Msida Bastion Cemetery



In March 2002 Din L’Art Helwa was awarded the prestigious Silver Medal of Honour for the restoration of the Msida Bastion Cemetery by Europa Nostra, which is the European Federation of 230 National Trusts and Heritage NGO’s. Prince Heinrich of Denmark, the President of Europa Nostra, made the presentation at a ceremony in Copenhagen.


As is customary, the recipient country celebrates the award by arranging its own official presentation. This took place at the Palace in Valletta on Friday 10th May when the President of Malta, H.E. Professor Guido de Marco, held a reception for the Council of Din L’Art Helwa and the Din L’Art Helwa volunteers who had given so much of their free time over ten years on this project.


A commemorative plaque was also presented, and will be displayed in the Cemetery Museum currently under construction.  


Msida Bastion cemetery was one of four cemeteries or burial grounds located close to the bastions at Floriana. These bastions were built in the 17th century by the Italian engineer, Floriani, as additional protection for the city of Valletta. The French took over Malta in June 1798 but surrendered in September 1800 to the combined Maltese and British Forces. Shortly afterwards burials began to be made in this bastion area. The other three cemeteries, Quarantine, Greek Orthodox and Cholera, are no longer in existence and the land has been built upon.

Din L’Art Helwa (The National Trust of Malta) in conjunction with the Government of Malta and the British High Commission took an interest in Msida Bastion Cemetery and during 1988 this research culminated with the then Minister of Education, Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, declaring that the area should be open to the public as a garden, with some of the most important tombs restored and retained.


As a first step the surrounding wall was increased in height in an attempt to preserve what was left of the cemetery at that time. The main driving force Mr. Reginald G. Kirkpatrick, the project leader died suddenly shortly afterwards, and work came to a halt. In 1993 a new team was assembled, being a joint effort between Din L’Art Helwa volunteers, British residents, aided by the Environment and Agriculture Ministries of the Malta Government, and the British High Commission.  

The first section to be restored was officially opened in September 1995 by the President of Malta, Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, who had been instrumental in the scheme since its conception. The work continued and was finished in 2000 when the whole cemetery area was opened to the public as a ‘Garden of Repose’.


No records exist recording the burials, but the cemetery was surveyed by Captain Charles Zammit in 1930, and upon his basic data the late Mr. Kirkpatrick carried out further research on the persons buried there. He built up an a comprehensive collection of material, from sources in the U.K. as well as in Malta. This research has continued and during the site restoration some previously unknown graves were uncovered under about 6”of soil. The Zammit report says ‘the great majority of the inscriptions are damaged and indecipherable’, and during the intervening seventy years the site was subjected to further ruinous actions.

All the grave space was virtually taken by 1857 when the large Ta' Braxia cemetery was opened.

The principal occupants of the cemetery were British Army and Naval personnel, British civil officials and merchants, as well as their wives and children. Some are the ancestors of families still residing in Malta to this day. Apart from the British there are a few graves of men, women and children from other European countries, often missionaries.


During the restoration work a very large number of stone fragments have been collected and are being painstakingly sorted out. Putting them together again is slow and time consuming but as a result several inscriptions have been reconstructed and are placed on the walkway overlooking the harbour. However, there are still a large number of pieces which do not form a reasonably complete text so they are being kept in store for future use.



No cemetery records have survived and no gravestone has come to light but it is thought that Msida Bastion Cemetery contains the grave of Mikiel Anton Vassalli, nowadays considered to be ‘the father of the Maltese language”.

Vassalli was a seminal figure in the crystallisation of Maltese nationalism and culture. He was born in Zebbug on 5th March 1764. His father died when he was about five years old and  his mother re-married. He studied for the priesthood and was a cleric in Minor Orders, but was never ordained. A move to Rome gave him the opportunity for further study and whilst there he started  work on the structure, grammar and alphabet of Maltese language. He returned to Malta and became involved in an attempt to overthrow the rule of the Knights of St. John in 1797, but was arrested, tried, found guilty and imprisoned in Fort Ricasoli. It is thought that  during the French occupation, he left the island to take up residence in France. Archives in Paris show that in 1810 he was living in Bouches-du-Rhone.

It appears that in 1814 after the defeat of Napoleon, he moved his family briefly to Spain, but  returned to France where he had married Catherine Formosa de Fremeaux, and by the time the couple returned to Malta in 1820  they had three sons, Grabiel, Mikiel Anton, and Savier.

Once back in Malta he needed to find work to support his family. He did much work for the Church Missionary Society, but apart from religious translations he had completed a  Maltese Dictionary, and a new Maltese Grammar book, but was unable to get them printed since the type-face with Maltese characters was not available on the island.

In 1825 through the patronage of the Hon. John Hookham Frere, he obtained the post of Professor of Maltese at the Malta University. However, he continued working hard at translating parts of the New Testament for the C.M.S. and refining his Maltese books.

In April 1826, Susannah Frere wrote to her brother William, Master of Downing College, Cambridge University:

“My brother (John) mentions having talked over with you the printing at the University a Maltese Grammar and Dictionary, etc., the work of a poor man named Vassalli.

Is it to be ? He is a most laborious man and I believe would quite starve himself to attain his object the publishing these things. Half starved he is already."

John Hookham Frere was trying to persuade the Governor, General Sir Frederick Ponsonby, to allow the Maltese type-faces to be forwarded from Cambridge so that printing could be undertaken in Malta. Meanwhile, Vassalli was unceasing in his desire to get his Maltese language  books printed, and a rather lengthy method was established whereby his hand written manuscript would be sent to England, printed in Maltese type, then returned to Malta for Vassalli to proof read.

He was living at Pieta, but his health was deteriorating and in 1828 he was unable to go to the offices of C.M.S. in Valletta, which he normally visited about four times a week, so the Secretary, the Reverend C.F. Schlienz went to see him at Pieta instead.

The Gospels were translated and sent to England, then Vassalli moved on to the Acts of the Apostles and was finalising the draft at the time of his death. This was the first, and for a long time the only, translation of parts of the Bible into Maltese.

Schlienz provides a first hand report of Vassalli’s death :

‘He ended his earthly life on the 12th January 1829 at 5 o’clock in the morning.......Vassalli was exceedingly poor and left to his family not even the means to defray the expenses of burial. In consequences of this and the utterly distressed state of their family in respect to the assistance of relatives or friends we took it upon ourselves to execute the burial of the reliques of the deceased.

As Mr. Vassalli never made profession of being a Protestant we would have had him buried in a Catholic burial place. However, when we presented him, from reason that Vassalli had never been legally married (he could not marry regularly as he had taken minor orders) and ought therefore to be put among the dishonest at the wayside without any ceremony.  

To this we would not consent, and with the consent of the relict and the sister of the deceased, applied to Government for a license to bury him in the Protestant burial place; and as his Excellency, the Lt. Governor (Sir Frederick Ponsonby) was pleased to grant us a license thereto, the reliques, in a private and honest manner, were conveyed to the Protestant burial place’  

Written confirmation of the burial was made by the Reverend John Cleugh, Chaplain to the Government and can be seen in the records of St. Paul's Anglican  Cathedral, Valletta. His wife, Catherine Formosa de Fremeaux, continued to live at Pieta for many years, and died 26th October 1851, aged 66 years. A large monument to Mikiel Anton Vassalli was unveiled in his birthplace, Zebbug, on 4th May 1987.

Monument to Mikiel Anton Vassalli


Died 1834, Private ADAMS, Royal Artillery


Died 1834. The wife of Private ADAMS, Royal Artillery


Died 10th February 1842, Stephen Septimus ADAMS, Lieutenant, 88th Regiment, as the result of a duel. Captain Levick, a civilian and merchant, but late of the 59th Regiment, and Royal Malta Fencibles was under the impression that Adams had insulted one of his daughters on the last day of Carnival, and felt it necessary to issue a challenge. The duel took place on the 9th, and Adams died the next day from the wounds he received. Though Captain Levick stood trial for killing Adams he was freed with a Not Proven verdict


Died 28th October 1845, Dionysius AIREY, aged 31 years, Captain, Royal Artillery, at his quarters Fort St.Elmo. The fifth son of the late Sir George and Hon. Catherine Airey. Arrived Malta 2nd October 1845


Died September 1843, Benjamin AITKEN, the son of Private John Aitken


Died August 1846, Jane AITKEN, the daughter of Private John Aitken


Died 15th January 1844, John AITKEN, aged 34 years, Private, 42nd Regiment. Headstone erected by his comrades in Hon. R. Rolls Company


Died 1st April 1847, John Smith AITON, aged 25 years. The second son of Dr. William Aiton, Royal Navy


Died……,Anne and Frances ALEXANDER, the infant children of Colour-Sergeant David Alexander, Royal Artillery


Died 9th June 1852, George Hugh ALINGTON, Lieutenant, 68th Regiment. Eldest son of George Marmaduke Alington of Swinhope, Lincolnshire. Died in his quarters at the Auberge de Baviere after a short illness. Born 8th July 1826


Died on 14th January 1849, Dr.John ALLEN, Royal Navy, aged 94 years, at his residence in Strada Forni, Valletta. He came to Malta in 1804 as Principal Medical Officer of the Royal Naval Hospital and held this position until his retirement in 1827. He had served both afloat and ashore for about 50 years, and few surgeons had such experience of dealing with gun-shot wounds. He was married for 48 years to his wife Lucy


Died 23rd November 1840, Lucy ALLEN, aged 71 years. Wife of Dr.John Allen, Royal Navy


Died 15th March 1853, Janet ALLERS, the widow of James Allers. Her funeral service was held at St.Andrews Scots Church, Valletta


Died 7th February 1829, Elizabeth Keath ANDERSON, aged 11 months. The daughter of Elizabeth and James Anderson, Royal Artillery


Died 16th January 1844, William ANDERSON, aged 36 years, Private, 1st Battalion, 42nd Regiment. Served 18 years in the regiment


Died 6th June 1834, Elizabeth ANDREWS, aged 4 years 9 months, the daughter of William and Anne Andrews


Died August 1834, David ANNAN, aged 1 year 11 months, the son of Bridget and Robert J. Annan, Royal Artillery


Died Sunday 18th February 1838, Lieutenant William ARLETT, aged 37 years. Commander of HM steamship Confidance. A tumour on his spine caused paralysis, and led to his death


Died 17th July 1858, Annie Esther ARROWSMITH, aged 37 years. the wfe of William Lamb Arrowsmith, Superintendent of Government Works. Interred in the family vault


Died 5th November 1848, Francis ATKINSON, aged 5 months, the youngest son of Anna Marie and Richard Atkinson, of Cockerham, Lancashire


Died 20th February 1866, Benjamin B. BAKER LLD, aged 54 years. The youngest son of William Baker, Registrar of HM Court of Appeal


Died Saturday morning 11th January 1834, Mrs. Hannah BAKER, aged 52 years. The widow of the late William Baker of H.M. Ordnance Department. For 30 years she was a resident of Malta


Died 1844, Harriet BAKER


Died 10th May 1852, Samuel BAKER, aged 67 years. Master Artificer in Ordnance Department. He had been missing for eight days, when his body was found in the sea near Fort Ricasoli. Headstone erected by his daughter Maria


Died 29th March 1846, Charlotte BALFOUR, aged 26 years. the widow of Lieutenant Balfour, Royal Artillery


Died 16th July 1857, Henry BALNEAVIS, aged 76 years.

His Army career:

Ensign 3rd January 1797 : Lieutenant 5th November 1799 : Captain 11th September 1805 : Major 30th May 1811 : Lieutenant-Colonel 12th August 1819 : Colonel 10th January 1837 : Major-General 9th November 1846. He was Colonel of the 65th Regiment.


