Registers of Reverend J.C.Miller    1805-1818


The 30 year-old Reverend John Castleton Miller was appointed Chaplain to the Forces in 1805 and he remained in this post until 1813 when he became Chaplain to the Government. He was married to Sarah, and their son George Oakes Miller was baptised on 2nd May 1804 in Malta.


His Registers are a good example of the problems in researching these early years, since when he left Malta on 15th November 1815 he took his Registers with him, and upon his return in the Autumn of 1817 made this entry:


‘ During this interval I was absent from the island and the services being performed by the Chapain to the Forces, the entries were made in the Military Register.’

He was dismissed as Chaplain to the Government in 1824 and returned to England, taking his Registers with him.

He was the Rector of Milton Malsor, a small village about three miles from Northampton, from 1799 until his death on the 18th August 1828, aged 53 years.

  Baptisms                Marriages              Burials



4th November 1805, WHEELER, Jane, daughter of Mary and Thomas Wheeler, Born on board, the L’Aimable, on 21st December.


25th November 1805, HAWKS, William, son of Elizabeth and James Hawks, 81st Regiment.


26th November 1805, ABBY, Thomas, son of Mary and Thomas Abby, Private, 81st Regiment.


3rd December 1805, NIXON, Robert, son of Elizabeth and Henry Nixon, 44th Regiment.


6th December 1805, HUGHES, Alexander, son of Eleanor and John Hughes, Private, 81st Regiment.


25th December 1805, FLEMING, Charles Wootton, son of Elizabeth and John Fleming, Private, 81st Regiment.


21st January 1806, ORTON, Maria, daughter of Jane and Samuel Orton, Private, 81st Regiment.


9th February 1806, VINCENT, Charles, son of Mary Ann and Timothy Vincent, Naval Arsenal.


16th February 1806, BULMER, Sarah, daughter of Sarah and Ralph Bulmer, Sergeant, 81st Regiment.


18th May 1806, MOCKRIDGE, Elizabeth, daughter of Jane and William Mockridge, from Somerset.


30th June 1806 GERBES, Christina Catherina, daughter of Catherina and Wobke Gerbes, Private, Count Froberg’s Regiment.


1st July 1806, WRIGHT, Mary, daughter of Mary and John Wright, Sergeant, Major Weir’s Regiment, Royal Marines.


4th July 1806, BROWN, Lucy, daughter of Lucy and George Brown, Sergeant, Royal Artillery.


6th July 1806, MOOR, William, son of Jane and Alexander Moor, Private, Royal Artillery.


7th July 1806, WRADLE, Mary, daughter of Marie and Standish Wradle, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


8th July 1806, CLARK, Catherine, daughter of Catherine and Andrew Clark, Bombardier, Royal Artillery.


16th July 1806, JACKSON, William Thomas, son of Mary and Thomas Jackson, Coxswain, HM Dockyard.


16th July 1806, BENTLEY, Sarah, daughter of Margaret and William Bentley, Private, 39th Regiment.


20th July 1806, VATRAY, David, son of Eleanor and Robert Vatray, Sergeant, 58th Regiment.


20th July 1806, BARNES, Elizabeth, daughter of Ann and John Barnes, Private, 39th Regiment.


26th July 1806, GOULD, Margaret, daughter of Margaret and Matthew Gould, Sergeant, 27th Regiment.


3rd August 1806, MOORE, Joseph, son of Ruth and Thomas Moore, Private, 44th Regiment.


14th August 1806, WOGAN, James, son of Catherine and John Wogan, Private, 44th Regiment.


17th August 1806, WHEATLEY, William, son of Mary and William Wheatley, 44th Regiment.


25th September 1806, OWENS, Elizabeth, daughter of Sarah Eleanor and Owen Owens, Victualling Officer.


28th September 1806, GLADHILL, Henry, son of Sophie and Charles Gladhill, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


19th October 1806, SISUM, Ann, daughter of Ann and Jeremiah Sisum, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


19th October 1806, POTTER, Susannah, daughter of Susan and Joseph Potter, Private, Royal Artillery.


21st November 1806, WALLACE, Janette, daughter of Eleanor and Peter Wallace, Adjutant, Royal Malta Regiment.


14th February 1807, COSSIE, Thomas, son of Ann and Thomas Cossie, Sergeant, 44th Regiment.


14th February 1807, FRY, William, son of Ann and William Fry, of HM Dockyard.


6th May 1807, BURNS, Hay Marshall, son of Margaret and John Burns, Major, Royal Artillery.


26th May 1807, TOMKINS, Warren Davis, son of Ann and Luke Garnard Tomkins, Brevet-Major, 27th Regiment.


31st May 1807, MOFFATT, George, son of Bridget and Michael Moffatt, Bombardier, Royal Artillery.


10th June 1807, WHITE, Patrick Thomas Reynolds, son of Maria and William White, Asst.Surgeon, 27th Regiment.


21st June 1807, VINCENT, Edward Willoughby, son of Mary Anna and Timothy Vincent, Ropemaker.


26th July 1807, WILSON, Hugh, son of Catherine and John Wilson, Private, 27th Regiment.


26th July 1807, OGLE, Elizabeth, daughter of Margaret and Joseph Ogle, Private, 27th Regiment.


7th August 1807, SIMPSON, James, son of Mary and James Simpson, 27th Regiment.


16th August 1807, WALLIS, Henry, son of Eleanor and William Wallis, Sergeant, 27th Regiment.


18th August 1807, HALE, John Wray Parson, son of Frances and James Hale, Lieutenant, 27th Regiment.


27th August 1807, FLEMING, Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth and John Fleming, Private, 44th Regiment.


30th August 1807, CANAVAL, Thomas, son of Sarah and Thomas Canaval, 44th Regiment.


2nd September 1807, MALTASS, Helen Margaret, daughter of Anne and John Maltass, of Smyrna.


6th September 1807, THINLITTER, Alexander, son of Jane and Alexander Thinlitter, Royal Artillery.


10th September 1807, CASH, James, son of Sarah and John Cash.


17th September 1807, BRETT, Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth and James Brett, Sergeant, 27th Regiment.


20th September 1807, HUGHES, Isaac, son of Eleanor and Robert Hughes, 39th Regiment.


23rd September 1807, D’ARCY, Jane, daughter of Mary and George D’Arcy, Captain, 39th Regiment.


27th September 1807, FOX, Thomas, son of Mary and William Fox, Royal Artillery.


4th October 1807, CLERK, Jane, daughter of Jane and James Clerk, Private, Royal Artillery.


11th October 1807, MORROW, John, son of Margaret and James Morrow, Royal Artillery.


11th October 1807, HILL, Eliza, daughter of Jane and Thomas Hill, Private, 39th Regiment.


11th October 1807, FOULSTON, John, son of Elizabeth and John Foulston, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


1st November 1807, FITZGERALD, Thomas, son of Catherine and Philip Fitzgerald, Private, 44th Regiment.


10th November 1807, NIXON, Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth and Henry Nixon, Major, 44th Regiment.


30th November 1807, BALL, John, son of Sarah and John Ball, Private, 39th Regiment.


20th December 1807, TURNER, Mary, daughter of Mary and Benjamin Turner, Private, 39th Regiment.


20th December 1807, TRUDER, Susannah, daughter of Mary and Edward Truder, Private, 39th Regiment.


20th December 1807, BARNY, James, son of Mary and John Barny, 39th Regiment.


3rd January 1808, TRUMAN, Mary Ann, daughter of Bridget and Ezekiel Truman, Private, 39th Regiment.


