English Cemetery at Messina - Sicily



William ABBOTT, born in London, and a resident of Messina for about 20 years, died 17th July 1840, aged 54 years


Amelia ADAM, died 27th June 1812, aged 29 years in childbirth. The wife of Lieut-Colonel Frederick Adam


Magdalena ADERS, nee BUCHOLZ, born 22nd May 1781 and died 29th August 1854


Thomas Frederick ALDRED jnr, the son of Joan and Frederick Aldred, 75th Regiment, died 1st August 1812, aged 1 year 3 months 8 days


Emma Sophia Cailler ANDREIS, born 16th February 1856 and died 28th December 1908, as a result of the earthquake, which struck Messina


Rosa ASPA, died 4th May 1866


Alphonse AUDUSSON, died 22nd January 1869, aged 42 years


Albert Edward AVELINE, born 21st March 1842 and died 21st February 1903


Charles AVELINE, born 3rd August 1837 and died 28th December 1908 in the earthquake that struck Messina


Emily AVELINE, born 19th September 1867 and died 28th February 1870


Giulia AVELINE, born 30th November 1863 and died 12th July 1865


Giuseppa AVELINE, born in Vienna 16th February 1854 and died 25th December 1875. The wife of Charles Richard Aveline


Oscar W. AVELINE, born 27th November 1874 and died 28th December 1908 in the earthquake that struck Messina


William Leopold AVELINE, born 7th February 1874 and died 19th March 1874


Francis W. BARKER, Merchant, died 30th August 1854, aged 37 years, from cholera. The son of William Wilton Barker


James BARKER, died 29th August 1854, aged 50 years. The Master of the schooner Wiltshire of Yarmouth


W.E. Sophia BARKER, died 11th September 1854, aged 39 years, from cholera. The daughter of William Wilton Barker


William Wilton BARKER, died 17th May 1856, aged 87 years. H.B.M. Consul at Messina. Erected by his daughter Matilda H. Barker. (His daughter Elizabeth Lavinia Phoebe Barker, married in Malta 16th August 1843 to William Franck, who was born in Leghorn, Italy. His wife was Antonina Diorgi, of Palermo.)


Edmund BARTELS, M.D., born in Hamburg, 4th December 1833 and died 22nd September 1861


William James BEEK, born 1st December 1839 and died 25th June 1840, the son of Ann and William George Beek


Frederick BEHN, born in Lubeck, 7th October 1801 and died 23rd February 1875. United States Consul in Messina for twenty-six years


Ann BLACKMORE, born 24th December 1837 and died 3rd February 1854, aged 16 years. The daughter of Elisa and Walter Blackmore, of Wandsworth, Surrey


Carl Ludwig BLOEST, Captain, Swiss Regiment, mortally wounded 6th April 1849, aged 41 years


John Corgton BLOOMFIELD, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, died 1811, aged 22 years, killed at Faro Point by a cannon shot from the coast of Calabria


John BOWNAS, died 21st January 1818, aged 36 years. From Bramham, Yorkshire, a Merchant in Messina


Augustus BRUEHHAUFEN, Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion, German Legion, died 25th January 1811, aged 35 years


James William BUXTON, died 5th August 1814, aged 25 years, Assistant Surgeon, Royal Artillery, from Colchester, Essex


Alfred J.J. CAILLER, born 12th October 1874 and died 28th December 1908, as a result of the earthquake, which struck Messina


Guido William CAILLER, born 8th December 1884 and died 26th June 1885


John Lewis Jordan CAILLER, born 20th May 1841 and died 8th July 1908


Margaret CAILLER, nee FISCHER, born in Leeds 6th April 1801, and died 29th October 1870. The widow of J.P.J. Cailler


Olga Margaret CAILLER, born 31st May 1876 and died 1st April 1882


Willy Frederic CAILLER, born 9th July 1895 and died 28th December 1908, as a result of the earthquake, which struck Messina


Captain Augustus CAMERON, 21st Regiment, killed in the service of this country 1809. Erected by his brother officers


Frank John CARTER, died in the earthquake on 28th December 1908, aged 29 years


Louise CHILD, born 21st December 1826 and died 31st August 1854. The daughter of Thomas Child