Under the command of Sir David Baird he proceeded to Corunna 1808, thence to Lisbon. He served throughout the Peninsular War in Spain, and was present at the battles of Talavera and Busaco, the battle of Fuentes D’Onor for which he received the brevet rank of Major. The siege of Cuidad Rodrigo, and Badajoz, the storming of Fort St.Michael. The siege of Burgos, battle of Salamanca and the capture of Madrid. The battle of Toulouse, after which he succeeded to the command of the 3rd Battalion 27th Regiment. He embarked at Bordeaux for North America. On arrival was appointed Assistant Quarter Master General, and took part in the battle of Plattsburgh in America. He relinquished the Staff post, and returned to Europe. He was present at the capture of Paris as Aide-de-Camp to Sir Manley Power, and served with the army of occupation. He  received the war medal with 9 clasps. In Malta he held the posts of Inspector of Police, and Town Major


Died 15th April 1839, Richard Wellesley BARLOW, aged 35 years


Died 16th January 1830, Thomas BARNARD, Private, 7th Regiment


Died 26th April 1846, at Sliema, Janet BARNES, aged 5 years 5 months. the only child of the Reverend William Maule Barnes. The Reverend William Maule Barnes, MA, died 3rd June 1848, aged 38 years, and is buried in the Protestant cemetery Naples


Died 3rd September 1850, Mary Ann BARNES, aged 3 years 6 months, the daughter of F. Barnes and his wife


Died 8th May 1833, Joseph BARNSLEY, aged 18 years


Died 8th June 1850, in Sliema, Frances Edith BAYNES, aged 16 months 10 days. The daughter of the Hon. Mrs. and Captain R. Lambert Baynes, Companion of the Bath, Redeemer of Greece


Died Friday 13th April 1849, Elizabeth BEATON, aged 46 years. The wife of James Beaton of the Naval Arsenal. She left a husband and large family. Two years earlier, on 7th February 1847, her daughter Eliza Beaton, a minor, who had been born in Bermuda, married Charles Kerr Renwick, 21+, a bachelor, from Jedburgh, Scotland, the son of William and Mary Renwick


Died 16th January 1851, Isabella Melita BEATON, aged 10 months, the daughter of Isabella and James Beaton


Died 1st February 1853, on board HMS Ceylon, James D. BEATON, Engineer of HMS Ardent


Died 4th November 1847, Gaspera di BELFIORE, aged 55 years, the wife of Paolo Gaetano Belfiore


Died  27th March 1850, the Reverend Edward BENBOW M.A., aged 43 years, the Rector of Aldenham, Hertfordshire. The youngest son of John Benbow, M.P. of Dudley, Worcestershire


Died 10th July 1837, George BENTLEY, aged 47 years


Died 1st December 1841, Mary Marina BERTLIN, aged 8 months, the daughter of Anne and Anthony Bertlin, born 4th April


Died 18th August 1844, William BERTLIN, aged l day, the son of Anne and Anthony Bertlin


Died 10th September 1844, Anne BERTLIN, aged 33 years, the wife of Anthony Bertlin. the only daughter of Captain James Galland, Royal Malta Fencibles. On 27th January 1827 she married James ( ? Thomas) Fiddes, Surgeon, of the 85th Regiment. She was widowed, and on 29th February 1840 married Anthony Bertlin


Died 12th January 1848, the Reverend Robert Stanser BEST B.A., aged 25 years, of Caius College Cambridge. Born at Granville, Nova Scotia, the son of Archdeacon Best of New Brunswick. The grandson of the Bishop of Nova Scotia. Born 6th February 1823


Died 19th November 1855, Frances BETHUNE, aged 22 years, the wife of Major M. Bethune, 9th Regiment


Died 8th May 1840, John BEVAN, aged 27 years. While in command of the schooner Julia


Buried 27th February 1828, Mary BEVERLEY aged 51 years


Died on 7th January 1843, at St.Julians, Cecily BIRSHALL. She was a servant of Mr. Watson and his family for nearly 40 years. From Hutton


Died, Margaret BISSETT


Died Friday 19th January 1849, the Reverend Sir Cecil Augustus BISSHOPP, Bart., aged 27 years. The son of the late Dean of Lismore. Ordained in Malta, 1844. Born 6th July 1821, married 25th December 1844. A month after his death, on 18th February, his wife Mary Anne Bickerton Bisshopp gave birth to a daughter, Mary Cecil Augusta Bisshopp. Without a male heir the title passed to a relative


Died 15th November 1851, Harry Richardson BORRADALE , aged 19 years. He died at Sliema after a lingering illness, the son of Harry Borradale


Died 3rd July 1854, Anna Sophia Christina BORTON, the daughter of Lieut-Colonel Arthur Borton, 9th Regiment, and Carolina his wife. Born 25th December 18**. He later was Governor of Malta from 1878 – 1884


Died 31st December 1833, Mary BOURCHIER, the wife of Richard James Bourchier, Collector of Customs, after a lingering illness. They were married on 14th March 1820, when he was a 28 year old bachelor, and she was a 30 year old spinster. Her maiden name was Mary Campbell Lander, of St.James, Poole, Dorset. As a widower he later re-married


Died 11th April 1855, William Flockhart BOWMAN, Deputy Commissary General, Malta, aged 79 years. His wife was Elizabeth Shepherd Bowman


Died 22nd March 1847, William John BRABAZON, aged 26 years. Of Brabazon Park, Co.Mayo, Ireland. Born W.J. Sharpe of Oaklands, Sussex, he took the name of Brabazon in 1840 as heir to the last Baronet


Died 23rd February ****, George BREMNER, aged 110 days, the son of Margaret and Thomas Bremner, Royal Artillery. Same headstone as Helen Bremner


Died 4th December 183*, Helen BREMNER, aged 201 days, the daughter of Margaret and Thomas Bremner, Royal Artillery


Died 17th July 1830, Thomas BREMNER, aged 2 years, the son of Margaret and Thomas Bremner, Royal Artillery


Died 2nd June 1852, Georgina BRIDGE, aged 4 years 4 months, the fourth daughter of Helen and George Bridge, Captain, 3rd Regiment. He later became a Lieutenant-Colonel, and Member of Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms


Died 24th February 1831, Pasley Dowdswell BRIGGS, aged 5 days, the son of Thomas and Isabella Briggs


Died 21st November 1834, Henry BROWN, aged 29 years, Colour-Sergeant, 5th Regiment. Born in Ayr, Scotland, the son of John Brown of Lanarkshire


Died 11th April 1849, the Reverend John W. BROWN, Rector of St. James’s Church, Astoria, New York, U.S.A.


Buried on Friday 10th February 1843, William John BRUNKER, aged 28 years, Sergeant, 42nd Regiment. While walking along the bastions of Fort St.James, he fell and was killed


Died 3rd January 1849, Henrietta Charnham BRYAN, nee Luard, aged 31 years. The wife of the Reverend R.G. Bryan, Vice Principal of St. Julians Protestant College in 1852. Incumbent of Fosbury, Tidcombe, Wiltshire 1860 - 1870


Died 1845, Martha Elizabeth BUCHAN, the infant daughter of Elizabeth and John Buchan, Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, 42nd Regiment


Died 5th February 1856, George BUCHANAN, aged 14 years, the youngest son of the late George Buchanan, of The Chats, Upper Canada and stepson of Colonel Ringler Thomson, Royal Engineers


Died  20th May 1828, James G. Macdonald BUCHANAN, aged 22 years. The only remaining son of Hector McDonald Buchanan of Drummakill and Ross, Scotland. His four brothers had died from consumption, and he came to Malta on his way to England in the hope that a change of air might arrest the progress of the disease        


Died J.E. BUCHANAN, the son of Lieutenant Gilbert John Lane Buchanan, Royal Artillery, and his wife Julia Sophia Hammersley Buchanan, nee Wallace. They married on 14th June 1837. Her father was Lieut-Colonel Peter Margetson Wallace, Royal Artillery


Died 9th February 1856, Matilda Victoria BUCHANAN, aged 18 years, the only daughter of George Buchanan, and his wife Caroline nee Powell. the stepdaughter of Colonel Ringler Thomson Royal Engineers. Same grave as George Buchanan, they died within four days of each other


Died 23rd September 1831, Thomas BUDD


Died 17th November 1838, James BUTCHER, the son of John and Elizabeth Butcher


Died 5th May 1842, Elizabeth Ann CAIRNS, aged 10 months, the daughter of Mary Ann and William Cairns, Corporal, Royal Artillery


Died 21st June 1840, William CAIRNS, the son of Mary Ann and William C. Cairns, Corporal, Royal Artillery


Died 16th January 1831, Charles CALVERT, Sergeant, 7th Regiment. Born in Manchester, the son of Mrs. E. Calvert


Died 25th July 1845, Emmanuela CAMILLERI, aged 33 years. The wife of the Reverend Michael Angelo Camilleri, who had translated the New Testament and book of Common Prayer into Maltese. He left the Catholic Church to join the Protestant faith and was married in Gibraltar by the Bishop of Gibraltar on 13th June 1843. This mariage was later invalidated. Emmanuela was the widow of Publio Fleri, when she married Camilleri, and the mother of two young children, Luigi and Carmela.  Her mother-in-law, Mrs. Evangelista Fleri petitioned the Civil Court for custody of the children, stating that by her sacreligious union with a former priest the mother had forfeited her right to keep and educate the children.  The Court of Appeal found in favour of the grandmother and ordered the children to be placed with her. On 18th June, the Marshall of the Court, Camelo Spiteri went to the family home at 83 Strada Ponente to remove the children, but was faced by the Reverend Camilleri with a loaded gun, handed to him by Emmanuela. After a struggle the gun was taken, and the Reverend Camilleri was charged and brought before the Magistrate, Mr. Charles Harper. Found Guilty he was sentenced to 20 days imprisonment. The Governor immediately set aside the Magistrate’s sentence, replacing it with a small fine. This case was a cause celebre between the Protestant and Roman Catholic religions at that time. The Reverend Camilleri later worked in South Africa, and died in England


Died 20th April 1833, Ronald CAMPBELL, aged 27 years, Paymaster Sergeant, 42nd Regiment


Died on Friday night, 15th September 1848, Dr. James CARSON, aged 38 years. Resident in Malta for some time, he committed suicide at his lodgings in Zachary Street, Valletta. He had worked as a Hospital Physician in Liverpool


Died 27th January 1853, John CARSTAIRS, Barrack Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers


Died Mrs. CARSTAIRS, the wife of John Carstairs, Barrack Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers


Died 27th January 1844, Ann CARTER, aged 93 years, the widow of the late John Carter of Deal, Kent


Died 20th January 1845, Jane CARTER, aged 29 years, the wife of Charles Carter, Armourer Sergeant, 88th Regiment


Died 1st September 1832, William Edward CARY, aged 2 years, the son of Grace and Thomas Cary, Armourer Sergeant, 73rd Regiment


Died 16th December 1838, Alexander CASSWELL, aged 24 years. He came from Ireland to Malta for the benefit of his health


Died 22nd August 1833, James CASTELLOW, the son of John Castellow


Died 9th April 1834, John CASTELLOW, aged 31 years, Private, 94th Regiment


Died 17th May 1846, Margaret Martha CHALMERS, aged 2 years 7 months, the daughter of Margaret and Quintin Chalmers


Died 21st March 1833, Elizabeth CHRISTIE, the infant daughter of Mary and Charles Christie, Private, 42nd Regiment