10th January 1808, SMITH, Charlotte, daughter of Margaret and John Smith, Private, 39th Regiment.


10th January 1808, SHENTON, Ann, daughter of Mary and John Shenton, Private, 39th Regiment.


10th January 1808, HUGHES, Sarah, daughter of Sarah and Thomas Hughes, Private,  39th Regiment.


17th April 1808, ELLIOTT, Edward James, son of Martha and John Elliott, Ropemaker.


22nd April 1808, WEST, William Gambier, son of Hannah and William James West, Naval Arsenal.


6th May 1808, SEABRIGHT, Thomas, son of Elizabeth and Thomas Seabright, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


15th May 1808, BENTLEY, Maria, daughter of Margaret and William Bentley, Private 39th Regiment.


7th June 1808, LEE, Sophia, daughter of Maria and John Lee, late of Smyrna.


3rd July 1808, LAWRENCE, George, son of Mary and Charles Lawrence, Private, 39th Regiment.


3rd July 1808, CHATWIN, William Harry, son of Sage and Morris Chatwin, Private, 39th Regiment.


8th July 1808, LONSDALE, Thomas, son of Mary and John Lonsdale, Private, 39th Regiment.


14th July 1808, CURNDALE, Henry, son of Maria and Standish Curndale, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


31st July 1808, BEECH, Sarah, daughter of Sarah and William Beech.


20th August 1808, HARDINGS, Eliza Martha, daughter of Elizabeth and James Hardings, Lieutenant, Royal Navy.


29th August 1808, HARRIS, Frederick, son of Margaret and John Harris.


3rd September 1808, ROWLSTONE, Henry William, son of Mary and Henry Rowlstone, Naval Arsenal.


6th October 1808, SPENCE, Henry Alexander, son of Mary and James Spence, 31st Regiment, born in Sicily.


26th October 1808, BOYLAN, Elizabeth, daughter of Sarah and Samuel Boylan, Private, 31st Regiment.


26th October 1808, BIDWELL, Hannah, daughter of Mary and John Bidwell, Private, 31st Regiment.


6th November 1808, WILKINSON, Charles Court, son of Elizabeth and Joseph Wilkinson, Private, 31st Regiment.


6th November 1808, TAYLOR, Sarah, daughter of Maria and Henry Taylor, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


6th November 1808, TURNER, William Garner, son of Elizabeth and Richard Turner, Private, 39th Regiment, born in Sicily 26th May 1808.


13th November 1808, LOWRY, Mary Ann, daughter of Ann and Nicholas Lowry, Shipwright, Naval Arsenal.


13th November 1808, HOLT, Ann, daughter of Ann and Samuel Holt, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


13th November 1808, WILLIAMS, John, son of Caroline and Samuel Williams, Private, 31st Regiment.


13th November 1808, KEEP, Mary, daughter of Rebecca and John Keep, Private, 31st Regiment.


13th November 1808, HACKING, John Thomas, son of Martha and Sergeant Hacking, 31st Regiment.


20th November 1808, ALTON, Louis, son of Margaret and Michael Alton, Corporal, De Meuron’s Regiment.


27th November 1808, MOREHEAD, William, son of Mary and William Morehead, Corporal, 31st Regiment.


11th December 1808, MacMANUS, Mary Anne, daughter of Hannah and Andy McManus, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


11th December 1808, JOHNSON, Ann, daughter of Frances and William Johnson, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


16th December 1808, SHAW, John William, son of Ann and William Shaw, 31st Regiment.


3rd January 1809, POTTER, Mary, daughter of Susannah and Joseph Potter, Gunner, Royal Artillery.


22nd January 1809, McKENZIE, William, son of Elizabeth and John McKenzie, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


31st January 1809, THOROUGHGOOD, Sarah Ann, daughter of Elizabeth Ann and Thomas Thoroughgood, Shipwright, Naval Arsenal.


7th February 1809, DARLINGTON, Charlotte, daughter of Mary and James Darlington, Private, 31st Regiment.


20th February 1809, HARVEY, Eliza Mary, daughter of Sarah and Samuel Harvey, Naval Arsenal.


16th April 1809, DOUGLAS, Henry, son of Mary and John Douglas, Private, 31st Regiment.


13th July 1809, HUNTER, Eleanora, daughter of Dorothy and John Christopher Hunter, civilians.


13th July 1809, MORGAN, Richard, son of Mary and Thomas Morgan, Royal Artillery.


16th July 1809, TURNER, Robert Nicholson, son of Jane and Robert Turner, Surveyor.


30th July 1809, WILDER, Frances Phillips, daughter of Frances Ann and Francis John Wilder, Colonel, 31st Regiment.


6th August 1809, EWINGTON, Ann, daughter of Elizabeth and William Ewington, Private, 44th Regiment.


27th August 1809, BAXTER, John, son of Liddy and William Baxter, Sergeant, 39th Regiment.


10th September 1809, ELDER, Katherine, daughter of Eliza and Robert Elder, Captain, 31st Regiment.


27th September 1809, BARKER, John, son of Hannah and John Barker, Sergeant, 31st Regiment.


27th September 1809, LESLIE, Jane and Isabella, twin daughters of Mary and James Leslie, Royal Artillery.


20th October 1809, WEBER, George Ferdinand, son of Elizabeth and Frederick Weber, De Meuron’s Regiment.


22nd October 1809, FRITH, Francis, son of Sarah and Paul Frith, Private, 39th Regiment.


5th November 1809, D’ARCY, George Ludham, son of Mary and George D’Arcy, Captain, 39th Regiment.


5th November 1809, DOBSON, Leonard, son of Mary and Richard Dobson, Royal Artillery.


6th November 1809, SHAW, Harriet Ann Jane, daughter of Amelia Mary Ann and Samuel Shaw, Lieutenant, 31st Regiment, born 18th October 1807.


12th November 1809, OGDEN, Ann Maria, daughter of Mary and Thomas Ogden, Private, 39th Regiment.




10th November 1805, STOCKER, Simon, aged 39 years, Shipwright in HM Dockyard, to  FORDER, Ann.


12th January 1806, GILL, John, Corporal, 81st Regiment, to WREN, Mary, aged 23 years, widow.


19th June 1806, BEARD, Edward, aged 42 years, civilian, to ROSS, Eleanor, aged 29 years, widow.


21st July 1806, HARVEY, Samuel, Foreman, Naval Arsenal, to BEAZLEY, Sarah.


29th July 1807, GALLAGHAN, John, aged 34 years, widower, 27th Regiment, to ROGERS, Mary, aged 21 years.


3rd September 1807, VINCENT, Charles Bannister, aged 28 years, bachelor, Publican, to MARTIN, Ann, spinster, aged 28 years.


18th September 1807, ROBERTSON, William, Merchant, to PEMBERTON, Sarah Ann.


11th October 1807, BOXER, Edward, aged 23 years, Lieutenant, HMS Tigre, to GOODE, Elizabeth, spinster, aged 17 years.


16th November 1807, EVANS, Edward, aged 27 years, Corporal, 39th Regiment, to MALPASS, Elizabeth, aged 21 years, spinster.


18th January 1808, CUTLEDGE, Ralph, aged 25 years, Sergeant, 35th Regiment, to DYMAN, Elizabeth, aged 24 years, spinster.


15th May 1808, GAWBY, Hugh, aged 22 years, Sergeant, 39th Regiment, to BROUGHTON, Bridget, aged 20 years, widow.


24th May 1808, HILDRETH, John, Paymaster Sergeant, 39th Regiment, to HILL, Ann, aged 16 years.