Thomas CHILD, died 27th August 1854, aged 63 years, from Wakefield, Yorkshire


Diderico Lyder Smidt CLAUSSEN, born Bergen 15th June 1783 and died 28th March 1865. Consul General for Denmark at Messina


Friederike Wilhelmine CLAUSSEN, nee HOLZGREVE, born Hamburg 31st July 1797 and died 13th September 1859


Christopher CRAWFORD, Conductor of Ordnance Stores, died 26th October 1812, aged 39 years


Heinrich Wilhelm CORDES, born Hamburg, 27th February 1835 and died 29th December 1857


Keith COUSSENS, died 20th November 1880, aged 15 years, the son of David and Eliza Coussens


Henry DICKINSON, died 28th May 1822, Paymaster, British Army Flotilla, aged 48 years, from London


Henry DICKINSON, died 24th December 1824, aged 5 years 7 months, the son of Henry Dickinson


Edward James EATON, born Fiskerton, Nottingham, 5th October 1836 and died 11th May 1902


Frances EATON, nee OATES, died 24th July 1873, aged 22 years. The eldest daughter of Julia and George Oates, and the wife of Edward J. Eaton


John Thomas EATON, born 25th July 1834 and died 13th February 1890


Henry ENTWISLE, died 12th March 1834, aged 38 years, of Rusholme, near Manchester


Alfredo (formerly Guglielmo) Oldham FALKENBURG, born 8th February 1838 and died 10th June 1890


Arthur John FALKENBURG, born 8th August 1844 and died 3rd September 1854


Elizabeth Harriet FALKENBURG, nee OLDHAM, born Guernsey 21st December 1815 and died 3rd September 1854, from cholera. The daughter of Lieut-Colonel John Fields Oldham, and the wife of John Herman Falkenburg. Erected by her husband and seven children


Henry Frederick William FALKENBURG, born Avignon 20th September 1839 and died 12th July 1840


John Augustin Oldham FALKENBURG, born 11th June 1854 and died 27th May 1855


John Hermann William FALKENBURG, born 19th November 1802 and died April 1871, aged 68 years. Erected by his surviving children


Waldemar Ernest FALKENBURG, born 26th August 1846 and died 2nd September 1854


Richard FARRELL, died 8th October 1811, aged 19 years, 1st Lieutenant, 21st Regiment


Elizabeth FISCHER, born York, died 2nd September 1854, aged 87 years. The widow of Maximilian Fischer


Guido Scuderi FISCHER, born 30th May 1889 and died 2nd July 1890


John Anthony FISCHER. (His daughter Mary Anne Fischer, born Messina, married in Malta 3rd September 1844 to Henry John Ross, also born Messina, the son of Elizabeth and Henry William Ross. His wife was Mary Anne.)


Maximilian FISCHER, died 29th June 1825, aged 68 years, of Chwyr, Switzerland


Carl Victor FOG, born Copenhagen 9th February 1816, and died 13th January 1903


Emilio Charles FOG, born 13th July 1878 and died 30th March 1884


Marie Henrietta FOG, nee RUEGG, born 6th November 1827 and died 28th February 1904


Ellie O. GLASSFORD, born in Leeds, 14th December 1862 and died 7th March 1876


Charles GORDON, died 6th September 1816. Late Commander of the United States frigate Constellation. Erected by his brother officers


Alfredo GRILL, born 19th August 1872 and died 30th July 1873


Federico GRILL, born 28th June 1784 and died 10th February 1868


Magdalena GRILL, nee SIX, died 18th August 1866, in her 62nd year


Paolina Amalia GRILL, born 5th November 1863 and died 10th August 1866


Paolo GRILL, born 28th June 1814 and died 7th January 1883


Francis Charles HASSARD, of the City of Waterford and Co.Armagh, Ireland. Born 22nd August 1817 and died 1850 in Catania


Richard HASSARD, died August 1850, aged 2 years, in Catania


Anna HAUGK, from Leipzig, died 25th January 1870, in her 25th year


Martha HAMNETT, died 24th March 1820, aged 27 years


William Amherst HAYNE, scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, and only son of the late Henry Hayne, died 5th February 1873, aged 25 years, at Catania