Died 24th September ......, Jane CHRISTIE, 1 year 4 months 27 days, the infant daughter of Mary and  Charles Christie, Private, 42nd Regiment. Sister of Elizabeth


Died 31st December 1836, Emma Josephine CHRISTIAN, aged 6 months the daughter of Susanne (also known as Georgette Susanne Macree Gregorie) and Samuel Christian


Died 30th January 1848, Harriet CHRISTIAN, nee Shute, aged 59 years, the wife of Rear Admiral John Hanway Christian. He was eldest son of Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian, and had a brother and two sisters. One of Harriet Christian’s daughters married Arthur Traherne


Died 16th January 1856, Jane CHRISTIAN, aged 23 years, 10 months. The youngest daughter of Susanne (also known as Georgette Susanne Macree Gregorie) and the late Samuel Christian. Born 11th March 1832. Samuel Christian died 10th August 1853, aged 67 years, at his residence in Wimpole Street, London, and is commemorated on his daughter’s tombstone


Died 13th January 1841, Captain James CLARKE. His Army career:

Ensign 12th August 1807: Lieutenant 5th November 1807: Captain 19th March 1824. Captain, Paymaster, 47th Regiment 27th September 1830


Died Thursday 27th April 1848, Captain Robert CLEVELAND, who had been seriously ill on the voyage from Liverpool on board the Schooner Porcupine of London


Died Tuesday, 5th May1844, at Dunsford's Hotel in Valletta, Thomas CLIBBORN, Major, 1st Grenadiers Regiment of the Bombay Native Infantry. He was going to England on sick leave due to a liver complaint


Died Died 17th December 1854, Eleanor Louisa CLIFTON, aged 43 years, the wife of Francis Clifton, of the Victualling Department, Naval Arsenal


Died 27th January 1841, John Foy COCKRANE, aged 35 years,of Exeter, Devon


Died 1836, R. COCKRANE 


Died 25th November 1834, Thomas COGHLIN, aged 25 years, Musician, 53rd Regiment


Died October 1835, David COLQUHOUN, Private, 5th Battery, Royal Artillery


Died 28th March 1857, the Reverend James Churchill COOK, aged 30 years, the son of James Cook M.A. 1852 Curate of Christ Church, Worthing, Sussex


Died 16th December 1843, Henry COOPER, aged 35 years. Master of the brig Eliza of London


Died 1st January 1843, the Reverend Robert COULTER, aged 73 years


Died 12th August 1830, Henry COWPER, aged 63 years. A merchant, active 1813 onwards. Together with John Watson, Thomas MacGill and Joseph Morris, they ran the Malta Tanning Company


Died ………Janet CRAIG, the wife of Reverend William Fergus Craig, Church of Scotland Missionary


Died 26th April 1851, Mary CRANG, aged 13 months, the daughter of Caroline and John Hay Crang, Lieutenant, Royal Navy


Died 22nd April 1857, Amey CRANSTON, aged 5 years 6 months


Died 15th November 1851, Miss. Clarinda CRAWFORD, aged 19 years, at her lodgings in Strada Forni, after a lingering illness


Died Thursday 24th February 1831, William CUNDELL, from heart disease, as he was about to return to England after 16 years. Assistant Commissisary General


Died 28th July 1832, Alexander CUNNINGHAM, Private, 73rd Regiment


Died 5th October 1855, John CUNNINGHAM, aged 62 years. Captain. For 15 years Marine Superintendent for the P.&.O. Company


Died………, James CWERE, Private, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade


Died…………….., Benjamin DALTON, also Ephraim DALTON aged 11 months


Died……………., James DALTON, Private, 7th Royal Fusiliers


Died 22nd March 1825, Andrew DALZELL


Died 22nd July 1828, Ann DALZELL, the wife of Edward Dalzell, and daughter of the late Major Blanckley, formerly HM Consul, Algiers


Died 3rd March 1818, Archibald DALZELL, aged 77 years. Magistrate and Collector of Revenue, Gozo. Formerly Governor of Gold Coast


Died Saturday 27th September 1828, Edward DALZELL, aged 43 years. Magistrate of the Civil Court, and Deputy Vendue Master


Died 1st July 1852, George DALZELL, aged 48 years. Deputy Vendue Master until the post was abolished. Appraiser and Auctioneer. His residence was 2 Strada Alessandro


Died 27th June 1837, Joseph DARBY, aged 88 years. Formerly Captain in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. Father in Law of Richard James Bourchier (Second wife)


Died 1st August 1831, at Pieta, Augusta Isabella DASHWOOD, aged 4 months, at Pieta, the daughter of Henrietta Mary Annette and Robert Dashwood, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers


Died 184*, Mary DAVISON, aged twelve months (?)


Died 1st January 1844, Anna DENDY, aged 25 years, the wife of the Reverend Samuel Dendy, Rector of Pensthorpe, Norfolk


Died in 1831, Osmond DEVERELL


Died 16th February 1842, Mary Elizabeth DICKSON, aged 21 years, the wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Lothian Dickson


Died 26th December 1828, John Robert DISTON, aged 41 years. A Broker trading in 1820


Died 11th July 1830, John De Garis DIXON, aged 56 years


Died 14th August 1830, John Nicolas DIXON, aged 3 days. The son of Lavinia and John Peter Dixon. Same grave as John De G. Dixon


Died 22nd November 18**, Benjamin DOUGLASS, the son of the late Ninian Douglass


Died 26th  December 1836, Edward Augustus DOWN, aged 18 years, a Midshipman on HMS Vanguard.  The son of Captain E.A. Down


Died 29th December 1852, Hester Eliza DRUMMOND, aged 32 years, the eldest daughter of John Drummond. She died after a fall from her horse at Dunsford’s Hotel on 17th December


Died……………., E.G. DUFF, of the Secretariat Dept. Mediterranean


Died 10th March 1837, William DUNN, Private, 70th Regiment. His wife was Ann Dunn. He was born in Swindon, Wiltshire


Died 4th April 1851, Hannah DUNSFORD, aged 50 years                     


Died 12th December 1841, Joseph William DUNSFORD, aged 37 years


Died 27th November 1851, Mary DUNSFORD, aged 54 years


Died 16th July 1856, Edward William Anthony Charles DURNFORD, aged 33 years. The only son of Frances Catherine and Anthony William Durnford, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers


Died 10th July 1857, Joseph Hamilton DWYER, Surgeon, 14th Regiment. Two days before docking in Malta, he died on board the P.&.O. steamer Colombo, from Southampton. He was to have joined his regiment on the island, in which his brother Brevet Major John Dwyer also served.


Died 12th October 1839, James EDMONDS, aged 37 years


Died 12th January 1848, William ELLSWORTH, aged 69 years, at his residence 65 Strada Irlandese, Vittoriosa. Captain. Lived in Malta for many years


Died 27th June 1847, Richard Goodall George ELRINGTON, aged 2 years 7 months. Born 29th November 1844, at the Palazzo of Negrette, where he also died


Died on Monday morning 20th February 1843, Lieutenant John EVANS, Royal Navy, commanding HM Steam packet Polyphemus. He was struck by apoplexy at his residence in  Strada San Giovanni, and was taken to the Bighi Naval Hospital but died the next day. From Wimborne Minster, Dorset


Died 20th April 1854, William Bacon FALCON, aged 61 years. From Liverpool. Died in Citta Vecchia. His widow, Mary Falcon, also born in Liverpool, the daughter of Alexander and Catherine Forest, re-married on 4th October 1855 to Filiberto Gouder MD, widower, and son of Major Gouder Royal Malta Fencibles


Died 21st November 1848, Michael FAWCKNER, aged 49 years. Master of the English brig George Richard. Attempted suicide by   jumping from the ship


Died 4th September 1833, John FINDLAY, aged 33 years, Colour-Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers


Died 26th May 1854, John FINLAY, the son of the late James Finlay of Glasgow, who was a merchant - Messrs. Finlay Nelson and Co. Died at Baker’s Princess Royal Hotel


Died 31st July 1839, Thomas FITCH, aged 30 years


Died 8th March 1846, Thomas FLETCHER, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ceylon Rifle Brigade 1835. Retired 1845


Died 16th February 1847, James FORBES, aged 31 years, in Valletta


Died 13th August 1835, Alexander FORD, Gunner, Captain I. Griew’s Company, 5th Battery,  Royal Artillery


Died 6th June 1841, James Merrick FOWLER, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 88th Regiment. Drowned in Grand Harbour


Died 4th March 1839, Stephen FOX-STRANGEWAYS, aged 27 years, the youngest son of the late the Hon. Reverend Charles Fox-Strangeways. Born 10th August 1811


Died 18th July 1828, Georgina Sarah FRANKS, aged 4 months, the daughter of Christiana and John Franks. Born 6th March


Died 8th August 1833, Alexander FRASER, Private, Bandsman, 94th Regiment. Born Edinburgh, brother of Malcolm Fraser, West Church, Edinburgh


Died during the night of 16th January 1831, Elizabeth Jemima FRERE, Dowager Countess of Erroll, aged 69 years. She was the daughter of Joseph Blake Esq. of Ardfry, Co. Galway, Ireland, and on 25th January 1790 she married George, the 16th Earl of Erroll. He committed suicide on 14th June 1798, over a matter of honour. She re-married her second husband the Right Hon. John Hookham Frere in 1816. They had no children but in 1822 adopted a Greek girl, named Statyria Lividostro. Apart from being widely known amongst the society of the day, she was a  benefactress to many of the Maltese poor and needy, several thousands of whom received alms either in bread or money on the day of her funeral. The funeral was private attended only by John Hookham Frere, Susan Frere, Jane Frere, and Honoria Blake, an Irish niece of Lady Erroll, who had been in Malta since 1821. In mid-June 1832, marble from Carrara in Italy was shipped over to Malta from Leghorn, for the monument on her grave


Died 18th January 1839, Susannah FRERE, aged 62 years, at the residence of her brother the Rt.Hon. John Hookham Frere. She had been resident in Malta for 18 years. On the day of her funeral some 2,000 loaves of bread were distributed to Maltese families in the neighbourhood, who had also benefitted from her charity during her lifetime.

On the back of her tomb is a poem written by her brother Bartle:


“Farewell, blest spirit, not for thee the tear

Steals down this furrow’d cheek - unscathed hast thou

Life’s thorny path of sin and sorrow trod;

But well may they, who to thy heart were dear

Mourn for themselves unblam’d; yet mourning, bow

With humble resignation to the rod.

Thy birth befell upon the hallow’d day

When burst th’ ineffable light upon the Jew

Of Tarsus, and affirm’d the call divine.

Upon that rock is cast thy coil of clay

Where from his arm the great Apostle threw

Unharm’d the venomous beast. What fitter shrine

For her whose course through life was ever true

To the aspiration which the zeal accords

Of the new convert, those heart-breathing words

‘Who are thou Lord ?’ What wouldst thou have me do ?”


Died 7th January 1846, John Hookham FRERE, aged 76 years. English diplomat and author. Born in London during 1769, he was educated at Eton College. Joined the Foreign Office, and from 1796 till 1802 sat in the House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for the Borough of West Looe in Cornwall. In 1799 he became Under-Secretary of State. In October 1800 he was appointed envoy and plenipotentiary to Lisbon, moving to Madrid in September 1802, for a two year period. In 1805 he was made a   member of the Privy Council. In 1807 he was sent to Berlin, but the mission was abandoned and he moved to Spain again in 1808.