10th July 1808, TAYLOR, Joseph, aged 27 years, bachelor, HM Naval Arsenal, to MAJOR, Charity Ann, aged 26 years, spinster.


29th November 1808, WATSON, Anthony, aged 20 years, bachelor, Sergeant, 31st Regiment, to KEITH, Rebecca, aged 26 years, widow.


26th February 1809, BRIGGS, Samuel, civilian, to HAYES, Amelia, spinster.


17th April 1809, POPNER, Jacob, aged 24 years, bachelor, Sergeant, de Meuron’s Regiment, to BEUTLER, Wilhelmina, aged 27 years, widow of Lieutenant Beutler, de Meuron’s Regiment.


18th May 1809, STUART, Robert, aged 22 years, Sailmaker, Naval Arsenal, to FRY, Ann, aged 28 years, widow.


27th May 1809, MONK, Jabez Henry, aged 21 years, bachelor, Clerk to HM Naval Commissioner, to PERRY, Mary, aged 23 years, spinster.


30th May 1809, CRESSIE, Robert, aged 32 years, Gunner, Royal Artillery, to RAMSAY, Hannah, aged 31 years, widow.


24th August 1809, CARTLEDGE, Joseph, aged 27 years, Sergeant, 31st Regiment, to COX, Elizabeth, aged 19 years, daughter of Sergeant James and Susanna Cox, 31st Regiment.


6th September 1809, FRANKLIN, John, aged 30 years, Royal Artillery, to KILPATRICK, Susanna, aged 28 years, widow.


12th September 1809, WRIGHT, William, aged 31 years, widower, Sergeant, 31st Regiment, to CLARKE, Mary, aged 33 years, widow, 62nd Regiment.


8th October 1809, RICHARDSON, William, civilian, to CALDER, Catherine, spinster.


11th October 1809, BLONDHEIM, Henry, aged 23 years, Sergeant, De Meuron’s Regiment, to BIRTIE (? BISTER), Elizabeth, daughter of Sergeant late of 60th Regiment.


19th October 1809, BRUCE, Henry Pasley, aged 32 years, Lieutenant-Colonel, 31st Regiment, to DICKENS, Charlotte Elizabeth Ann, aged 19 years, Royal Engineers.


 9th November 1809, THOMAS, Richard Morris, civilian, to NANCE, Marianne Martha, spinster.


12th November 1809, DUNN, Henry, civilian, to CROSBY, Elizabeth, spinster.


14th December 1809, SPENCER, Thomas, widower, civilian, to HOWE, Grace, spinster.


16th December 1809, TAYLOR, William Henry, bachelor, civilian, to WINTER, Mary Ann.


4th February 1810, GILES, alias LAWSON, William, bachelor, civilian, to DAVID, Phyllis, spinster.


11th February 1810, MASON, Joseph, bachelor, civilian, to BLACKWELL, Mary Ann, spinster.


22nd April 1810, FLETCHER, Henry, civilian, to WILLIAM, Katherine, spinster.


9th May 1810, FENTON, Charles Edward, civilian, to MERTON, Elizabeth Joanna, spinster.


27th May 1810, NICHOLS, James, Corporal, Royal Marines, HMS Trident, to PETTY, Joanna, widow of Sergeant Petty, 39th Regiment.


3rd September 1810, LYONS, John, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, to BOWEN, Caroline, spinster.


24th November 1810, HAWKINS, Richard Stepens, widower, Naval Arsenal, to HOSKINS, Elizabeth, widow of Henry Hoskins, of Titchfield, Hampshire.


28th November 1810, LEA, John, civilian, to JONES, Rebecca, spinster.


28th December 1810, BRANCH, Alexander Barkeley, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, to WHITE, Ann, spinster, with the consent of her mother Elizabeth White.


1st January 1811, FREEMAN, Christian, of Hull, Yorkshire, Seaman HM Sloop Pilot, to JARVIS, Elizabeth, spinster.


17th February 1811, FRANCIS, William, Ropemaker, Royal Navy, to WINNACOT, Betsy, spinster, late of Plymouth Dock, Devon.


16th April 1811, FARRIE, Hugh, from Ayrshire, Scotland, to PRINCE, Phoebe, spinster.


29th April 1811, BARRON, Joseph, from London, now resident Malta, to OSBORNE, Mary, spinster.


9th May 1811, WATSON, Matthew, from Edinburgh, to HOLLYER, Elizabeth, from Binfield, Berkshire.


12th May 1811, MOSS, William, from Newland, Gloucestershire, now employed Naval Arsenal, to EATON, Johanna, widow of John Eaton, of Cork City, Ireland.


21st May 1811, HARVEY, Thomas, from East Stonehouse, Devon, now employed Naval Arsenal, to VINCENT, Mary, spinster, from Isle of Wight.


4th August 1811, SWEATMAN, Francis, from Wincanton, Somerset, to MURPHY, Mary, spinster, from Dublin, Ireland.


6th August 1811, LUDLOW, George Bowen, from Bristol, to SMITH, Martha, widow of James Smith, of East Ham, London.


13th August 1811, MENNELLO, Marcello, from Naples, Italy, now resident Malta, to MILES, Mary, widow of William Miles 66th Regiment.


27th August 1811, WELSH, Matthew, to GOAR, Sarah Mary, widow of John Robert Goar, Asst.Surgeon 10th Regiment.


10th October 1811, HUNTER, Jameson, to ARBORIEN, Susanna, spinster.


16th October 1811, WARE, John, from Southampton, Master Mariner, to STEPHENSON, Caroline Elizabeth, from St.Hilda, Durham, now resident Malta with her brother John Stephenson, Commissariat Department.


18th October 1811, BATTERSBY, George, from Monkswearmouth, Co.Durham, seaman on Transport Atlas, to SCANDLEN, Susanna, spinster, from Bishopswearmouth.  


26th October 1811, MARKS, Henry, employed Naval Arsenal, to THOMAS, Elizabeth, spinster.


2nd November 1811, GINGELL, Edward, to KILBURN, Elizabeth, spinster.


29th January 1812, SADLER, Joseph, from Morpeth, Northumberland, seaman, on Transport Harmony, to LOWE, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Lowe of HMS Audacious.


1st February 1812, SAUNDERS, George (? Joseph), Naval Hospital, to STIRLING, Cecilia, spinster, daughter of James Stirling.


20th April 1812, BROUGHTON, Thomas, from St.Margarets, Leicester, HMS Ajax, to COULTER, Janes, spinster, daughter of Robert Coulter, Naval Arsenal.


23rd May 1812, FETTYPLACE, Edward, from Boston, Mass., America to BELL, Thomasina, spinster, from Ayr, Scotland.


24th May 1812, PENMAN, Robert, Gunner, HMS Alceste, to GOODYEAR, Grance, spinster, of Anthony, Cornwall.


30th May 1812, SKYNNER, John, commanding Alexander Bull, merchant vessel, to BENNETT, Mary Ann, from Lydney, Gloucestershire.


20th June 1812, CHANDLER, James, from Lucombe, Berkshire, to HODGSON, Sophia, spinster, from Malden, Essex.


6th September 1812, EDMONDS, John, widower, Boatswain, HMS Unite, to COX, Ann, spinster, from London.


17th October 1812, STOCKER, Richard, bachelor, to TEMPLE, Eleanor, spinster, from London.


26th October 1812, CHEALE, William, bachelor, to SMITH, Sarah, widow of Stephen Smith, 39th Regiment.


