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In Camp before Alexandria - Egypt


15th August 1801 Richard CREED, Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 27th Regiment


3rd September 1801 Louis FRICKER, Minorcan Regiment Anna Maria HALDRIN, widow
5th September 1801 Hugh CAMERON, Sergeant, 42nd Regiment Catherine DALLAS, widow
27th October 1801

James LYNCH, Sergeant, 13th Regiment

Elizabeth SEAMOUR

Vittoriosa - Malta



24th December 1801

George WALLACE, Corporal, 12th Light Dragoons

Sarah HODGSMAN, widow, resident Malta

31st December 1801 John LEATHAM, 24th Regiment Elizabeth HAGLEY
14th January 1802

Richard SMITH, 48th Regiment

Margaret MILLER
22nd March 1802 William GREGORY, Sergeant, 63rd Regiment Jane RICHES
14th April 1802 Thomas OGDEN, Royal Artillery Harriet Ann WOODCOCK
19th April 1802 William COX, Sergeant, 48th Regiment Elizabeth BATES
27th April 1802 Alexander GORDON, Sergeant, 92nd Regiment Jennett STEWART
21st May 1802 John PIKE, Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 35th Regiment Ann DADY
24th May 1802 John HARBIN, Sergeant, 35th Regiment Sarah KENNETT
26th May 1802 William LEATCH, Gunner, HMS Diane Catherine FELTHAM
26th May 1802 George KENDALL, Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 20th Regiment Rebecca BURLTON, widow
28th May 1802 Handlake VERBERNE, Sergeant, Regiment de Watteville Catherine KENTENCHIN, widow
6th June 1802 James LITTLE, 48th Regiment Margaret GOW, widow
25th June 1802 William RICHARDSON, Royal Artillery


29th June 1802 Robert PYCROFT, Royal Artillery Mary RODGERS
31st July 1802 Jonathan WILLIAM, 13th Regiment Jane PERRY
3rd August 1802 William HARDGRAVE, Sergeant-Major,

Elizabeth GOODWIN, widow

   2nd Battalion, 35th Regiment  
13th August 1802 Joseph PRICE, 1st Battalion, 20th Regiment Heather MINER, widow
15th September 1802

William SMITH, Civil Artificer, Ordnance Department

Mary WATERS, widow
16th September 1802 Thomas HODGE, Acting Bombardier, Royal Artillery Sarah PRIMROSE, widow
19th September 1802 Thomas HAMMOND, 2nd Battalion, 20th Regiment

Lilly CLARK, spinster

20th September 1802 Philip LLOYD, 2nd Battalion, 20th Regiment

Elizabeth WARD, widow

3rd October 1802 William PORTER, 1st Battalion, 20th Regiment Jane BROWN, widow
16th October 1802 John FISHER, 1st Battalion, 27th Regiment Mary WALSH, widow
18th October 1802 Robert GREY, Sergeant, 48th Regiment Ann LAMONT, widow
26th October 1802 William THORN, 1st Battalion, 20th Regiment Ann CLARE, widow
17th November 1802 William ALLEN, 1st Battalion, 20th Regiment Catherine ARMSTRONG, widow
28th November 1802 Samuel CLARKE, Sergeant, 63rd Regiment Ann WILLIAMSON, widow
1st December 1802 Thomas MEDLIN, 48th Regiment Elizabeth FIELS, widow
8th December 1802 John SANDERS, 48th Regiment Mary MURRAY, widow
14th February 1803 John RIDDLE, 27th Regiment

Anna CANTINAL, widow

15th February 1803 William HALL, 48th Regiment

Frances COOPAS, widow

1st May 1803 John HAWKER, 20th Regiment Martha SCARLET, spinster
2nd May 1803 Thomas RICHARDS, 20th Regiment Mary COTTERELL, spinster
8th May 1803 Dennis McTAGUE, 27th Regiment Eleanor HAFFERTY, widow
13th May 1803 James HUNT, 20th Regiment Jane WILBY
16th May 1803 George WILLIAMS, Royal Artillery Ann COLTON
6th June 1803 Stephen BROWN, 27th Regiment Mary BERRY, spinster
12th June 1803 Michael McKENNA, 27th Regiment Jane ARMSTRONG, widow
15th June 1803 William PERRY, 35th Regiment Maria KNOWLS, widow
1st July 1803

Matthew BATTLEY, Royal Artillery

Bridget MADDEN, widow
19th July 1803 Thomas ASH, 27th Regiment Eleanor LYNCH, widow
11th August 1803 John HAWKSBEE, 27th Regiment Mary WALSH, widow
11th September 1803 Thomas KYME, 20th Regiment Ann MILLER, widow
16th September 1803 Lauchlen GRANT, 27th Regiment Mary CASSIDY, widow
10th October 1803 William CRAIG, Sergeant, Royal Artillery Frances STARLING, spinster
2nd November 1803 William SIMS, Sergeant, 35th Regiment Mary BAKER, widow
27th December 1803 John HAMMERTON, Servant of Archibald McNeill Esq. Giannina GALLIBERTI
26th February 1804 Patrick PURCELL, 20th Regiment Mary COMMARFORD, widow
16th April 1804 GREENWOOD, James, Sergeant, 35th Regiment SIBBEN, Sarah, spinster
3rd May 1804 Edward Dezile DE PREE, 27th Regiment Rose FREEMAN, widow
29th May 1804 George IRVING, civilian Ann IRELAND
12th June 1804