After the battle of Corunna, it was felt that Frere had endangered the British Army, so he returned to England, and retired from public duties. In 1816 he married Elizabeth Jemima, the widowed Dowager Countess of Erroll, and due to her failing health went to live in Malta. His literary reputation is due to his translations of works by Aristophanes, but during his twenty-five years in Malta he was at the heart of its cultural life. He owned a large house in Pieta which fronted onto the harbour. A bust in white marble is in the National Library of Malta, in Valletta.  

The funeral took place on Wednesday 14th January 1846. At 10.30 in the morning, his numerous friends assembled at his residence at Pieta. The area was thronged with local people, who were anxious to pay their respects to their deceased benefactor. At 12 o'clock, the cortege set off, followed by a long procession of carriages and calesses. On arrival at Msida Bastion cemetery, the coffin was removed from the bier and carried by six soldiers of the Royal Artillery, with six intimate friends of the deceased bearing the pall. Then followed Lord H.Chichester and Dr.Stilon as chief mourners. The Reverend John Cleugh of St.Paul’s Anglican Cathedral conducted the service


Died 9th December 1833, William FROST, Private, 73rd Regiment, the son of William Frost. Baptised in Cullompton, Devon


Died 12th June 1854, James GALLAND, aged 79 years, at his residence in Strada Britannica. A Captain in the Malta Fencibles. Served in Holland 1796, West Indies Campaign 1796/1797, Holland 1799, and Egypt 1807. For many years he was the  Superintendent of Police in Malta. Freemason St.John & St.Paul, Lodge, No.437, he was the Master in 1829, 1830 - 1835, 1838, 1839, 1842, 1843


Died Saturday 13th October 1849, John GARDINER, QuarterMaster-Sergeant, 42nd Regiment and QuarterMaster-Sergeant Malta, aged 43 years, at his residence Strada Forni, Valletta. He left a widow and four young children. Had been a P.M. of Union Lodge 588 in Malta. His widow later re-married John Price, who became the Superintendent of Corradino Prison


Died 20th November 1848, Alexander Henry GARDNER, the infant son of Captain Gardner, Royal Artillery


Died 5th June 1849, George GAUNTLETT, aged 50 years. Baker in Valletta


Died 10th November 1845, Robert GIBSON, aged 40 years. Master of the English brig Eurus


Died 29th October 1831, Thomas GILL, aged 32 years. Born at Peel, Isle of Man


Died 17th October 1836……..GILLEY, aged 2 years 9 months, the son of Anne and Thomas Gilley, Royal Fusiliers

“Happy is the babe that  privileged by fate,

Thats shortened labour and lightened weight

But yesterday received the gift of breath

And called tomorrow to return to death.”


Died 7th February 1854, Edward GINGELL, aged 1 day, the son of Edward John gingell and his wife Jane Knill Gingell


Died 11th January 1857, Edward GINGELL, aged 84 years. Cashier at the Malta Bank


Died 2nd November 1841, Elizabeth GINGELL, aged 48 years, the wife of Edward Gingell. They were married 2nd November 1811. She left a mother, husband and eight children. She was a daughter of John and Ann Kilburn


Died 5th November 1833, Louisa GINGELL, aged 16 years, the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Gingell


Died 25th February 1856, Walter Frank GINGELL, aged 20 years 10 months, the youngest son of Edward Gingell. On same gravestone as Ann Kilburn


Died 1st January 1847, Donald GLENN, Private, 42nd Regiment. Born Stirling, Scotland. His wife Mary Ann Glenn resided with the regiment


Died 3rd July 1844, John GLIDDON, aged 80 years. Died at residence of his friend William Eynaud, caused by an enlarged heart. Formerly a merchant, and for many years the Consul of the United States of America at Cairo, Egypt. 

“I know that my Redeemer liveth and he shall stand on the latter day upon the earth:

 And though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God

Whom I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold, and not another.”  Job XIX, 25, 26, 27


Died 9 a.m. on Sunday 3rd November 1844 in Sliema, Charles GODFREY, aged 48 years. Inspector of Police. Resident in Malta for many years


Died 2nd June 1833, Richard GOFF, aged 40 years, the son of Joseph Goff of Dublin. Christ Church College. Matric 1811, BA 1814, MA 1822. Barrister at Law. Society of Lincolns Inn


Died 23rd May 1855, Edmund GOODENOUGH, aged 47 years. Freemason. Proprietor of the Malta Mail newspaper. He left a widow Josephine Goodenough


Died 23rd July 1838, Anne GORDON, aged 3 months 3 days, the daughter of John and Jean Gordon 92nd Regiment

“There is beyond the sky a heaven of joy and love,

And Holy children when they die go to that world above.”


Died 15th June 1837, James Alexander GORDON, aged 11 months 15 days, the son of John and Jean Gordon 92nd Regiment

“This lovely bud, so young and fair, call’d henceby early doom.

Just came to show how sweet a flower in paradise would bloom."


Died 7th April 1840, Robert GOWLAND, aged 16 years, Private, Royal Fusiliers


Died 23rd September 1828, Emma Maria GRANT, aged 32 years. The wife of David Grant, they were married on Thursday 12th April 1827. She was the eldest daughter of the late Nicolls Raynsford. On the 5th September 1828 she had given birth to a daughter, Flora Sophia Emma Grant. She came from Brixworth, Northamptonshire


Died 30th November 1854, George GRANT, aged 45 years. Grocer in Valletta. He left a widow Paulina Anne Grant


Died 27th August 1871, George Robert GRANT, aged 30 years, the son of Paulina Anne and George Grant. Born 1st December 1840


Died 3rd April 1835, James GRANT, aged 45 years. Sergeant-Major in the 5th Regiment. Had served 32 years with the regiment. He joined the 2nd battalion as a band boy then became an infantryman. He fought at the battles of Busaco, Sabugal, Fuentes d’Onoro, El Boden and Salamanca, the storming of Ciudad Rodrigo and escalade of the Castle of Badajos, without injury. He was promoted to Sgt-Major in 1828


Died 6th August 1855, James William GRANT, aged 8 months, the son of Janet and Nathanial Grant, Bombardier, Royal Artillery


Died 16th April 1851, Mary GRANT, aged 13 months. the daughter of Caroline and Lieutenant John Hay Grant


Died 6th June 1855, William GRANT, aged 38 years


Died 7th March 1837, William Erskine GRANT, aged 54 years. Paymaster, Captain, 59th Regiment


Died 28th August 1856, Thomas GRAVES F.R.S., aged 53 years, Captain, Royal Navy. Born in Belfast 1802. He specialized in hydrography and was Captain on the survey ships Mastiff 1832 – 1836, Beacon 1836 – 1846, Volage 1847 – 1849 and Spitfire 1849 – 1851. In 1856 he held the office of Superintendent of Ports when he was attacked by a Maltese boatman named Giuseppe Meli, and later died of the knife wounds. Meli was tried for murder and found Guilty but due to extenuating circumstances was only sentenced to nine years imprisonment instead of the death penalty. He was married on 27th February 1839 when a Lieutenant to Frances Sarah Bayley, second daughter of Major Charles Andrews Bayley, Inspector of Police on Gozo


Died 29th May 1837, Emily Christiana Alexandria GREIG, aged 10 years. Born 31st January 1827, the only child of Susannah Teresa and Sir Hector Greig. In 1831 he held the post of Superintendent of Quarantine and from 1837 to 1847 he was Chief Secretary to the Malta Government. In 1839 he was awarded the KCMG


Died 14th March 1852, Thomas George GRENDON, aged 18 years. From Drogheda, Ireland


Died in 1851, Eleanor G. GRENVILLE, the daughter of George Grenville, Commander Royal Navy


Died 25th March 1848, Laura Mary GREY, aged 36 years, the wife of Charles Samuel Grey. The daughter of Sir C.A. Elton, Bart. of Clevedon Court, Somerset


Died……………….., Ann GRIFFITT


Died 26th July 1855, Georgina GUPPY, aged 44 years, the wife of Samuel Guppy of Ballykhal and Calcutta


Died 26th June 1832, Samuel HADFIELD, aged 29 years, Royal Fusiliers

“Repent dear friends while you have time,

death took me off just in my prime.”


Died 10th November 1856, William HADLEY, aged 57 years. Army career: Ensign 10th April 1825 : Lieutenant 24th September 1831 : Captain, Paymaster, 68th Regiment, 13th July 1849. Served with the Queen’s Royals throughout the campaign in Afghanistan, and Keloochistan under Lord Keane. Was present at the storming and capture of Ghuznee, where he was wounded, and of Khelat. Also served in Southern Mahratta country in 1844 including the storming of the Fortress of Punella and the Fortress of Concan in 1845. Also the investment and capture of the Forts of Monohur and Munsuntosh. Received a medal for Ghuznee. He left a widow and large family. A freemason


Died 18th July 1854, Mary HALIFAX, aged 83 years. The widow of John Doherty Halifax


Died 8th March 1849, Henry HALKETT, aged 29 years. The third son of Lady Katherine Halkett, who was the daughter of Hamilton Dunbar, 4th Earl of Selkirk


Died 11th December 1848, Miss. Rachel HAMILTON, aged 82 years, at Argotti, Floriana. Had been resident in Malta for 21 years. the fifth daughter of the Hon. Reverend George Hamilton, Canon of Windsor, and Rector of Taplow, and of his wife Elizabeth, who was the daughter of General Richard Onslow, Governor of Plymouth. Born 17th October 1766


Died 25th November 1848, Horatio Thomas HAMSHAW, aged 3 years, the son of Charlotte Ann and Thomas Hamshaw, Engineer, Royal Navy. Born 24th February 1845


Died……………, Mary Anne HANCOCK, the wife of William Hancock


Died 28th July 1833, William HANCOCK, aged 59 years


Died on 26th May 1835, Lady HANKEY, after a long and severe illness. She was the wife of Colonel the Hon. Sir Frederick Hankey, CGMG, Chief Secretary of the Government. She was born in Greece, and her tomb was originally in the Greek cemetery, but when a new hotel was being built on the site, it was brought to Msida Bastion cemetery for safe keeping


Died 19th March 1850, Walter HANNAH, aged 10 years


Died 7th February 1855, James HARDY, aged 24 years. Mate of HM Frigate Leander. Died of Epilepsy. From Cork, Ireland


Died 24th November 1874, Charles HARPER. A Magistrate for many years. From 1826 to 1839 he was Editor of the Malta Government Gazette, and Superintendent of the Government printing office


Died 31st December 1836, Mary Anne HARPER, the wife of Charles Harper


Died 22nd May 1833, James HARRISON, aged 34 years, Private, 94th Regiment


Died in 1839, James C.H. HARRISON


Died 18th September 1854, Cecillia Priscilla HAWES, aged 25 years, the wife of Captain G.H. Hawes, 9th Regiment. Married 13th April 1853. She was the daughter of the third Viscount Avonmore


Died in 1847, Henry Arthur HAWKINS


Died 5th March 1841, David HAY, aged 64 years. Paymaster, 88th Regiment


Died 30th December 1855, Mrs Ann HEMINGWAY, the wife of E. F. Hemingway. She came from Wakefield, Yorkshire


Died in 1855, E.F HEMINGWAY


Died 18th December 1831, Eleanor Agnes HENDERSON, aged 6 weeks, the daughter of Hannah and Sergeant Henderson


Died 7th July 1843, James HENDERSON, aged 24 years, Private, 42nd Regiment. Drowned in the sea at Fort Tigne. He left a widow Janet Henderson, nee Baird of Stirling


Died 6th December 1846, William Carter HENDERSON, aged 9 weeks, the only son of ... and Mary Henderson


Died in 1838, Margaret HEPBURN


Died 20th August 1836, Norman Henry HEWJILL, aged 2 months, the son of Jane and Percy W.Hewjill, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery


Died 20th November 1850, Elizabeth HINDERMAN-ZAESLIN, aged 31  years. From Basle, Switzerland


Died in 1835, Thomas HITCHEN, Private, 53rd Regiment. On 19th December 1834, he had married Margaret Tooksey, of Tipperary


Died 25th December 1871, Henry Ewan HOLLAND, aged 11 years. Born 14th October 1860, the son of Edward Holland of Dumbleton Hall, Gloucestershire, the Member of Parliament for Evesham, Worcestershire. He was a widower when he married Frances (Fanny) Maria Hunter, the widow of Robert Arboin Hunter, and the third daughter of Samuel Christian, on 21st January 1857. Edward was born in Trieste on 12th February 1806, the son Swinton Colthurst Holland and his wife Anne Willets Holland


Died 26th July 1845, Mary HOLLAND. Same grave as Henry Ewan Holland


Died in 1856, Richard HOLLAND, Paymaster 68th Regiment


Died Thursday 11th July 1844, Susan (Susanna) HOLLAND, aged 25 years, at the residence of her father, Samuel Christian.  Born in Amsterdam, she was his eldest daughter and was married on 14th September 1842, to Lieutenant Frederick Holland, Royal Navy, the second son of the late Swinton Colthurst Holland, of Roehampton, Surrey


Died 30th October 1855, James William HOLMES, aged 8 years 11 months, the eldest son of J. Holmes, Purveyor to the Forces


Died 3rd November 1853, Charlotte HOPE, aged 24 years, the only daughter of John Hope, and grand-daughter of Charles Hope, Lord Chief Justice of Scotland


Died June 1833, Jane HOPKIRK, aged 81 years


Died suddenly at about 11 o’clock on Friday night the 19th April 1833, Vice Admiral the Hon. Sir Henry HOTHAM, Knight Commander of the Bath, Knight Grand Cross of St.Michael and St.George, and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Naval Forces in the Mediterranean, aged 56 years. The immediate cause of death was the rupture of a small blood vessel in his head. He was the youngest son of Beaumont Hotham, the second Baron Hotham, and was born on 19th February 1777. After attending the Royal Naval Academy at Portsmouth, he joined HMS Princess Royal in 1790. Further changes of ship included HMS Lizard in the Channel, then the HMS Lapwing, HMS Victory, HMS Aigle, and HMS Britannia in the Mediterranean. In 1794 he was promoted to Lieutenant and commanded the sloop La Fleche, which had been taken at Bastia, Corsica. Then in 1795 he was briefly on HMS Mignonne, before joining HMS Egmont in July of that year. By September he was with the 28-gun HMS Dido, and later with HMS Blanche, before returning to England  in 1798.

1799 to 1801 saw him in command of the frigate HMS Immortalite, in the Bay of Biscay and off the coast of France, moving to HMS Imperieuse, after the war with France was renewed in 1803. In March the following year he was on board HMS Revolutionnaire, on the North American station. Returning in 1805 to England, he was employed in the Channel, as well as off the French and Spanish coasts for the next four years. On 24th February1809, in HMS Defiance, he assisted in the destruction of three French frigates in Les Sable d'Olonne area, and continued on HMS Defiance until August 1810 when he moved to HMS Northumberland.  His many years experience along the French and Spanish coasts proved valuable in May 1812 when HMS Northumberland, drove on shore and destroyed, near the entrance of Lorient, two French 44 gun frigates Arienne and Andromaque, and the Mamelouck an 18 gun brig. The following year he joined the North American station as Captain of the Fleet to Admiral Sir John B. Warren, and was on HMS Superb. He was a Lord of the Admiralty from 1818 to 1822 and again from 1828 to 1830. Promotion to Vice Admiral came in May 1825 followed in January 1831 by the appointment of Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean. His grand and impressive funeral took place on Wednesday 24th April 1833. He was awarded the KCB in 1815. Sir Henry married in 1816 the Lady Frances Anne Juliana Rous, the eldest daughter of the 1st Earl of Stradbroke, by whom he had three children. His bust and memorial are in Upper Barracca Gardens, Valletta


Died Tuesday 5th December 1848, William Henry HOTHAM, aged 23 years, Lieutenant, 44th Regiment. His Army career: Ensign 25th July 1845: Lieutenant 8th December 1846. Born 15th June 1825, the son of Captain the Hon. G.F. Hotham Royal Navy, and nephew of the late Admiral Hotham. His body was borne to his grave by his comrades, with the bands of 44th and 69th  Regiments in attendance


Died 1846, Thomas Johnson HOUGHTON, the son of an Alderman in Liverpool


Died 24th July 1850, Mary Anne HOWE, aged 39 years, the wife of Thomas Howe, a pastry cook in Valletta. Died from Cholera


Died 19th March 1850, Philip HUDSON, aged 30 years, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, of HMS Harlequin. He died at the Floriana residence of his father-in-law, Colonel Fielding Browne C.B. On 5th June 1849, he had married Frances Browne, eldest daughter of Colonel Fielding Browne, C.B. He was the son of the Reverend Philip Hudson, Rector of Melton, Norfolk


Died 10th February 1845 in London, Robert Arboin HUNTER, aged 30 years. On 20th January 1844 he had married Frances (Fanny) Maria Christian, a minor, third daughter of Samuel Christian. Robert Arboin Hunter was the only son of Jameson Hunter. Also in memory of his father Jameson Hunter, who died in London 18th September 1850, aged 71 years


Died 18th November 1850, Robert Edward HUNTER, aged 6 years, the son of Fanny and the late Robert Arboin Hunter


Died 10th October 1849, Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay HUTTON, aged 62 years, the widow of the late John Hutton of Acomb, Yorkshire. Captain, 88th Regiment


Died 21st August 1838, Sarah Jane HUTTON, aged 26 years, the eldest daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay Hutton and the late John Hutton, Captain, 88th Regt. She died at Floriana of smallpox


Died 28th September 1837, William Henry HUTTON, aged 23 years, the son of Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay Hutton and the late John Hutton, of Acomb, Yorkshire. Captain, 88th Regiment


Died 19th July 1845, George John HYDE, aged 35 years


Died 22nd February 1843, Eliza Maria Boddam IBBOTSON, aged 21 years, the wife of Henry Collingwood Ibbotson, of Bisham Grange, Berkshire


Died 12th October 1830, William Tiffin ILIFF, aged 51 years. Apothecary to HM Forces. In midwifery, as a Hospital Mate, he had the greatest practice and held the confidence of many


Died 30th June 1835, Ann Pottinger IMBERT, aged 54 years, the wife of Joseph Emanuel Imbert. At their marriage on 26th November 1812, he is shown as from France, now resident in Malta, and she from Newbury, Berkshire


Died 9th February 1855, Henry Mortimer INNES, aged 18 years. The second son of Barbara and Henry Innes, of HM Dockyard. Employed with the P.&.O. Company. His death was caused by a ruptured blood vessel in his lung

“The Blood of Christ for thee hath done

Its everlasting work of love

For thee thy dying Lord hath won

A crown of Life, a throne above.

Then fare thee well, we part to meet

On yonder bright celestian shore

Where union will indeed be sweet

For we shall meet to part no more.”


Died 28th February 1848, the Reverend Robert IRVINE, aged 48 years. MA 1842 Magdalen Hall, Oxford University. Late Minister of St.John's Church, Waterloo Road, Lambeth, Surrey


Died in 1830, John IRWIN, Private, 73rd Regiment


Died 13th January 1834, Charles IVEMEY, aged 30 years, Seaman, HM Steam Vessel Meteor


Died 20th August 1853, Mary JACKSON, aged 11 months, the daughter of Mary Emily and Henry Lord Jackson


Died 6th February 1855, Richard Lendon JACKSON, aged 19 years, the eldest son of the Reverend Robert Jackson, MA, Rector of Wonastow, Monmouth. Died of consumption


Died 6th June 1846, Frederick Annesley JAMES, aged 20 years, the second and youngest son of Bishop James of Calcutta


Died 16th May 1831, Thomas JAMES, aged 37 years, Private, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade. Captain C.L. Boileau’s Company


Died 7th April 1857, Charles Edward JEFFCOCK, Lieutenant, 31st Regiment. Whilst encamped at St. George's Bay, he was found in a pool of blood with a revolver by his side. He became a Lieutenant on 14th May 1853


Died 6th December 1836, Henry JELLICOE, aged 48 years. Commander of HMS Canopus, which was previously the French ship Franklin captured at the battle of the Nile. He served in the Mediterranean 1803 to 1809 and again 1835 to 1836.


Died 22nd September 1853, Miss. Mary JENKINS, aged 20 years. Living with the family of Captain Lindquist, Superintendent of the P.&.O. Line. Found drowned in her bath


Died 5th January 1834, William JOHNSON, Private, 73rd Regiment, the son of John Johnson. Born in Sunderland


Died 25th May 1863, Charles JOHNSTON, aged 83 years. From Aberdeen. Merchant, active since 1813. He was a widower when he married Jane Wilson, a 21 year old spinster, of Fort George, Scotland, on 6th February 1821. She was resident on Malta as a servant with the family of George Ward, Deputy Paymaster General to the Forces. Interred in the family vault


Died 10th March 1863, Jane JOHNSTON, aged 63 years, the wife of Charles Johnston. Buried in family vault


Died 18th June 1832, Mary JOHNSTON, aged 30 years, the wife of William Johnston, 42nd Regiment


Died Friday 29th April 1831, George Mathew JONES, aged 46 years, Captain, Royal Navy. He died at the residence of his brother, Captain Harry David Jones of the Royal Engineers, in Valletta. They were sons of Mary and John Jones, General Superintendent of Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, and Cranmer Hall, Fakenham, Norfolk


Died May 1853, John Richard JONES, aged 21 years


Died 28th February 1857, Richard JONES, Engineer


Died 15th November 1833, Walter Graham JONES, aged 9 months, the youngest son of Captain Harry David Jones, Royal Engineers. Nephew of George Mathew Jones, see above


Died 23rd May 1837, John JUSTICE, Private, 59th Regiment


Died 4th August 1847, Mrs. Anna KILBURN, aged 79 years. Resident in Malta for 44 years, she died at San Giuseppe, leaving two daughters and several grandchildren. On the same gravestone as Walter Frank Gingell


Died 23rd February 1855, Francis Henry KILVINGTON, aged 37 years. Captain, 62nd Regiment. The only son of the Hon. Margaret and the late Reverend Orfeur William Kilvington, Vicar of Brignal, Yorkshire. Died on board the Steamer Melita,  shortly after it entered the harbour. Army career: Ensign 20th July 1838 : Lieutenant 8th January 1841 : Captain 12th March 1848


Died………….., Margaret KILVINGTON


Died 4th January 1852, Anthony Charles KING, aged 66 years


Died 3rd April 1841, Charles Cotton KING, aged 17 years, a Midshipman on HMS Princess Charlotte. The son of Vice Admiral Sir Richard King


Died 28th March 1857, Henry KING, aged 23 years, Captain, 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers. The son of the Venerable Walker King, Archdeacon of Rochester. Found drowned off Fort Ricasoli. During the Crimean war he was at the Siege of Sebastopol, Alma, Balaklava and seriously wounded at the battle of Inkerman


Died 28th December ****, James KIRBY, the infant son of Thomas John and Rosina Kirby. Born 27th July 1853 (?)