Alexander Hugh HIGGINSON, born 30th July 1809 and died 1st October 1810. The son of Captain Higginson, 10th Regiment


Captain J.H. HILL, 27th Regiment, died 4th November 1811, aged 24 years. Erected by officers of the 27th Regiment


John W. HOPKINS, born 2nd March 1811 and died 14th June 1873, aged 62 years. The eldest son of the late Deputy Commissary General Samuel Hopkins. Erected by his children


Captain Thomas HUNTER, 21st Regiment, killed in the service of this country 1809. Erected by his brother officers


John JAMES, died 10th June 1829, aged 95 years


Giorgio Mattia KILIAN, born 20th October 1776 and died 9th November 1864


Louise KOENITZER, born in Frankfurt 28th March 1801 and died 30th December 1843


Jane KROGH, nee SMITH, died March 1819, aged 24 years. The daughter of John and Grace Smith, of Sunderland, Co.Durham. Erected by her husband Gabriel Krogh, of Bergen, Norway


John LEAF, from Manchester, died 28th September 1833, aged 57 years


Charles McALLISTER, born Thomastown, Maine, U.S.A. and died 20th February 1850, aged 26 years, on board the United States ship Cumberland


Alick McLEOD, died 1901


Augusta Stahl MARTENS, the wife of Johan Christian Martens, died 28th December 1908 as a result of the earthquake


Johan Christian MARTENS, the Swedish Consul at Messina, died 28th December 1908 as a result of the earthquake


Richard MILLER jnr, the son of Richard Miller of North Yarmouth, died 15th February 1818, aged 17 years


Octavius MOORE, died 20th January 1907, aged 42 years


Julia MORRISON, died 7th August 1838, aged 10 months., the daughter of James and Harriet Morrison


Robert NIMMO, M.D., of Auchinblain, Ayrshire, died 27th October 1836, in his 43rd year


George Charles OATES, born 10th January 1817 and died 25th September 1897. (He married Julia Matthey on 19th May 1841 in Malta)


George Francis OATES, died in infancy, the son of Julia and G.C. Oates


Julia OATES, nee MATTHEY, died 1st March 1859, aged 38 years. The wife of George Charles Oates


Reginald OATES, died 7th February 1858, aged 15 months. The son of Julia and G.C. Oates


Valentine OATES, died 16th June 1863, aged 18 years. The son of Julia and G.C. Oates


Walter OATES, died in infancy, the son of Julia and G.C. Oates


Catherine ORSME, died 30th June 1810, aged 23 years 7 months. The wife of Sergeant Richard Orsme, 58th Regiment


Francis Gambier PARRY, died 9th June 1843, aged 10 weeks


Peter August PILGERAM, born Frankfurt am Main, 2nd June 1807 and died 17th November 1835


Edward PREECE, died 22nd January 1842, aged 48 years 10 months


Federico Teodoro RABE, born Bielefeld, Prussia, 4th December 1821 and died 29th September 1887. (On 16th June 1849 he married in Malta to Teresa Ottaviani, born Messina, the daughter of Matilda and Francesco Antonio Ottaviani.)


Paul Edward RAINFORD, died 14th September 1890, aged 65 years. For about 10 years was British Vice Consul at Messina. Erected by his only son


George REA, Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, 44th Regiment, died 25th April 1811, aged 34 years. Erected by officers of 44th Regiment


Elizabeth ROSE, died August 1837, aged 24 years, from cholera. Niece of J.F. Rose and W.T.Rose.


Elizabeth G.M. ROSE, from London, died 6th January 1825, aged 63 years


Eloise ROSE, died 1st September 1854, aged 41 years. The wife of James Rose


John Fearne ROSE, died August 1837, United States Vice Consul, aged 48 years, from cholera.


William Thompson ROSE, died August 1837, H.B.M. Vice Consul, aged 38 years, from cholera.