29th October 1812, BOONE, John, Purser, HMS Trident, to MACINTOSH, Ann, spinster, daughter of the late Edward Macintosh of Malta, with the consent of her brother-in-law and guardian, Lieutenant George King of the Sicilian Regiment.


11th November 1812, WICKMAN, Paul, bachelor, from Sweden, employed Naval Arsenal, to HARVEY, Sarah, widow of William Harvey, Royal Navy.


26th November 1812, IMBERT, Joseph Emanuel, bachelor, from France, now resident Malta, to POTTINGER, Ann, from Newbury, Berkshire.


6th December 1812, BARRY, Michael, bachelor, from Portsmouth, employed Naval Arsenal, to COWING, Elizabeth, spinster, from Liverpool.


13th December 1812, SCOTT, Alexander, employed Naval Arsenal, to WYATT, Frances.


16th February 1813, JANSON, John Frederick, employed Naval Arsenal, to SMITH, Ann, widow.


1st April 1813, FOWLER, Charles, from St.James, Bristol, to CHISNELL, Hannah, from Spillsbury, Oxfordshire.


19th April 1813, HIMESS, Richard, employed Naval Arsenal, to BEER, Ann, spinster.


2nd May 1813, REISDEN, Joseph Frederick, to WEBER, Wilhelmina.


16th May 1813, MEGGITT, John, to LAFFIN, Mary.


24th July 1813, WALKER, Edward Brookes, from Stepney, London, to STANFORD, Elizabeth, aged 18 years, spinster of Newington, Kent.


4th January 1814, JACKSON, Matthew, aged 22 years, from Yorkshire, to SANDERS, Mary, spinster, from St.George’s in the East, London.


4th May 1814, MORESBY, Fairfax, aged 25 years, born Stow, Staffordshire, commanding HM Sloop Wizard, to WILLIAMS, Eliza Louisa, spinster, from St.Anne, Westminster, daughter of John Williams, Clerk of the Works, Malta.


4th May 1814, ROBINSON, John, aged 25 years, from Brigham, Cumberland, Merchant, to KILBURN, Christina, aged 16 years, spinster, from Birmingham, resident Malta with her mother.


22nd May 1814, LEE, George, aged 32 years, widower, from St.Swithin, Lincoln, Boatswain HM Sloop Sparrow, to PITMAN, Elizabeth, from Dublin, widow.


26th May 1814, HARPET, Henry, from St.Dunstan’s in the West, Merchant, to NOWELL, Ann Withall, of St.James.


31st May 1814, COULTER, Robert, aged 44 years, widower, from Drummully, Fermanagh, Ireland, to ABBOTT, Ann, of St.Lukes Middlesex, widow.


13th June 1814, RODER, Joseph, aged 30 years, from Bavaria, to CHILD, Ann, spinster, from Orpington, Kent, daughter of William Child, Farmer.


15th October 1814, FIDLER, George Benjamin, aged 30 years, widower, from St.George’s, Middlesex, to BARNWELL, Elizabeth, aged 30 years, from Camberwell, London.


8th January 1815, GILBERT, James, aged 23 years, bachelor, from Chatham, Kent, to PAGE, Mary Ann, aged 19 years, from North Yarmouth, Norfolk.


1st June 1815, BRENT, Amos Bennett, aged 23 years, from Liskeard, Cornwall, to BARLING, Susan Mary, of Christ Church, Middlesex.


25th June 1815, MOORE, John, aged 27 years, bachelor, from Selby, Yorkshire, Shipwright, Naval Arsenal, to ELKINS, Jane, aged 23 years, from Gosport, Hampshire.


24th August 1815, HOSKINS, William, aged 23 years, from Lambeth, London, employed Naval Arsenal, to KELSEY, Sally, aged 17 years, from Portsmouth, daughter of Joseph Kelsey.


(The Reverend Miller left Malta November 1815 and returned Autumn 1817)


29th January 1818, DEIGHTON, George, aged 33 years, from Woolwich, Kent, employed Naval Arsenal, to GATES, Martha, aged 24 years, spinster, from Gosport, Hampshire, daughter of Robert Gates.


21st February 1818, COLLINS, Joseph Beckett, aged 21 years, bachelor, of Alverstoke, Hampshire, Chief Clerk to the Commissioner, HM Dockyard, to ROWLSTONE, Jane Elizabeth, aged 16 years, from Woolwich, Kent, daughter of Henry Rowslstone, employed HM Dockyard.


13th March 1818, McDONALD, William, aged 29 years, from Co.Down, Ireland, Publican, to CASEY, Mary, aged 24 years, from Isola, Malta.


25th May 1818, WHITE, Thomas Bradfield, aged 22 years, from Bristol, to MATTHEWS, Maria, spinster, from Southampton.


19th July 1818, JENKINS, John, aged 27 years, bachelor, from Bermondsey, London, to HOBBS, Mary, spinster, from Ashford, Kent.


5th August 1818, RICHARDSON, Benjamin, aged 25 years, from Walcot, Bath, civilian, to SHARP, Sarah, aged 17 years, spinster, from Jersey, daughter of the late William Sharp.


9th August 1818, CORMACK, Donald Campbell, aged 26 years, from Wick, Caithness, civilian, to BOND, Eliza Amelia, spinster, from St.Thomas, Dublin, Ireland.


23rd August 1818, WHITE, George, from Guildford, Surrey, employed HM Dockyard, to NIX, Mary Ann, from Bishopsgate, London.


2nd September 1818, TULLY, James Dillon, aged 33 years, from Loughrea, Galway, Ireland, Surgeon, HM Forces, to REINAUD, Indiana Elizabeth Maria, aged 17 years, spinster, from London, daughter of John Reinaud, Collector HM Revenue and Magistrate at Vittoriosa, Malta.


10th September 1818, LEWIS, William, aged 21 years, of St.Martin’s, Middlesex, to CRITCHELL, Susannah, from Islington, London, daughter of Richard Moore Critchell.


6th October 1818, WARNER, James, aged 27 years, from Bedfordshire, to SPALD, Susan, from St.Mary’s, Maidstone, daughter of John Spald.  


23rd November 1818, PEISSE, Francis Alexander, aged 27 years, from St.George’s, Middlesex, to NOWELL, Martha Burke, from St.James’s, Middlesex, daughter of Nicholas Nowell.


23rd December 1818, STAMMERS, Samuel, aged 25 years, from Essex, to CONOSCENTI, Maria, aged 21 years, from Palermo, Sicily.




