, fifth son of Aaron Hogsett, of St.Johnís, Newfoundland, died 16th January 1863, aged 36 years


John HOMER, drowned off La Caleta, 22nd December 1891, aged 57 years


Francis Fothergill HOOD, of Nettlesham, Lincolnshire, late Lieutenant, 64th Regiment, died 28th February 1853, aged 25 years


Walter Worthy HORNE, died 15th July 1902, aged 46 years


Edward William HOUGHTON, died 7th January 1902, aged 26 years


Mary Anne HOWARTH, born 2nd August 1841 and died 7th August 1842. The daughter of Robert and Sophia Howarth


Sophia HOWARTH, born 5th March 1805 and died 22nd July 1881. The wife of Robert Birkin Howarth


Henry John HUNTINGTON, died 13th July 1887, aged 66 years. Chaplain at Malaga, formerly at Leghorn, Italy


Henry HUTTING, died a violent death 2nd September 1855, aged 23 years. From Yarmouth, a Seaman on the brig Dasher


John Alfred IKIN, died 26th August 1867, aged 49 years


James KING, died 29th January 1861, aged 27 years, of Christchurch, Hampshire


Edwin KNIGHT, born 24th January 1844 and died 16th September 1885, of Reigate


John LANG, died 3rd June 1840, aged 21 years, from Kilkenny, Ireland


Joseph White LINDON, born 9th July 1818 and died 18th April 1864, from Plymouth, Devon


Richard Christian LINDON, born 28th November 1850 and died 17th August 1855


Arthur Diego Granea LLAMBIAS, died 20th July 1906, aged 8 months


Alexander LOWDON, born at Dundee, 28th June 1818 and died 18th May 1853


Harry LUMSDEN, died 2nd April 1857, aged 22 years, of Aberdeen


Eliza McANDREW, born in Liverpool 11th May 1835 and died 9th December 1836. The daughter of Eliza and Robert McAndrew


Elizabeth McCULLOCH, died 20th April 1878, aged 21 years


Maria Cramer McCULLOCH, died 30th May 1902, aged 88 years. Her inscription was placed by her children


William McGOWAN, born at Carliestown, Scotland, 6th May 1796 and died 24th September 1841. Captain of the Black Dog of Liverpool. Erected by his widow


Nigel McKECHNIE, C.E., died 5th June 1893, aged 32 years


Reverend James B. MACLAURIN, of Edinburgh, born in Fifeshire 20th December 1829 and died 3rd January 1858


Archibald MacQUEEN, died 3rd March 1855, aged 30 years


William Elliott MAIN, died 25th April 1861, aged 23 years, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Elizabeth Josephine MARK, born 16th October 1834, and died in childbirth at La Perla near Malaga 1st March 1875. The wife of John Atkins Mark.


Ellen Don MARK, born at Malaga 27th May 1823 and died 20th December 1899


Emma Bedwell MARK, the widow of William Mark, born in London 1st January 1788 and died 22nd November 1859


John Atkins MARK, born 5th June 1825, and died 18th February 1881. For 22 years, H.B.M. Vice Consul at Malaga


Joseph MARK, died 1st June 1875, aged 3 months, the infant son of Elizabeth Josephine and John Atkins Mark


William MARK, Royal Navy, for many years British Consul for the kingdom of Granada. Born at Berwick-upon-Tweed 5th March 1782, and died at Alhaurin 13th January 1849. Erected by his widow


William Penrose MARK, died 20th January 1872, aged 61 years. For 36 years H.B.M.ís Consul for the Kingdom of Granada. Also his two infant sons by his wife Helen Elizabeth


Charles MARTEL, died 16th May 1864, aged 36 years. From Guernsey


Charles MASTERMAN, died 17th October 1880


Edward John MAUGER, died 11th September 1855, aged 42 years. The Master of the Schooner Lady Mansell, of Guernsey


Frederick White METHVEN, of London and Buenos Aires, died 28th January 1904


Mary Charity METHVEN, died 15th March 1905. The widow of James A. Methven, of Broughty Ferry, Scotland


Thomas MITCHELL, of Dundee, 3rd Engineer of the Anchor Line steamer Tyrian. Died 10th December 1881. He inadvertently disregarded a challenge from a Spanish sentry who was guarding the prison, and was shot.


Henry MONRO, born at Edinburgh 24th August 1809 and died 28th November 1869. Erected by his widow


Daniel MOWBRAY, born at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 23rd July 1796 and died 18th December 1870. Erected by his widow and children


Thomas M. NEWSON, born New York City, U.S.A., 22nd February 1827, and died 30th March 1893. Major, United States Consul, from St.Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.


James NIGHTINGALE, died 25th August 1855, aged 55 years, of Manchester


Joseph William NOBLE, late of Danettís Hall, near Leicester. Member of Parliament for Leicester, while travelling in Spain was attacked by cholera and died 5th January 18**, aged 65 years


Henry Mowbray NORTHCOTE, died 6th February 1878, aged 51 years. For 20 years the Rector of Monk Oakhampton, Devon


William Henry NUTTER, died 5th June 1872 at the British Consulate, aged 53 years. From Carlisle, an artist


Charles PARKER, drowned in Malaga Harbour 1st December 1851. Seaman of the R.Y.S. schooner Leda


John PARSONS, drowned in the port 26th August 1855, aged 19 years. Seaman of the cutter Alarm, of Poole


John PATTERSON, drowned in the harbour, 22nd August 1886. Firemen of the s.s. Glanrheidol


Jane Mary PAUL, born Glasgow, 1st September 1848 and died 18th November 1870


B.H. PEACOCK, died 8th July 1907. Erected by his friends at Huelva


John Henry PELLY, died 22nd March 1878, aged 27 years, a native of Canada


Arthur Gough PIGOTT, died 8th January 1878, aged 27 years


Henry Huntly PILCHER, died 31st August 1836, aged 31 years. A Merchant of Malaga, the son of Edward and Elizabeth Pilcher, of Liverpool


William POMEROY, died 15th August 1842, aged 21 years. Seaman of HMS Belvidera


Reverend George Harries POTTER, of Queenís College, Oxford. Born at Gosport, ordained on 23rd December 1849 at Salisbury. Died 3rd November 1854


Zephaniah Lungley PRENTICE, died 27th December 1858, aged 27 years, of Stowmarket


Georgina F. PRICE, died 8th February 1899, the daughter of W.R. Price, M.D.