Enrico Giovanni ROSS, born 30th January 1816 and died 15th February 1878. Erected by his wife


Catarina Hohn RUEGG, born Messina 1825 and died 1864


Federico RUEGG, born 8th October 1833 and died 25th August 1900


Helena RUEGG, from Zurich, born 26th September 1862 and died 10th July 1863


J. Henri RUEGG, born 11th May 1829 in Pfaffikon, nr.Zurich, Switzerland, and died 22nd March 1874


Johann Jacob RUEGG, born Pfaffikon, nr Zurich, Switzerland 1781 and died 1864


P. Henri RUEGG, born near Zurich, Switzerland, died 25th January 1884


Era Ethel RYND, born Paris in June 1860 and died 7th October 1867, from cholera. The daughter of William Richardson Rynd and granddaughter of Major Rynd of Dublin and Co.Fermanagh, Ireland


Frederick Augustus RYND, born Toulouse 22nd January 1822 and died 22nd July 1857. The son of the late Major Rynd, 100th Regiment


Henry Oldham REW, born 31st March 1848 and died 22nd September 1849


Amelia Sarah SANDERSON, died 26th February 1863, aged 36 years. The wife of Robert Sanderson. She left a husband and three children


Bertha SANDERSON, born Messina 25th July 1843 and died 29th August 1854, from cholera. The daughter of William Sanderson


Bertha Aders SANDERSON, born Elberfeld 16th September 1808 and died 22nd August 1866


Frances Flora SANDERSON, nee GINGELL, born Malta 19th December 1829 and died 30th August 1854, from cholera. The daughter-in-law of William Sanderson. (She was the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Gingell of Malta and married Thomas Jeans Sanderson on 2nd July 1849 in Malta.)


Jemima SANDERSON, died 28th October 1876, aged 36 years. The wife of Robert Sanderson


Julia Gertrude SANDERSON, born 6th November 1888 and died 31st July 1899. Erected by her father


Robert SANDERSON, born 26th June 1817 and died 27th February 1907


Sophia SANDERSON, died 18th February 1833, aged 47 years.


William SANDERSON, born Sunderland, Co.Durham, 12th June 1786 and died 28th August 1854, from cholera


Anna Maria SKURRAY, died 14th June 1822, aged 20 years. The daughter of Elizabeth and John George Skurray, of London


Elizabeth Hester SKURRAY, died 27th November 1829, aged 54 years


Paul Heinrich Franz SUKEY, born Berlin 23rd September 1823 and died 26th January 1866


Josiah SUTCLIFF, died 23rd March 1842, aged 75 years. Originally from Settle, Yorkshire, but he had lived on the island of Sicily for about 40 years


George SUTHERLAND, died 22nd December 1812, aged 38 years. Quartermaster, 21st Regiment


William Paton THOVEZ, died 13th April 1879, aged 66 years. (William Thovez, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, married Rosaria Fragata, of Catania, in Malta on 14th September 1841. He married a second time in Malta, as a widower on 26th January 1858 to Hannah Wilkinson Arnold, of Boston, Lincolnshire.)


William TIGHE, died 18th April 1812, aged 24 years. Lieutenant, 27th Regiment, the son of the Reverend William Tighe, of Ratheryland, Co.Down, Ireland. Erected by his brother officers


Bertha TSCHUDY, born St.Gallen, Switzerland 22nd July 1822 and died 5th August 1881


Morten TVEDE, born 3rd May 1864 and died 28th December 1908 in the earthquake. A Danish painter


George Edward WALKER, born Naples 6th December 1829 and died 10th October 1887


Johannis WALSER, born Switzerland, died 18th June 1833


Thomas WESTLAKE, died 4th November 1876. Chief Officer s.s. Dido of Hull, Erected by Agents, Captain, and Officers of the Wilson Line


John WHITE, Private, Royal Marines, HMS Argus, drowned at Messina 24th February 1860, aged 33 years. Erected by his shipmates


Robert WILLIAMSON, died 28th December 1908, in the earthquake, aged 19 years


Stanley Newton WILLIS, born Whitby, 29th November 1892 and died 13th August 1895. The son of William R. and Ada D. Willis     


Frank WOOD, from Tiverton, died in the earthquake December 1908, aged 24 years


William Kerr WORMALD, from Leeds, Yorkshire, died 21st December 1811, aged 24 years


Joseph Lewis YOUNG, died 26th August 1812, Lieutenant, 75th Regiment. Erected by his brother officers


William ZENTGRAFF, born 5th December 1781 and died 30th August 1854

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