10th November 1805 KAYE, Rebecca, aged 11 years, 81st Regiment


12th November 1805, WATTS, William, aged 18 years, 81st Regiment


24th November 1805, SADLER, Thomas, aged 26 years, 81st Regiment


1st December 1805, JONES, Robert, aged 18 years, 81st Regiment


8th December 1805, GILES, John, aged 22 years, 81st Regiment


18th December 1805, DUNNE, Thomas, aged 29 years, 81st Regiment


19th December 1805, SMITH, Pat, aged 30 years, 81st Regiment


15th January 1806, HUGHES, Alexander, aged 5 weeks, 81st Regiment


18th January 1806, JOHN, William, aged 21 years, 81st Regiment


19th January 1805, DAVENPORT, Thomas, aged 22 years, 81st Regiment


29th January 1806, CAPEN, Michael, aged 30 years, 81st Regiment


5th March 1806, SMITH, Frederick, aged 33 years, Dillon’s Regiment


6th March 1806, ORTON, Maria, aged 2 months, 81st Regiment


25th March 1806, DAVIS, George, aged 33 years, 81st Regiment


26th March 1806, LAYBOURNE, Thomas, aged 29 years, 81st Regiment


26th March 1806, BRADLEY, Samuel, aged 26 years, 81st Regiment


20th May 1806, HUGHES, Ann Ellis, aged 11 months, 39th Regiment


3rd June 1806, HIGGINBOTTOM, Joseph, aged 30 years, 39th Regiment


5th June 1806, THOMAS, William, aged 44 years, 39th Regiment


13th June 1806, FLEMING, Charles, aged 6 months, 81st Regiment


4th July 1806, LEAVER, James, HMS Aurora


5th July 1806, CARNEY, James, aged 34 years, Royal Artillery


6th July 1806, INNTH, Joseph, aged 9 months


6th July 1806, LONTON, L., French prisoner


9th July 1806, HILL, Phalnel, aged 21 years, Transport Enterprise


11th July 1806, NOBLE, Louisa, aged 4 months, civilian


12th July 1806, CALAHAN, Olie, aged 8 months, 44th Regiment


13th July 1806, WILSON, James, HMS Halcyon


13th July 1806, HALL, Francis, aged 4 years, 39th Regiment


19th July 1806, HEYWOOD, William, aged 21 years, 39th Regiment


19th July 1806, ROSCOE, John, aged 43 years, civilian


19th July 1806, COWLEY, Henry, aged 42 years, civilian


19th July 1806, COWLEY, Louisa, aged 7 years, civilian


19th July 1806, COWLEY, Henry, aged 3 years, civilian


19th July 1806, WHITE, William, aged 44 years, Barrack Department


19th July 1806, WHITE, Margaret, aged 42 years, Barrack Department


19th July 1806, WHITE, Elizabeth, aged 10 years, Barrack Department


21st July 1806, WHITE, Thomas, aged 5 yeas, Barrack Department


21st July 1806, WHITE, May, aged 1 year, Barrack Department


22nd July 1806, RUDD, Henry, HMS Madras


23rd July 1806, PERRY, John, aged 24 years, Royal Artillery


24th July 1806, SMOLLINS, Rose, aged 2 years, 39th Regiment


24th July 1806, PARKER, Sarah, aged 14 months, Royal Artillery


25th July 1806, CREIG, James, aged 18 months, Royal Artillery


25th July 1806, CAMPBELL, Neill, aged 22 years, Royal Artillery


25th July 1806, ANDERSON, John, aged 29 years, Royal Artillery


25th July 1806, RAMSAY, David, aged 27 years, Royal Artillery


26th July 1806, RELLING, ….., HMS Enterprise


27th July 1806, CLARE, Samuel, aged 33 years, Royal Artillery


27th July 1806, SMITH, Elizabeth, aged 42 years, Royal Artillery


28th July 1806, GOULD, Margaret, aged 4 days, 27th Regiment


31st July 1806, COLLET, J. French prisoner


31st July 1806, FARNEL, James, aged 28 years, 39th Regiment


1st August 1806, DOODIE, Thomas, aged 30 years, 44th Regiment


3rd August 1806, BROWN, George, HMS Juno


6th August 1806, LEVENS, John, aged 19 years, 61st Regiment


7th August 1806, MOORE, Arthur, aged 23 years, 44th Regiment


10th August 1806, VAHAY, David, aged 3 weeks, 58th Regiment


14th August 1806, PAULATTO, Jno., aged 31 years, 44th Regiment


15th August 1806, DERBYSHIRE, William, aged 30 years, 39th Regiment


15th August 1806, TAYLOR, John, aged 33 years, 39th Regiment


23rd August 1806, GREEN, Beatrice, aged 28 years, 39th Regiment


10th September 1806, RAMSAY, David, aged 10 months, Royal Artillery


14th September 1806, HANSON, Edward, aged 28 years, 39th Regiment


20th September 1806, RALPHS, Thomas, aged 29 years, 39th Regiment


24th September 1806, ELLISON, John, aged 22 years, 39th Regiment


27th September 1806, GILLETT, George, aged 40 years, 39th Regiment


14th February 1807, WALLACE, Eleanor, aged 2 years, Royal Regiment of Malta


18th February 1807, FRY, William, aged 28 years, Naval Arsenal


20th May 1807, RETANACK, Thomas Robert, aged 8 months, HMS Aurora


16th June 1807, TOMKINS, W.D., aged 1 month, 27th Regiment


30th June 1807, DARLEY, Margaret, aged 13 months, 27th Regiment


30th June 1807, ROWLINSON, Sarah, aged 7 months, Naval Arsenal


5th July 1807, HARVEY, Samuel, aged 10 days, Naval Arsenal


6th July 1807, FROGGITT, Christopher, aged 41 years, 2nd Battalion, 27th Regiment


11th July 1807, WAID, William, aged 20 months, 27th Regiment


12th July 1807, HARRIS, Hay M. aged 4 months, Royal Artillery


6th August 1807, BARRY, Hugh, aged 19 years, 27th Regiment


18th August 1807, MILLES, Robert, aged 21 years, 27th Regiment


21st August 1807, MONOGHAN, Roger, aged 21 years, 27th Regiment


22nd August 1807, BOYCE, Thomas, aged 18 years, 39th Regiment


25th August 1807, SHINTON, Maria, aged 2 years, 39th Regiment


25th August 1807, WALLIS, Henry, aged 15 days, 27th Regiment


25th August 1897, PETERS, William, HMS Seraphis


25th August 1807, JOHNSON, William, HMS Sirius


29th August 1807, DARKIN, Lwrence, aged 20 years, 31st Regiment


29th August 1807, DANIELS, Joseph, HMS Spider


29th August 1807, REID, William John, HMS Queen


30th August 1807, BELFIELD, Andrew, aged 28 years, Royal Artillery


31st August 1807, PERRY, Thomas Philip, aged 40 years, Captain, Royal Regiment of Malta.