Walter Samuel PRICE, born 21st February 1830 and died 23rd December 1865


Charles REMFRY, died 20th February 1903


Constance Harriet REUSS-CHRISTIE, died 22nd May 1878, aged 17 months


Josephine Elizabeth REUSS-CHRISTIE, died 31st January 1881, aged 2 years 5 months


Sophia Amelia REUSS-CHRISTIE, born 15th July 1880 and died 15th November 1880


Thomas RICH, died 28th May 1876, aged 42 years, of Gibraltar


Philip RIXON, died 1841 (?). Brother of William Rixon


William RIXON, of Popton, Pembrokeshire, died 25th March 1840, aged 48 years


Julia SANDEMAN, nee ROBERTSON, died 20th February 1845, aged 28 years. The daughter of the late John Robertson, of Foveran, Aberdeenshire, and the wife of David Sandeman, of Kirkwood, Dumfriesshire


Herbert SCOTT, died 26th December 1885


Sophia Russell SCOTT, died 18th February 1854, aged 21 years. The eldest daughter of Russell and Isabella Scott, of Summer Hill, Bath


Jane SIMPSON, died 6th March 1855, aged 44 years, of Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire


Julia SIMPSON, born at Malaga 17th October 1859 and died 3rd December 1859. Twin of William, children of Ann and James Simpson


William SIMPSON, born at Malaga 17th October 1859 and died 6th September 1860. Twin of Julia, children of Ann and James Simpson


George Lemos SLADE, died 4th May 1859, aged 18 years. The only son of Eliza Ann Ash and George Slade, of St.Johnís Wood, London


William SPROAT, born 24th April 1820 and died 21st October 1855, of Kirkcudbright, Scotland


John J. STEVENSON, born 1st January 1809 and died 22nd February 1875, of Banff, Scotland


Elizabeth Martha STEWART, born 12th November 1845 and died 1st April 1870. The daughter of James Robert Stewart, of Gortleytragh, Kingstown, Ireland


Launcelot Edward STEWART, son of Henry Stewart and Emma Troughton, born 1st November 1874 and died 6th July 1876


Barbara Forbes STOCK, born 8th January 1845 and died 24th March 1872, aged 27 years. The wife of Edward Wood Stock, of Lincolnís Inn


Isabella SUTHERLAND, born 28th July 1827 and died 6th August 1855, of Aberdeen


Peter Burn SWANSTON, died 5th November 1859, aged 55 years. Merchant in Grand Canaria. Erected by his son Peter Swanston of Prestonkirk, Scotland


Arthur TAYLOR, died 1st April 1859, aged 21 years, of Shrewsbury


William TAYLOR, died 30th May 1859, aged 34 years, of Shrewsbury


Sarah THORLEY, died 1st January 1865, aged 49 years. The wife of Thomas Thorley, of Manchester


Joseph THORNTON, died 8th December 1856, aged 33 years, of London


Reverend Frederick Edwin TORRE, died 6th April 1857, aged 27 years, of Thornhill, Yorkshire


Charles W. J. TRAVO, died 18th September 1878, aged 23 years, of Gibraltar


Beatrice TREWHELLA, died 6th May 1864, aged 9 years


Henry Stewart TROUGHTON, born in Liverpool, 14th September 1845 and died 12th January 1897. For 30 years the Agent for the R.Y. Squadron


Henry E.W. TUCK, born at Portsea 30th June 1823, and died at sea 20th May 1862. Erected by his brother engineers of the Spanish Navy


Walter Sydney TUCKER, died 24th December 1862, aged 25 years. Captain, 13th Hussars, from Bath, Somerset


Estelle Pamela VEGAS nee CONNER, died 2nd March 1891. Born Sanbornton, New Hampshire, U.S.A., 27th November 1840, the daughter of Charles J. Conner, and the wife of Dr. J.F. Vegas, Consul for Venezuela and the United States of Brazil


Louis Charles Hamilton Massey VERSCHOYLE, died 25th November 1870, aged 23 months. The son of Captain Verschoyle and the Countess of Assereto


Robert VERSCHOYLE, died 2nd July 1870, aged 3 days. The son of Captain Verschoyle and the Countess of Assereto


The Hon. Frances Henrietta WARRENDER, died 20th February 1852, aged 60 years. The daughter of the first Lord Alvanley, and the wife of Sir John Warrender, Bart., of Lochend


Florence WATERFIELD, born 11th April 1847 and died 21st March 1902. The youngest daughter of Thomas Nelson Waterfield


Harry WELTON, died 21st July 1899, aged 14 years, while on a visit to Malaga. The eldest son of E. and M. Welton, of Hull


George WHITE, died 2nd May 1894. Erected by his wife


Elizabeth WILLIAMS, died at sea 22nd May 1857, aged 28 years, of Cardigan


John WILLIAMS, died 13th September 1899, aged 30 years, of Liscard, Cheshire


C. C. WITHAM, died 10th September 1861, aged 32 years. An American Seaman


John WOOD, died 9th April 1853, aged 29 years


Abraham WORLEY, died 24th May 1856, aged 50 years

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