Pieter PIETERS, HMS Madras

Mary WELSH, an arab woman
9th July 1804 William FRY, civilian Ann FRAZER
28th August 1804 Owen OWENS, civilian Sarah Eleanor FAIRFAX
29th August 1804 Michael KARG, Chasseurs Britannique Mary EDDS, spinster
11th October 1804 Willliam BACE, Quartermaster, 61st Regiment Mary Ann McDONALD, spinster
18th October 1804 Edward SHERWOOD, Sergeant, 20th Regiment Mary COUSSINS, spinster
21st November 1804 Henry HADEN, Sergeant, 20th Regiment Mary MACCABE, widow
26th November 1804 James ARMSTRONG, 27th Regiment Jane COLLINS, widow
6th December 1804 Thomas Edward MELL Anna WHICHELLO, spinster
1st January 1805 Thomas LOCK, 35th Regiment ……………..GALE, widow
1st January 1805 John BROWN, Royal Artillery Susanna HOLT, widow
20th January 1805 William LAWSON, of H.M. Dockyard Jemima GOODE, spinster
26th February 1805 John PURDY, Sergeant, 61st Regiment Mary COLEMAN, spinster
26th February 1805 John OLDHAM, Corporal, 61st Regiment Ann HASWELL, widow
12th March 1805 William EDWARDS, Sergeant, 61st Regiment Rebecca CHAPMAN, widow
8th April 1805 George DONALDSON, Royal Artillery Jane BANKHEAD, spinster
6th May 1805 James NORRIS, Porter at Naval Hospital Ann DUMPHY, widow
8th May 1805 William MARTIN, Royal Artillery Ann BEECHAM, spinster
12th May 1805 David TROTTER, Sergeant, 27th Regiment Ann McMAHON, widow
14th May 1805 John MATTHEWS, Sergeant, 35th Regiment Mary HEWITT, spinster
1st June 1805 James HUTTON, civilian Elizabeth CUMBO, spinster
3rd June 1805 William LOGAN, Sergeant, 61st Regiment Ann MANN, widow
6th July 1805 John FARRELL, Foreman in Naval Arsenal Ann HUNT, widow
14th July 1805 James HILLYAR, Captain HMS Niger Mary Lyall TAYLOR, spinster
22nd August 1805 Willam KNOX, Royal Artillery Sarah O’BRIEN, widow
28th October 1805 Abraham BUCKLEY, Royal Artillery Jane WAYNE, spinster
14th November 1805 Francis LAING, M.A. Balliol College Oxford Emily GRANT

Witnesses were Sir Alexander Ball and Lady Ball.

The Reverend Laing was tutor to the son of Sir Alexander Ball.

13th December 1805 William REID, Royal Artillery Mary LEWIS
15th December 1805 Joseph COPPIN, 44th Regiment Mary MACQUIRE, spinster
26th January 1806

Richard WOODWARD, civilian

Margaret BURCK, spinster
10th April 1806 George THORN, civilian Mary FRASER, spinster
27th April 1806

LEGGE, Stephen, 44th Regiment

MORGAN, Mary, spinster
29th May 1806 Thomas GILBERTSON, Royal Artillery Jane ARMSTRONG, spinster
13th June 1806 John SHEPHERD, Royal Artillery Hannah BARTLEY
5th October 1806 Hugh JOHNSTONE, 44th Regiment Elizabeth LENNON, spinster
21st November 1806 William DRAKE, Sergeant, Royal Artillery Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, widow
5th December 1806 William EYRE, 81st Regiment Mary FLOOD, widow of the late
    Francis Flood of same Regiment
9th January 1807 James LESLIE, Royal Artillery Mary PARKER, widow
16th January 1807 Robert STONE, Sergeant, 58th Regiment Elizabeth JERRYMIA, widow
5th February 1807 Robert THOMPSON, Lieutenant, Royal Regiment of Malta Catherine GRANT, spinster

1st April 1807

Philip SANTOVITO, 44th Regiment Elizabeth ASHLEY, widow of Bombardier
    Ashley, Royal Artillery
30th April 1807 John HUNTER, civilian Mary WALDRON, spinster
11th June 1807 Patrick SMITH, 39th Regiment Mary FLOOD, widow
15th June 1807 Jonas OXLEY, Sergeant, 44th Regiment Catherine BAGSHAW, widow
28th June 1807 William HIGGINS, Merchant Elizabeth FRODING, spinster
4th July 1807 John DAVID, Commissariat Dept Louisa Jane WILLIAMS, spinster
12th July 1807 John HARDMAN, Sergeant, 39th Regiment Mary MANWARING, widow
26th July 1807 John WILLIS, 39th Regiment Elizabeth WIGGINS, spinster
10th August 1807 Benjamin WALKER, Sergeant, 39th Regiment Elizabeth SMITH, spinster
18th September 1807 William ROBERTSON, Merchant Sarah PEMBERTON, spinster
2nd November 1807 William EWINGTON, 44th Regiment Elizabeth FOULSHAM, widow
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