Cemeteries in other Mediterranean Countries


We have recently been given some lists of memorial inscriptions recorded by an elderly Englishman who travelled around the Mediterranean during the period 1905 to 1910. He visited cemeteries in Gibraltar, Spain, Italy, Sicily and the Holy Land. In some instances he could only record part of a gravestone due to the stone being damaged, or covered with moss and ivy.

Since that is almost 100 years ago it is quite likely that even if the cemeteries themselves are still in existence and have not been damaged by war, vandalism, or building developments, a 100 years of natural weathering will have taken its toll of the stones.

Though only few of the military or civilian families have connections with Malta, we nevertheless decided to include all the inscriptions on this website since we do not think they will be found elsewhere. For clarity we have added U.S.A. after all American entries but of course the U.S.A. we know today did not exist at the time many of the persons died, so obviously does not appear on their inscriptions.

Having also been given an index of baptisms, marriages and burials for the British Chapel at Smyrna for the early 1800ís it seemed appropriate to include it on this file.

We shall be pleased to receive an e-mail if you have any information about these cemeteries or any of the persons buried therein.


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