1st September 1807, ROBERTS, …, Captain, 61st Regiment


3rd September 1807, McLAUGLIN, Michael, HMS Hindostan


3rd September 1807, HARRIS, John, aged 40 years, 44th Regiment


3rd September 1807, FONTAINE, L.B., French prisoner


3rd September 1807, DRYEN, L.W., French prisoner


3rd September 1807, LACOM, L., French prisoner


4th September 1807, LOCKER, Thomas, aged 50 years, 35th Regiment


4th September 1807, PIQUET, L., French prisoner


5th September 1807, NESMITH, George, aged 24 years, Royal Artillery


6th September 1807, STORK, William, aged 4 years, 39th Regiment


7th September 1807, GRAHAM, Albert, aged 25 years, Captain, 44th Regiment


7th September 1807, HORGA, L., aged 43 years, Asst.Surgeon, Chasseurs Britanique


8th September 1807, JORDAN, Sarah, aged 11 months, 44th Regiment


8th September 1807, GRACIE, Edmund, French prisoner


8th September 1807, PONILLI, Rosa, French prisoner


8th September 1807, FELICE, Rafael, French prisoner


9th September 1807, BARKAM, aged 4 years, Royal Artillery


9th September 1807, CHALONER, Richard, aged 33 years, 44th Regiment


10th September 1807, CLAIRE, P. French prisoner


10th September 1807, MARTIN, L.F., French prisoner


10th September 1807, WILLIAMS, Mary, aged 48 years, 39th Regiment


11th September 1807, HURST, William, aged 27 years, 39th Regiment


12th September 1807, CAVANOUGH, Miles, aged 36 years, 44th Regiment


13th September 1807 BACKAM, Elizabeth, aged 3 years, Royal Artillery


14th September 1807, GRACIEUX, John, aged 18 months, General Hospital


14th September 1807, NICHOLS, Angus, aged 31 years, 78th Regiment


15th September 1807, STIRLING, Elizabeth, aged 36 years, Naval Arsenal


16th September 1807, ZERRA, W.P.A., HMS Prevoyant


17th September 1807, WILSON, Hugh, aged 2 months, 27th Regiment


18th September 1807, HELMSFIELD, Charles, aged 11 months, Dillon’s Regiment


23rd September 1807, FINDLATER, Jane, aged 21 years, Royal Artillery


23rd September 1807, STEVENS, Mary, aged 10 weeks, Royal Artillery


24th September 1807, OWENS, Owen, aged 29 years, Victualling Office


24th September 1807, MILLER, Robert, aged 28 months, 44th Regiment


27th September 1807, FINDLATER, Alexander, aged 5 weeks, Royal Artillery


1st October 1807, McLANNA, Patrick, aged 26 years, 27th Regiment


3rd October 1807, D’ARCY, Jane, aged 10 days, 39th Regiment


15th October 1807, GREENWOOD, Thomas, aged 29 years, 35th Regiment


17th October 1807, BLUNTT, Henry, HMS Montagn


23rd October 1807, HARRISON, George, aged 41 years, 44th Regiment


28th October 1807, CARTWRIGHT, T., aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


30th October 1807, COVERDALE, W., HMS Standard


4th November 1807, McEWAN, Catherine, aged 22 years, 27th Regiment


15th November 1807, LONSDALE, John, aged 2 years, 39th Regiment


2nd December 1807, HENRY, Catherine, aged 9 months, Royal Artillery


1st January 1808, PENNINGTON, John, aged 33 years, 39th Regiment


1st January 1808, NEWTON, John, aged 20 years, 39th Regiment


4th January 1808, PERRY, William, aged 34 years, 39th Regiment


9th January 1808, HUGHES, Sarah, aged 10 days, 39th Regiment


12th January 1808, MITCHELL, Lewis, aged 23 years, Royal Artillery


5th March 1808, WILLIAMS, William, aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


20th March 1808, WOOLFORT, Thomas, aged 31 years, 39th Regiment


22nd March 1808, PHIPPS, Mary, aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


23rd March 1808, HOWELL, Charles, aged 22 years, 39th Regiment


31st March 1808, BROUGHTON, Michael, aged 23 years, 39th Regiment


11th April 1808, FREDERICH, G., Chasseurs Britannique


14th April 1808, BURROWS, William, aged 26 years, 39th Regiment


14th April 1808, FANISH, Thomas, aged 21 years, 39th Regiment


27th April 1808, GILBERT, Benjamin, aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


16th May 1808, MANDERS, Richard, aged 21 years, 39th Regiment


30th May 1808, ANADLOR (?), Mary, aged 11 months, 39th Regiment


21st June 1808, BALL, John, aged 7 months, 39th Regiment


24th June 1808, BOUHEARD (?), Elizabeth Harriet, aged 15 months, Dillon’s Regiment 


2nd July 1808, TUDER, William, aged 23 years, 39th Regiment


4th July 1808, STOREY, Catherine, aged 15 months, 39th Regiment


6th July 1808, HILL,  Richard, aged 19 yeas, 39th Regiment


7th July 1808, SOTRIGHT (?), Thomas, aged 3 months, 39th Regiment


2nd August 1808, TURNER, John, HMS Houri Bahry


2nd August 1808, CARVER, Francis, HMS Canopus


4th August 1808, BOLUS, Thomas, aged 34 years, 39th Regiment


7th August 1808, WEST, William G., aged 5 months, Naval Arsenal


14th August 1808, CROWDEN, James, aged 48 years, 39th Regiment


20th August 1808, WHEELER, Thomas, aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


20th August 1808, MAYGO, William, HMS Trident


21st August 1808, BULLER, John, HMS Pilot


21st August 1808, HITCHCOCK, John, HMS Active


24th August 1808, LAWRENCE, Peter, HMS Royal Sovereign


29th August 1808, CLY, Robert, HMS Mercury


30th August 1808, HARRIS, Frederick, aged 9 days, Royal Artillery


1st September 1808, JEFFERIES, John, HMS Royal Sovereign


1st September 1808, HALEY, Dennis, HMS Pilot


2nd September 1808, BOLTON, John, HMS Porcupine


4th September 1808, TRUMAN, Erskine, aged 29 years, 39th Regiment


9th September 1808, BONEY, L., aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


9th September 1808, ATKINSON, L., aged 21 years, 39th Regiment


10th September 1808, ANDERSON, Adam, HMS Royal Sovereign


14th September 1808, CAMPBELL, The Reverend Ben, HMS Trident


15th September 1808, GOODALL, L., aged 24 years, 39th Regiment


17th September 1808, TIMID, Jean, French prisoner


17th September 1808, EVANS, Peter, HMS Meteor


17th September 1808, SIMPSON, Henry, aged 3 months, 44th Regiment


23rd September 1808, EVANS, Moses, HMS Standard


26th September 1808, JOPSON, Richard, HMS Standard


27th September 1808, YEARWACH, John, HMS Pilot


27th September 1808, FRY, Amos, Naval Arsenal


29th September 1808, FOX, James, HMS Weazle


29th September 1808, MUSHADER, Elizabeth, aged 3 months, 31st Regiment


30th September 1808, GOODWIN, John, HMS Woolwich


5th October 1808, KENDALL, John, aged 32 years, 31st Regiment


5th October 1808, ROBERTS, John, aged 28 years, 31st Regiment


5th October 1808, CRIMMAN, Timothy, aged 21 years, 31st Regiment


6th October 1808, EVANS, Owen, aged 38 years, 31st Regiment


7th October 1808, BLAIN, Joseph, aged 22 years, 31st Regiment


9th October 1808, DARLEY, George, HMS Ocean


10th October 1808, THOMAS, John, aged 22 years, 31st Regiment


11th October 1808, FARRELL, Ann, aged 42 years, Naval Arsenal.