Died 29th April 1851, Thomas KNOX, aged 48 years. Captain. Royal Navy, of HM Steam Frigate Firebrand


Died 3rd July 1840, Elizabeth LAMB, aged 29 years, the wife of Thomas Lamb


Died 3rd October 1841, Melita LAMB, aged 16 months, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Lamb


Died 20th July 1835, Francis LANE, aged 33 years, Sergeant-Major, 53rd Regiment. He was born in Staplegrove, Taunton, Somerset, the son of Sarah Lane


Died 8th March 1841, after a short illness, Richard Titus LANKESHEER, aged 38 years. He held the post of Superintendent of Public Works, and there were rumours that he committed suicide after his plans for the building of Queen Adelaide’s church (St.Paul’s Anglican Cathedral), proved to be unsafe. A new architect William Scamp was called in to take over the project


Died 19th April 1878, Arthur Vernon LAWSON, aged 38 years, at Fort St.Angelo


Died 9th May 1839, Martha LE MESURIER, aged 52 years, the wife of the Reverend John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier, who was Chaplain to the Forces from 1812 to 1846. He died 29th September 1864 on the Isle of Wight and is remembered on his wife’s gravestone


Died……………., William LEAVIS, aged 36 years


Died 4th December 1856, Maclean LEE, of Bombay


Died 29th September 1836, Thomas LEE, Captain HMS Vernon


Died 5th July 1837, William LEE, aged 2 years 11 months, the son of Catherine and Richard Lee, Bombardier, Royal Artillery


“Why do we mourn our departed child or shake at death's alarms;

Tis but the voice that Jesus sends to call him to his arms.”



Died 8th December 1847, Emily LEEVIS, aged 21 years, the daughter of the late Reverend H.G. Leevis


Died 13th October 1855, Edith Cornwall LEGH, aged 21 months. Born 26th January 1854, the daughter of Richard Cornwall Legh, Under Secretary to the Governor, and his wife Tomasina Antonia. Richard and Tomasina were married on 28th June 1852 at the British Embassy in Paris, and afterwards at the Church de la Madeleine. Her father was Frederick Sedley, the Superintendent of Police in Malta


Died 27th December 1853, the Reverend George LEVY, aged 40 years. The second son of Abraham Levy, of Sowerby, Westmoreland. MA 1847. Perpetual Curate of Emanuel Church, Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire


Died 17th August 1837, Georgina LEWIS, aged 1 year 4 months, the daughter of Susan and William Lewis. Born 6th April 1836


Died 7th February 1856, John LINDSAY, aged 75 years. Died at Fort St.Angelo, formerley of the Ordnance Department. His only daughter Mary Lindsay was married on 17th June 1845, to William Money, Bugle Major, Rifle Brigade


Died 8th November 1831, Robert LINFORD, Private, 7th Royal Fusiliers. Born St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. His niece was M.Bailey, of Amsbrough, Huntingdonshire


Died Thursday 11th December 1834, at his house in Valletta, John LOCKER, aged 61 years. First Magistrate of Judicial Police in Valletta, Coroner and Registrar of the Vice-Admiralty Court of Malta. He was the son of Captain William Locker R.N., the ‘sea daddy’ and later close friend of Admiral Horatio Nelson. His eldest daughter Jane Lucy Locker, was married 2nd November 1833, to George Cranley Bowles, of Richmond, Captain, 7th Regiment

Inscription on the reverse of tomb:

“Adieu dear Husband alas Adieu

To this loved and sacred spot

Unutterable feelings fill my heart

Yet tis not rebellious grief

My thoughts are solemn but not sad

For soon we shall meet again

Being together forever

The praises of our Blessed Redeemer.

Died 30th January 1859, Ellice Anne Sophia LOCKYER, aged 38 years, the only daughter of Major General H.F. Lockyer, Commanding the Forces at Ceylon


Died 2nd February 1857, John Andrew LOGAN, aged 11 months, the youngest son of Major Logan, 57th Regiment


Died 21st January 1818, Stephen LOOKER, HMS Vernon


Died 19th December 1836, George LOTT, aged 35 years. From the parish of St.Margaret, Rochester, Kent. On 7th November 1831 he married Ann McGuiggan, a minor with the consent of her guardian, the daughter of Ann Bentley, of Clandermount, Londonderry, Ireland


Died 12th May 1843, Thomas LOUGHEAD, Private, 88th Regiment


Died 6th August 1829, William LOVESAY, aged 26 years. Sergeant-Major, 7th Regiment


Died 14th November 1850, Edward Charles LOWELL, aged 2 years 6 months. Born at Gibraltar 28th April 1848, the youngest son of Samuel and Elizabeth Hughes Lowell. Died of croup at Valletta after four days illness


Died 19th October 1853, Louisa LUARD, aged 34 years, the wife of Colonel Luard of the Madras Army. Died from consumption


Died 16th December 1843, James McBRIDE McBride, Gunner, 4th Battery, Royal Artillery


Died 9th October 1843, James McCALLUM, aged 40 years, Drummer, 42nd Regiment. He was engaged in the punishment of George Green of 42nd regiment who had been sentenced to 150 lashes. McCullum had just inflicted the 18th lash and was about to strike the 19th when he fell down dead having ruptured a blood vessel in his heart. He was born in the regiment, and served in it for about 25 years. Both his parents were at the battle of Corunna, his father had been an NCO in the 42nd regiment, and was killed. An aide de camp of Sir John Moore found the child alive but holding onto his mother’s corpse, she had been shot. He was placed in the Duke of York’s institution for orphan children of soldiers, and later joined the regiment


Died 7th December 1856, John Nixon Gooch MACARTNEY, aged 20 years, Lieutenant, 57th Regiment. Born 9th May 1836, in Edinburgh. Army career: Enlisted at 18 years 3 months : Ensign 11th August 1854 : Lieutenant 13th November 1854. Present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and the bombardment and capture of Kinburn. In Malta 27th February 1855 to 9th June 1955, Crimea 10th June 1855 to 1st June 1856, in Malta 2nd June 1856 till his death. Died of bronchitis. Unmarried, next of kin his father Major J.N. Macartney, Great Torrington, North Devon


Died in 1854, Jassey McCAUL


Died 19th November 1848, Margaret McCLELLAND. Born 5th May 1810


Died 24th October 1836, James McCOMB, Corporal, 5th Regiment. His mother was Helen McComb, of Ballyroony, Co.Down, Northern Ireland


Died ....…..,McDILLAND


Died 28th February 1845, Atholl Whitworth MacDONALD, aged 30 years. Captain, 42nd Regiment. The son of the Hon. Archibald MacDonald. His death was due to consumption. Army career: Ensign 9th August 1833 : Lieutenant 24th April 1838


Died in 1836, Catherine McDOUGALE


Died 7th January 1835, Barbara McDOWALL, aged 45 years, the wife of David Keay McDowall, a merchant


Died on Friday 26th May 1843, David Keay McDOWALL, aged 65 years, at his residence in Strada St.Ursula, after living in Malta for 40 years. He was a merchant and left three sons


Died 21st March 1855, George Vernon MacDOWALL, aged 34 years. Born 14th January 1821, the son of Barbara and David McDowall. He worked in the family business of MacDowall & Sons, Ship Chandlers


Died 25th December 1843, John Joseph McDOWALL, aged 29 years


Died 3rd December 1836, James McFARLANE, Private, 70th Regiment. Born at Eastwood, the son of James McFarlane of Glasgow


Died 3rd March 1836, Miss. Margaret Wilhelmina MacGILL, aged 23 years, the  daughter of Thomas and Margaret MacGill, at the Greek Consulate, Malta


Died 15th December 1844, Margaret Dempster MacGILL, aged 69 years. The widow of the late Thomas MacGill, Greek Consul in Malta


Died on Tuesday 8th October 1844, Thomas MacGILL, aged 68 years, at his residence in Valletta. The Greek Consul in Malta, were he had lived for 38 years. Together with Henry Cowper, Joseph Morris and John Watson, they ran the Malta Tanning Company, in the 1820’s


Died 3rd August 1833, Charles Wheatley McHARDY, aged 10 months, the son of QuarterMaster-Sergeant Charles McHardy, 42nd Regiment

“Weep not for me my parents dear,

I am not dead but sleeping here,

as I am now so must you be

prepare for death and follow me.”


Died 30th January 1844, Peter McINTYRE, aged 26 years. Private, 1st Battalion, 42nd Regiment. Accidentally killed whilst exercising a horse


Died December 1854, James MacIVER, the infant son of Charles MacIver of Liverpool


Died 31st October 1832, Alexander McKAY, aged 25 years, Private, 42nd Regiment. Born in Barney, Lanarkshire, Scotland


Died 18th August 1849, George Hugh MACKAY, aged 26 years. MD, Surgeon, Naval Instructor HMS Odin. Died of heart failure and apoplexy


Died 17th April 1809, Catherine MACKERELL, the daughter of Lieutenant Mackerell, 44th Regiment


Died 3rd March 1840, Mary McLELLAND, aged 69 years, the widow of the late Commander McLelland, Royal Navy


Died 20th July 1854, Florence Susan MacMAHON, aged 11 months. Born 20th August 1853, the daughter of Ellen and Patrick William MacMahon, Major, 44th Regiment


Died 19th September 1849, William Hutton MacMICHAEL, aged 32 years


Died 9th August 1850, Thomas Richard McQUEEN, aged 27 years. Captain, Royal Artillery. Died at St.Elmo from cholera


Died 21st August 1853, Elizabeth Ann MANFORD, aged 9months 2 weeks, the only daughter of Mr. Manford, Ordnance Department


Died 28th October 1830, John MARKLAND, Private, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade


Died 16th October 1842, Mary MARSHALL, aged 20 years


Died 14th July 1829, Thomas MARSHALL, Private, 7th Regiment


Died 12th January 1853, George MARTIN, aged 2 years, the son of Carmela and William Martin. Born 12th November 1850


Died 13th November 1850, Mary MARTIN, aged 7 years 5 months. Same grave as George Martin.


Died……………., Ursula Mary MARTIN, the wife of William Martin


Died 18th July 1838, William MARTIN, aged 18 years, the son of Ursula Mary and William Martin, Commander, Royal Navy


Died 3rd January 1877, William MARTIN, aged 66 years. Clerk to St.Paul’s Anglican Cathedral


Died 5th November 1841, John Alexander MEIN, Colonel, 74th Regiment. His Army career: Ensign 14th November 1799 : Lieutenant 5th April 1801 : Captain 29th February 1804 : Major 11th November 1813 : Lieutenant-Colonel 20th March 1823 : Colonel 28th June 1838. Served in the East Indies November 1799 to February 1806, engaged at Amiednaghur, Assaye, Argaum, Gawelghur, Shandore and Gulnah. Also in Spain for various periods January 1810 to October 1812, including the battle of Busaco and the siege of Badajoz in March 1812


Died 13th July 1831, Thomas Edward MELL, aged 54 years


Died 19th November 1841, Archibald Robert MILLER, aged 23 years, Lieutenant, 14th Regiment Light Dragoons, en route from England to Bombay


Died 3rd January 1844, Thomas MILLS, Quartermaster, 88th Regiment. Appointed 19th April 1831


Died 20th February 1840, Anthony William MILWARD, Commander HMS Hydra


Died 27th October 1848, Abraham George MITCHELL, aged 56 years. Died of apoplexy. He left a widow


Died 5th October 1854, James MOLESWORTH, Lieutenant, 7th Regiment, of an

illness, contracted at Varna


Died in 1831, Calum MONROE, the child of….......