12th October 1808, MATHER, David, HMS Saracen


14th October 1808, TOOMBS, William, HMS Spartan


17th October 1808, CARR, Thomas, aged 29 years, 31st Regiment


18th October 1808, GORDON, Francis, HMS Saracen


23rd October 1808, GIBSON, William, aged 28 years, 31st Regiment


25th October 1808, CRAIG, James, HMS Spartan


25th October 1808, KEEFE, John, aged 31 years, 31st Regiment


25th October 1808, PEATE, Thomas, aged 26 years, 31st Regiment


25th October 1808, GIBSON, Thomas, aged 30 years, 31st Regiment


29th October 1808, LOTHINS, William, HMS Topaz


30th October 1808, ORMOND, James, HMS Active


31st October 1808, MERRIL, William, HMS Prosperine


8th November 1808, BARROW, Lewis, aged 23 years, 31st Regiment


11th November 1808, BRANNON, William, HMS Weazle


15th November 1808, THOMAS, William, HMS Montagn


15th November 1808, PROSSINGS, Philip, HMS Trident


17th November 1808, McDOUGALL, Joseph, HMS Active


19th November 1808, BIGGS, William, HMS Spartiate


26th November 1808, READ, William, HMS Montagn


26th November 1808, MACKAY, ……, HMS Gane


30th November 1808, TUBLEY, William, HMS Spartiate


1st December 1808, MORENT, Thomas, aged 39 years, 31st Regiment


13th December 1808, NOWLAND, Patrick, aged 45 years, 31st Regiment


17th December 1808, SHAW, Thomas William, aged 1 day, 31st Regiment


21st December 1808, COATES, Thomas, aged 41 years, 31st Regiment


24th December 1808, HIGGANS, Peter, aged 45 years, 31st Regiment


26th December 1808, WILSON, James, aged 34 years, 31st Regiment


29th December 1808, LATHAM, Jeremy, aged 34 years, 31st Regiment


19th January 1809, DUGGAN, John, aged 32 years, 31st Regiment


5th February 1809, IVES, John, aged 40 years, Surgeon, 31st Regiment


18th February 1809, HALL, Ann, aged 7 months, 31st Regiment


27th February 1809, LINDSAY, Robert, aged 33 years, 31st Regiment


15th March 1809, ARUNDALE, Henry, aged 9 months, 39th Regiment


26th March 1809, HARLEY, Timothy, aged 34 years, 44th Regiment


2nd April 1809, McKENNIE, William, aged 3 months, 31st Regiment


26th April 1809, BOYHAM, Elizabeth, aged 7 months, 31st Regiment


12th June 1809, BOYLE, Jane, about 5 years, daughter of William Boyle, Merchant


7th July 1809, TURNER, Frederick, aged 31 years, Watteville’s Regiment


8th July 1809, GREY, John, aged 41 years, Royal Artillery


10th July 1809, FARREN, James, aged 7 months, Royal Artillery


12th July 1809, TURNER, Elizabeth, aged 32 years, 31st Regiment


15th July 1809, FELLERLE, Gaspard, aged 32 years, Le Minion


16th July 1809, WILLIAMS, Caroline, aged 24 years, 31st Regiment


18th July 1809, SHARP, Francis, aged 30 months, 58th Regiment


23rd July 1809, TURNER, William, aged 14 months, 31st Regiment


24th July 1809, ROSE, William, aged 34 years, 31st Regiment


25th July 1809, YOUNG, William, aged 32 years, 31st Regiment


10th August 1809, MEASURER, John, aged 39 years, 31st Regiment


10th August 1809, JEFFICOAT, George, aged 35 years, 39th Regiment


10th August 1809, JONES, John, aged 23 years, 39th Regiment


13th August 1809, MACKINTOSH, Edward, aged 44 years, civilian


15th August 1809, TURNER, Richard, aged 29 years, 31st Regiment


16th August 1809, BRYAN, John, aged 19 years, 44th Regiment


16th August 1809, MACKIE, Sarah, aged 7 years, Royal Artillery


18th August 1809, LEE, Catherine Susanna, infant daughter of Peter Lee, Merchant


19th August 1809, SHARP, William, aged 29 years, 58th Regiment


20th August 1809, SEDGWICK, Francis, aged 39 years, civilian


20th August 1809, SEDGEWICK, John, aged 56 years, late of Leghorn, Italy


23rd August 1809, COSSERAT, The Reverend David, aged 37 years, Brigade Chaplain


25th August 1809, KEEFE, Mary, aged 1 year, 31st Regiment


31st August 1809, SWRIPLE (?), Charlotte, aged 17 months, De Meuron’s Regiment


31st August 1809, SMITH, Mary, aged 17 months, Ordnance Department


2nd September 1809, LONGMORE, Samuel, aged 30 years, 31st Regiment


2nd September 1809, DINORN, James, aged 28 years, 31st Regiment


9th September 1809, VIZARD, John, aged 25 years, 39th Regiment


7th September 1809, LAYKIN, Samuel, aged 32 years, 39th Regiment


8th September 1809, FLOWER, …….., Barrack Department


10th September 1809, HOLMES, Joseph, aged 39 years, 31st Regiment


13th September 1809, …………., Thomas, 44th Regiment, servant to Captain Jervois


19th September 1809, GAFREN, Frederick, aged 27 years, De Meuron’s Regiment


24th September 1809, THORNTON, Abraham, aged 35 years, 31st Regiment


24th September 1809, ROPE, Robert, aged 9 months, Royal Artillery


30th September 1809, HUNTER, Robert, aged 39 years, 39th Regiment


30th September 1809, LAWRENCE, George, aged 15 months, 39th Regiment


30th September 1809, ECCLESTONE, Mary, aged 26 years, 31st Regiment


30th September 1809, BARKER, John, aged 2 weeks, 31st Regiment


1st October 1809, BARKER, Hannah, aged 28 years, 31st Regiment


6th October 1809, STANFORD, Elizabeth, aged 36 years, wife of William Stanford.


6th October 1809, NOBLE, Edmund, aged 20 months, son of George Noble, Merchant


8th October 1809, McKOY, Margaret, aged 4 years 8 months, daughter of Sergeant Hugh McCoy, 2nd Battalion, 78th Regiment


12th October 1809, McMANUS, Mary, aged 11 months, 31st Regiment


17th October 1809, BROWN, William, aged 7 months, Royal Artillery


19th October 1809, HAGANA, Samuel, aged 43 years, 39th Regiment


22nd October 1809, CARTHEY, James, aged 24 years, 31st Regiment


25th October 1809, WALFORD, Francis, aged 26 years, 39th Regiment


27th October 1809, SERJEANT, Robert, aged 34 years, 31st Regiment


27th October 1809, TURNBULL, Lily, aged 28 years, Royal Artillery


31st October 1809, His Excellency Rear Admiral Sir Alexander John BALL, aged 52 years, H.M.Civil Commissioner


6th November 1809, BROOKS, William, aged 25 years, Royal Artillery


7th November 1809, D’ARCY, George Lindburn, aged 22 days, 39th Regiment


9th November 1809, LAWRENCE, Thomas, aged 5 years, Royal Artillery


24th December 1809, GEAR, Nicholas, aged about 37 years, from Devonshire, resident in Malta


27th December 1809, VINCENT, Charles Bannister, aged about 30 years


18th January 1810, STIBRITZ, Herman, seaman, of the Isabella


27th February 1810, BROOKS, William, aged 29 years, Master of the brig Abraham


10th March 1810, SANDERSON, H.G., aged 22 years, Merchant


19th March 1810, JEREMIE, John, aged 36 years, of Guernsey


20th March 1810, GREEN, James, tailor


22nd March 1810, ALEXANDER, Margaret Ann, aged 26 months, daughter of Thomas Alexander


26th March 1810, BELL, Henry Hamilton


1st June 1810, HUGHES, Benjamin, aged about 22 years, seaman, on Admiral Saumarez


5th June 1810, GALTON, Theodore, of Birmingham


6th June 1810, LAING, Alexander George, aged 1 year 3 months, son of the Reverend Francis Laing


8th June 1810, LOCKER, Jane Lucy, aged about six weeks, daughter of John Locker


14th June 1810, CASTLE, Augustus Frederick, aged 13 months, son of Samuel Castle


22nd June 1810, MACKINTOSH, Mrs., widow


22nd June 1810, BOUVERIE, Maria, aged 8 months, daughter of B.G.Bouverie


26th June 1810, DIXON, Matthew, infant son of John Dixon


29th June 1810, HAWKINS, Mary, aged 35 years, wife of Stephen Hawkins


15th July 1810, WOLFF, aged 10 months, daughter of Augustus Francis Wolff 


20th July 1810, THOROUGHGOOD, Elizabeth Ann, aged 2 years 4 months, daughter of Francis Thoroughgood


23rd July 1810, THORN, Elizabeth, aged 6 months, daughter of George Thorn


25th July 1810, STEVENSON, Robert, aged 24 years, Master of the brig General Palafox