Died 20th October 1841, the Reverend Vere MONROE, aged 39 years. The second son of Thomas Monroe of Thaxted, Essex. University College Matric 1819, BA 1823


Died 27th October 1840, John MORGAN, aged 56 years, 28th Regiment


Died 14th May 1850, George MORRELL, aged 26 years


Died on Friday 19th July 1850, George MORRELL, aged 66 years. For many a resident of Valletta, and owned a Hotel in Valletta


Died 19th May 1808 (?), John MORRIS, aged 27 years. Merchant at Messina, Sicily


Died 26th April 1844, David MORRISON, Sergeant, 42nd Regiment. Born Stirling, Scotland, the son of David Morrison


Died 11th January 1836, Jesse MORTON, Private, 7th Regiment. Baptised in Wakefield, Yorkshire, his sister was Mary Morton, of York


Died 30th May 1847, Ellen Selina Georgina MOSTYN, aged 11 months, the daughter of Cecilia and Dr.Henry Thornton Mostyn. Born 28th June 1846


Died 6th March 1843, James MOUNSHER, aged 72 years. Purser HMS Vanguard, died at the mess table of heart disease


Died 20th December 1829, Richard MURRAY, aged 26 years. Captain, 5th Battery, Royal Artillery


Died 2nd January 1839, Thomas NASH, aged 51 years. From Stansted, Essex., but resident in Malta for28 years


Died 7th June 1835, Thomas James NASH, aged 15 months. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Nash. Born 20th February 1834


Died 25th March 1844, Ferdinandina Josephina NAUDI, aged 5 years 4 months, the daughter of Elizabeth Walker Naudi and Dr. Cleardo Naudi. He was a Professor in University of Malta


Died 10th November 1856, John Peter NELLEY, aged 57 years, the son of Colonel Nelley, Bengal Artillery and Charlotte Lindsay, his wife. MA Trinity College Dublin. Major, 77th Regiment. He was a Freemason


Died 28th January 1860, Edward NELSON, aged 63 years. Tailor and Draper


Died 25th August 1843, Valentine NELSON, aged 1 year 11 months, the son of Eliza and Edward Nelson. Born 16th September 1841


Died 9th April 1854, Helen NEWSON, aged 11 months


Died………….., Mrs. NICKER


Died 20th December 1829, Richard Arthur Fortescue NORTHY, aged 19 years, an Ensign,  95th Regiment.

An inscription records the feelings of his parents:

“ This monument was erected by his brother officers as a testimony of esteem”

His parents had the following lines added:- Ingenious, open, free from every guile his generous heart no selfish feeling knew. His mind reflecting in his face, his smile proclaimed him gentle, courteous, candid true. How early loss, how short the warning given, in pride of youth and strength immortal soared. His spotless spirit of his kindred heaven. By none he left excelled, by all deplored.”


Died 21st January 1842, Charlotte Isabella NORTHY, aged 34 years, the wife of Edward Richard Northy of Woodcote House, Epsom, Surrey


Died 20th December 1830, Mrs.Elizabeth NOWELL, aged 32 years


Died 3rd November 1840, John O'BRIEN, Seaman. Killed on board HMS Coaster at the capture of St.Jean D'Acre


Died 29th September 1836, Charles O'NEIL, Captain of the Foretop, HMS Vernon.


Died 1st November 1821, Sir James ORMSBY, aged 25 years. From Dublin


Died 9th August 1854, Thomas Charles ORMSBY, Captain, 71st Highland Light Infantry. Served with the 98th regiment in expedition to North of China 1842 (medal). Present at the attack and capture of Chin Kiang Foo and at the landing before Nanking


Died 5th November 1831, George ORTON, aged 35 years, Colour-Sergeant, 7th Regiment. Baptised All Saints, Leicestershire. Murdered by Private Thomas Howarth, also 7th Regiment, who was tried and found Guilty, and hung 19th November 1831. Left a widow and four children


Died in 1828, Henry Horatius PAGET, the son of Elizabeth Araminta and Admiral Sir Charles Paget. She was the daughter of Henry Monck, of Foure, Co.Westmeath, Ireland


Died 3rd March 1840, Ellen PAINTOR, aged 39 years, the wife of Commander Paintor


Died 24th April 1846, James PALMER, aged 21 years. Of the brig Rugby of Hull


Died 3rd March 1849, Ellen PARDOE, aged 69 years, the widow of Captain Pardoe, Royal Navy


Died 20th October 1850, D. PARKINSON, aged 75 years


Died October 1843, Elizabeth PATE, aged 4 months 5 days, the daughter of James and Margaret Pate. Born in Aberdeen, 27th April 1839


Died 29th August 1843, William PATTERSON, Private, 42nd Regiment. Baptised St.Cuthberts, Edinburgh. His brother was James Patterson


Died 24th December 1832, John PEARCE, Private, Royal Fusiliers, aged 44 years


Died 20th August 1837, Andrew Thomas PENNY, aged 11 months, the son of Major Penny, 42nd Regiment


Died 21st September 1843, Nathaniel PHILLIPS, Private, 42nd Regiment. Baptised St.Quivox, Ayr. His father was William Phillips


Died March 1831, William PHILLIPS, of Captain Boileau's Company, Rifle Brigade


Died 2nd December 1844, George Collins POORE, aged 49 years. From Park Place, Wickham, Hampshire


Died 30th July 1849, ……………… POPE, aged 12 months. The only child of Harriet and James Pope, Ensign and Adjutant, 44th Regiment


Died 15th September 1855, Margaret POTTER, aged 22 years


Died in 1855, Mrs. William POTTER



Died 18th March 1856, the Right Hon. Sir Henry POTTINGER, Lieutenant-General, aged 66 years, after moving to Malta for health reasons. He was the fifth son of Eldred Curwen Pottinger of Mountpottinger, Co.Down, Ireland. Born on 3rd October 1789, his mother was Anne Gordon, the daughter of Robert Gordon of Florida Manor, Co.Down. He left the Belfast Academy at the age of twelve, and went to sea, going on to India where he studied native languages in Bombay. On 18th September 1806, when 17 years old he was made an Ensign in the army of the East India company, and promotion to Lieutenant followed on 16th July 1809.

As a 21 year old he volunteered to explore the territory between India and Persia which at that time was little known and was felt to be in the British interest, and spent a year on this adventure.

His career in India continued, with promotion to Captain being made on 15th October 1821. He served during the Maharatta war and at its close became the Collector of Ahmadnagar. Four years later he was promoted to Major and also made Resident at Cutch. Further advancement of his military career came on the 17th March 1829 when he was made a Lieutenant-Colonel, and brevet Colonel on 23rd January 1834. After another six years service in India ill health forced him to return to England. He was made a baronet on 27th April 1840.

Due to his experience as an administrator and political agent in India, Lord Palmerston selected him to be the envoy and plenipotentiary to China, at the outbreak of the Opium War in 1840. He reached Macao on 9th August, and together with Sir Hugh Gough and Admiral Sir William Parker decided on a display of force resulting in the capture of Amoy, Chusan, Chintu and Ningpo. Whilst preparing an assault on the city of Nanking in July 1842, they heard that the Chinese were ready for peace talks. Negotiations took place in August 1842. A Naval officer who eye witnessed these events gave the following descriptions:                        

“At the head of the room, in an armchair sat the Plenipo, Sir Henry Pottinger, on his right the General Sir Hugh Gough and on his left Admiral Sir William Parker. On the General’s right sat Eleepoo, the Chief Commissioner, and on the Admirals left Ch’i Kwang, the Emperor’s uncle, and next to him Niew-kien, the Governor of the Province.

Chairs covered with cloth were placed round the room. The floor was covered with red cloth. It formed a glittering scene. Our party shone in scarlet, blue and gold, even eclipsing the mandarins who had on their light summer dresses. A banquet was served in the outer room and the refreshment given to the guard in a separate building, while a couple of sentries guarded their piled arms, which the Tartars eyed curiously. The place was crowded with mandarins of all ranks and buttons, who were very civil. We had four interpreters there, Morrison, Gutzlaff, Thorn and Davis. There was a good deal of chin-chinning and after couple of hours the visit ended. The band struck up ‘the British Grenadiers’ and the guard marched down through a double line of Tartar soldiers and ended with ‘God Save the Queen’. We followed.”

Sir Henry’s approach to negotiations is described in a letter from the Chinese negotiator to the Chinese government, which was intercepted and said  “to all his representations the barbarian Pottinger only knit his brow and said ‘No’.” However, the treaty was signed on Monday 29th August 1842, on board HMS Cornwallis.

In recognition of his efforts Pottinger was made G.C.B. on 2nd December 1842, and on 5th April 1843 was appointed the first British Governor of Hong Kong. Upon his return to England in the spring of 1844 he was feted, presented with the freedom of many cities, the House of Commons voted him £ 1500 per annum for life, and on the 23rd May 1844 he was made a member of the Privy Council. On 28th September 1846 he was sent to Africa as the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, but was only there for a very short time, as he moved to India as Governor of Madras in August 1847. He held that position for seven years before declining health made him return to England. He married Susanna Maria Cooke in 1820, when she was 20 years old, the daughter of Captain Richard Cooke of Westmeath. They had three sons and one daughter, but the eldest son died in infancy. A son Frederick William Pottinger was born Bhooj in 1831, and Harry four years later. Harry became a barrister and succeeded to the title when his brother Frederick died in Australia in April 1865.  Their sister was Henrietta Maria


Died on Tuesday 22nd April 1845 in Valletta, Charlotte Anne POULETT, the fifth daughter of the late Major-General the Hon. Vere Poulett, after a long illness


Died 4th November 1831, Mathew POWELL, Private, 73rd Regiment. His father was H. Powell, of St.Peters, Roscommon, Ireland


Died 3rd December 1831, Frances PRICE, aged 34 years, the wife of John Price


Died 20th January 1857, John Thomas PRICE, aged 18 years, the eldest son of John Price, Chief Warder of Military Prison St.Elmo. Buried with his mother


Died 15th September 1841, William Henry PRIESTLEY, Assistant Commissary General to the Forces


Died 16th August 1847, John PROCTOR, aged 42 years. From Chorlton, near Nantwich, Cheshire


Died 11th February 1839, Elizabeth PROUDLOVE


Died 26th December 1852, John PROUT, Master of the brig Sisters, of London, aged 34 years. This piece of round column from his grave was found near the cemetery during building work and is thought to have been originally in the Quarantine Bastion cemetery. It has been placed here to be preserved


Died 17th April 1839, John Apsley PULTENEY, aged 33 years, the son of John and Elizabeth Pulteney


Died Saturday, 26th January 1844, Robert PYMAN, aged 45 years. Captain of brig John Burrell, of Stockton. In an accident he broke both legs, was taken to the Civil hospital, but he would not submit to having his legs amputated, which may have saved his life. He left a widow, Ann Pyman and family living in England


HMS QUEEN Died 31st March 1851, Edward Hammond, aged 44 years, a gunner on HMS Queen.  When employed in main top to shackle the main top sail sheet he fell to the deck below, and was killed instantly. Accompanied to his grave, by Captain Wise and 100 comrades, preceeded by the band. Each mess had subscribed 10 shillings to erect a monument to his memory and also to record the fate of those who died the previous year of Cholera.