5th September 1810, ANDERSON, James, aged 41 years


13th September 1810, ROBERTSON, Margaret, infant daughter of Peter Robertson


12th October 1810, DAY, Mary, wife of John Day


27th October 1810, STEPHENSON, Elizabeth, widow of Henry Stephenson


18th November 1810, BARIE, Amalia Ann, daughter of Richard Barie


8th December 1810, GREEN, Mary, widow of Mr.James A.Green


10th December 1810, RICHARDSON, James Ferguson, aged 4 months, son of William Richardson


20th December 1810, WILKINS, John Abel, son of Isaac Wilkins


20th January 1811, FARNWORTH, William Henry, aged 16 months, son of William Farnworth


14th February 1811, WILKINS, Hannah, aged 17 years, daughter of John Wilkins


23rd February 1811, STEPHENSON, Henry, aged 26 years


4th March 1811, BYERLEY, John, aged 24 years


2nd June 1811, STARTON, Jane, aged 11 months, daughter of James Starton


22nd June 1811, MONK, Henry William, aged 14 months, son of Jabez Henry Monk


25th June 1811, PREST, James, aged 18 months, son of James Abbey Prest


14th July 1811, ABBOT, Emma Eliza, aged 13 months, daughter of Thomas Abbot


10th July 1811, GREEN, Thomas, aged 7 years, son of the late James Green


14th July 1811, TAYLOR, William Anthony, aged 8 months, son of William H.Taylor


17th July 1811, ELLIOTT, James Edward, aged 3 years 4 months, son of John Elliott


9th August 1811, SMEATHAM, Matthew Francis, son of Matthew Smeatham


29th September 1811, VINCENT, Amelia, daughter of Thomas Vincent     


1st October 1811, MacCARTHY, wife of Gunner MacCarthy, HMS Trident


5th October 1811, BORLAND, David, Lieutenant, HMS Trident


9th October 1811, MEGGIT, John, aged 65 years


1st November 1811, THOMSON, Alexander, Master of merchant ship, from Dundee


15th November 1811, HARVEY, Sarah Ann, aged 1 year 8 months, daughter of Samuel Harvey


19th November 1811, FRAYNE, Sarah, infant daughter of William Frayne


20th November 1811, HADAWAY, Ann, aged 28 years, wife of Dixon Hadaway


4th December 1811, BARNET, Jacob, aged 65 years, previously at Leghorn


10th January 1812, RUTGERS, Herman G., aged 40 years, from New York


10th January 1812, STOW, James, infant son of James Stow


30th January 1812, MOORE, Mary, wife of George Moore


25th February 1812, MOLLIN, William Alexander, a Swedish seaman


10th April 1812, STOW, Stephen, infant son of James Stow


4th June 1812, BACKSTROM, John, aged 35 years, seaman, merchant brig George


9th June 1812, BRUCE, Alexander, son of Alexander Bruce


11th June 1812, PECKSTON, George Skelding, infant son of Mr.Peckston, Royal Navy


23rd June 1812, ADAMS, Richard, Master of merchant brig Mersey


23rd June 1812, BLYTHE, Ann, aged 1 year, daughter of James Blythe


23rd August 1812, WALKER, William, aged 33 years


24th August 1812, MAXFIELD, Thomas, aged 40 years, seaman, of Transport Welton


12th September 1812, BRAY, James, Master Shipwright


3rd October 1812, MACKS, Henry James, son of Henry Macks


7th October 1812, DAVIS, Mary, aged 21 years 2 months, daughter of seaman on HMS Trident


26th October 1812, RINKLE, James, apprentice seaman, merchant ship Diana


1st November 1812, SACREUN, P., Swedish seaman


4th November 1812, HAETZEL, Charles, from Hannover


18th November 1812, BARKER, Diana, wife of Louis Barker


14th November 1812, FOULES, William, officer on HMS Tortoise


9th December 1812, GREEN, Charles Stamford, aged 20 years, son of Mr.Green


12th December 1812, EVANS, William, seaman


12th December 1812, KERR, Mr., died on board ship from England


2nd January 1813, HAMILTON, Henry Thomas, aged 19 years


9th February 1813, BUCKET, William


11th March 1813, TAYLOR, Edward, aged 9 months, son of William Henry Taylor


1st April 1813, REED, John, aged 44 years 


1st April 1813, DAY, Mary Arabella, aged 2 years 6 months, daughter of John Day


29th April 1813, HARRISON, Francis, aged 31 years


20th May 1813, ALSTROM, Peter, Swedish


22nd May 1813, LAURIE, George, son of Nicholas Laurie


31st May 1813, FELLSPLACE, John, son of Edward Fellsplace


7th July 1813, BLOMFIELD, The Reverend


3rd August 1813, RUGERETTI, James, Merchant, from Amsterdam


27th August 1813, LAVERS, James, aged 6 days


18th September 1813, LAING, Emily


4th December 1813, ROBINSON, Ralph, aged 38 years


30th January 1814, COSWAY, James, seaman


6th February 1814, LEE, John


9th February, 1814, DOUGLAS, George, aged 28 years, Merchant


23rd April 1814, VAN GRENDOORN, Herman


7th May 1814, PIGGOTT, Margaret, aged 43 years


1st June 1814, NOORHEAD, Esther, aged 32 years


14th June 1814, BROWN, Jonathan, aged 51 years, Merchant


24th June 1814, JOHNSON, Robert, aged 52 years


30th June 1814, SOMERS, Elena, aged 1 year


10th July 1814, ROBINSON, Peter, aged 46 years


18th July 1814, McDONAL, John


19th July 1814, LUKE, James Freeborn, aged 2 months


26th July 1814, BEVERLY, Edward, aged 2 months


12th September 1814, LACY, William, aged 3 months


5th October 1814, SHIPPARD, John Norris Edward, aged 10 months


25th October 1814, YOUNG, James, aged 32 years, seaman


16th November 1814, MARTIN, Peter, aged 37 years, from Denmark


17th November 1814, SAUNDERS, James, aged 65 years, from Edinburgh


21st November 1814, ST.JOHN, Rowland, aged 16 months


27th December 1814, THOMPSON, James, aged 23 years


7th January 1815, LOFTON, Anthony, seaman


5th February 1815, MAY, Matilda, aged 3 years


15th February 1815, TROUGHTON, Joseph, aged 75 years


20th June 1815, CASTLE, William, aged 56 years, Master mariner


9th July 1815, BLYTH, Joseph David, aged 20 weeks


18th August 1815, WATSON, Thomas, aged 31 years, seaman


14th August 1815, MARBEAN, Anna Bella, a child


21st August 1815, MONCRIEFF, Sarah, aged 29 years


13th October 1815, FYERS, Thomas, aged 49 years


(The Reverend Miller left Malta November 1815 and returned Autumn 1817)


3rd March 1818, DALZEL, Archibald, aged 77 years


30th April 1818, WIGMORE, Daniel


18th May 1818, WALING, Sarah, baby


8th June 1818, SIMPSON, Fanny, aged 25 years


26th June 1818, DESULL, Caroline Mary, aged 3 months


30th June 1818, BENTLEY, Ann, aged 35 years


25th July 1818, MEYERS, Frederick, from Denmark


28th July 1818, DAVIS, Frederick, aged 35 years, Merchant


31st July 1818, COLHURST, John, aged 23 years


7th August 1818, HARRISON, Joseph, aged 41 years


22nd December 1818, EDWARDS, Joseph Whitmore, aged 14 years

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