Though there is no confirmation that Hammond was buried in this cemetery, the memorial to the 1849/1850 members of HMS Queen was here.The monument was surmounted by Britannia with a trident, and recorded the names of fifty seamen of HMS Queen, who died of Cholera, the majority within three days of each other


Died 23rd February 1829, George RAILEY, Private, 5th Regiment


Died 24th August 1853, Isabella Anderson RAINES, the wife of George Alexander Raines of Valletta, leaving a husband and five children. He re-married on 14th June 1855, Harriet Elizabeth Carey, 21+, from Chelsea, London, daughter of John and Elizabeth Carey. He was from Lintrathen, Forfar, the son of Margaret and Alexander Raines


Died 1st November 1850, Frederick Richard RAISS, aged six weeks, the son of Wenceslas and Jane Raiss


Died in 1855, Philip RAITHMAN


Died 28th April 1855, Charles Henry Sidney RAITT, Lieutenant, 90th Light Infantry. Landed in Malta from HMS Gibraltar 12th March 1855


Died 4th April 1848, Lucy RATHBONE, aged 42 years, the wife of Theodore Rathbone


Died 5th April 1835, Sarah REDGATE, aged 5 years 8 months, the daughter of Bridget and James Redgate, 53rd Regiment


Died 24th October 1854, Julia Larkins REYNOLDS, aged 54 years, the wife of William Larkins Reynolds, late Collector of Public Revenues, on the island of Zante


Died 14th January 1852, Richard RICHARDS, aged 15 years


Died on Wednesday, 20th March 1850, Mrs. Sarah RICHARDSON, aged 47 years, at Ta Samra. Owner of the Malta Dairy


Died in 1836, Thomas RICHARDSON, aged 22 years, Private, 70th Regiment


Died………….., William RIDDLE


Died 29th December 1843, Thomas ROBB, 42nd Regiment. His father was Thomas Robb, of Glenisla, Forfar, Scotland


Died on 6th March 1843, M.W. ROBERTSON, aged 66 years, at his residence Sa Maison, formerly a merchant in Valletta, and magistrate. On 18th September 1807 married Sarah Pemberton


Died on Monday 1st June 1835, William ROBERTSON, aged 55 years. Assistant Commissary General. He left a widow, and large family


Died 15th September 1841, Fanny RODGERS, aged 33 years, at St.Elmo, the wife of Thomas Rodgers, Prison QMS


Died 27th December 1854, James ROGERS, aged 67 years


Died 13th August 1857, Mrs. Jane (Giovanna) ROSE, aged 42 years, the wife of Simon Rose. They married on 10th October 1842, he was 21+, from Inverness, and she was Giovanna (Jane) Zimelli, 21+, the youngest daughter of the late Hector Zimelli. Simon Rose was appointed Deacon of the Scots Church, Malta on 22nd February 1855. The Memorial erected at her death records others from 1819 to 1857, Kerry, Thomas Joseph, Henry, James, Isaac, James, Thomas. Not all those named may be buried here


Died 9th July 1833, John ROSE, Schoolmaster Sergeant, 94th Regiment. Baptised Perth. His mother was Mary Rose, High Church, Duke Street, Glasgow, Scotland


Died 22nd August 1857,…………….. ROSE, the infant daughter of Simon Rose


Died 20th March 1854, Alexander ROSS, aged 31 years. Consul of the Netherlands. The youngest son of Chev. John Clunes Ross


Died 7th November 1855, John ROTTON, Captain, 36th Regiment


Died 2nd April 1833, Thomas ROWLANDS, aged 27 years, Private, Royal      



Died 13th June 1843, Archibald RUSSELL, 42nd Regiment, the son of John Russell, of Edinburgh


Died 21st January 1842, Ch. Bowham Newham RUSSELL


Died 29th January 1843, John RUSSELL, aged 32 years. HMS steam frigate Geyser


Died 14th December 1806, Richard Rawlings RUSSELL, aged 25 years, Lieutenant, 39th Regiment


Died 2nd August 1829, William RUTLEDGE, Private, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade


Died 10th October 1855, Louisa RYDER, aged 22 years, the wife of Captain Alfred Phillips Ryder, HMS Dauntless


Died 18th December 1854, Alice Harriet Antonina SAMMUT, aged 2 months, the daughter of Janette and Dr. Giuseppe Baldasarre Sammut. Born 15th October 1854

“Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade,

Death came with friendly care

the opening buds to heaven conveyed

and bade them blossom there.”


Died 7th July 1854, Thomas Arthur Pilkington SAMMUT, aged 10 months, the son of Janette and Dr. Giuseppe Baldassare Sammut. Born 12th August 1853


Died 5th January 1853, Daniel Sidney SANDFORD, aged 21 years, 2nd Lieutenant,  Rifle Brigade. Born 2nd August 1831. Married Elizabeth ……………… on 25th May 1852. The eldest son of Erskine Douglas Sandford, Sheriff of Galloway, Advocate


Died 21st August 1829, Richard SANDFORD, aged 24 years, Private, 7th Royal Fusiliers


Baron George (Egor) SCHLIPPENBACH, died on Saturday 20th March 1830, on board His Imperial Majesty’s frigate Alexandra, which was under his command. He was born in Livonia, which nowadays comprises of the countries of Estonia and Latvia. He was aged 47 years at his death. A Knight of St.George, and Captain of the First Class in the Russian Navy.

He married Countess Marie Heiden, the daughter of Vice Admiral Count Heiden, and they had three children, Anna Marie born 1822, Charlotta Alexandra born 1824 and Alexander Ludwig born 1828.

His funeral took place on Monday, 22nd March, with full military honours. The funeral party was provided by the 85th Light Infantry Regiment, under the command of Colonel Warburton.

The coffin was followed by a large number of Officers from the Russian and British Squadrons, amongst whom was Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm.

During the imposing ceremony the British, Dutch, and Russian men-of-war in the harbour lowered their ensigns to half mast, and his ship the frigate Alexandra fired minute guns.

The Russian squadron arrived in Grand Harbour on 11th February 1830, consisting of the  Azoff, Captain Chrowchoff  (bearing the flag of Rear Admiral Lazareff), the Ezekal, Captain Svinkin, and the frigate Alexandra, Captain Baron Schlipenbach. Though they had sailed out of Grand Harbour on 10th March, they returned the following day. The Russian squadron was welcome and well know in Malta. In 1827 at the Battle of Navarino, the British led by Admiral Codrington and the Russians by Count Heiden were victorious allies. The damaged ships of both nations came to Malta for repairs whilst the officers were feted onshore


Died 20th January 1845, Friedrich August SCHUETTENHEIM, aged 31 years. Born at Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on 16th August 1813. ‘frohes wiedersehen horrt aller die sich hienieder liebten’.


Died 27th May 1834, Anne Maria SCOTT, aged 23 days, the daughter of Catherine and William Scott, Schoolmaster, 94th Regiment

“My pretty child I weep and leave thee here

But heaven is just and perhaps thou wert too dear”


Died 2nd August 1856, Thomas SEDDALL, aged 55 years. Wine Merchant. He was born in Chester. Freemason. On 15th January 1828 when he was 21+, he married Charlotte Letitia Connor, 18+, the daughter of the late Michael and Sarah Connor, of Cheltenham, with the consent of her guardians James Galland and Thomas Seddall


Died 9th October 1856, George SEDGWICK, aged 29 years


Died…………, Margaret SEYMOUR, the daughter of Josiah and Margaret Seymour. Armourer


Died 26th October 1838, Catherine Hay SHARPE, aged 44 years, the wife of Rear Admiral Alexander Renton Sharpe CB, Captain of HMS Minden


Died 4th April 1841, Alexander SHIPPARD, aged 69 years. Rear Admiral. Born on the 3rd March 1771, he was the youngest son of Alexander Shippard, a  Purser in the Royal Navy, and Margaret Walkinshaw Shippard. He entered the Navy in 1786 and his first ship was the Irresistible, followed by service on board the Scipio, Bellerophon and Vengeance, all in the Channel. In 1792 with a move to the Assistance he went out to Newfoundland. Service in the Mediterranean, Channel, West Indies and the North Sea followed until 1813, when he retired from the sea. His career in the Navy was: 23rd October 1793 Lieutenant : 3rd March 1805 Commander : Rear Admiral 28th June 1838. He received a pension for Meritorious Service. His wife Jane survived him, as did several children


Died 10th November 1841, Jane SHIPPARD, aged 71 years, the widow of Rear Admiral Alexander Shippard. She was the daughter of Admiral Sir John Wright


Died 29th October 1834, John SHOWER, Apothecary to the Forces. He left a widow and one child. Formerly Colonial Surgeon in Sierra Leone


Died 9th May 1836, William SIBBLE, Quartermaster, HMS Vernon                


Died 28th November 1844, Thomas SIBSON, aged 27 years. He was born in Cross Canonby, Cumberland, in March 1817, the son of Francis and Jane Sibson, he grew up in the counting house of his uncle in Manchester, but decided on a career in art and went to London in 1838. He produced etchings and a series of scenes in Charles Dickens works. He subsequently designed the illustrations for the Abbotsford edition of Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley novels and other publications. In September1842 he went to Munich to improve his technique of historical painting, and studied with Kaulbach, but he suffered from consumption. He returned to England in 1844, and in the autumn of that year sailed for Malta to benefit from the warmer climate, but died there. An album of his work was presented to the British Museum


Died 3rd November 1840, Thomas SILNECK, Seaman who was killed on board HMS Coaster at the capture of St.Jean D'Acre by the allies. (See also O'Brien and Smith) 


Died 3rd March 1831, Robert SIMPKIN, aged 26 years. Private, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade, Captain C.L. Boileau's Company


Died 23rd March 1834, Lambert James SINGER, aged 11 months, the son of Margaret and Lambert Singer, Gunner, Royal Artillery


Died 17th August 1839, John St.Elmo SINNOTT, aged 1 month. Born 12th July 1839


Died 9th October 1839, Margaret SMEDLEY, aged 33 years, the wife of Thomas Smedley, Quartermaster, 77th Regiment


Died on 19th June 1828, Frederick Cullen SMITH, Major, 80th Regiment


Died 1st December 1850, Martha SMITH, aged 31 years, after a long illness. The wife of W. James Smith Jnr


Died 4th November 1880, Sarah SMITH, a widow. Interred in a vault belonging to her late husband's family


Died 11th July 1831, Thomas SMITH, aged 24 years. Royal Fusiliers


Died 19th April 1838, Thomas SMITH, aged 50 years


Died 3rd November 1840, William SMITH, Seaman who was killed on board HMS Coaster, at the capture of St.Jean D'Acre by the allies. (See O'Brien and Silneck)


Died 17th March 1853, William James SMITH, aged 35 years. Merchant in Malta, he left an orphan son


Died 20th September 1846, Thomas SOUTHWOOD, aged 60 years. Merchant. Resident in Malta for 36 years. He married on 4th June 1816, Eliza Douglas. Freemason, a member of St.John & St.Paul lodge, 1815


Died Monday, 29th May 1848, James Benjamin SPARKS, aged 44 years. Proprietor of the Royal Clarendon Hotel, Strada Paola, Valletta. Died at the house of Mr. G. Gauntlet, Isola Marina. He left a widow Augusta Mary and a step-daughter. His widow re-married 12th May 1849 to John McCartney, of Ayr, Scotland. Her maiden name was Bennett, daughter of Mr.Bennett of Norington Farm, Wiltshire.


Died 27th March 1832, William SPARKS, aged 23 years. He fell from the top mast rigging at the time top gallant yards were send down at Sunset. His tomb was erected by his messmates and shipmates


Died 12th November 1852, Sidney Drake SPRATT, aged 1 year 9 months, the son of Commander James Spratt, Royal Navy


Died 13th December 1852, William Devereux SPRATT, aged 3 years 4 months, the son of Commander James Spratt, Royal Navy, of HM survey vessel Spitfire. Both sons died of croup after a brief illness


Died 5th October 1836, Thomas STEER, aged 24 years, Private, Light Infantry


Died 30th August 1854, William John STEVENS, aged 75 years. Solicitor of Valletta. Lived in Malta since 1803. Left six sons and seven daughters


Died 4th March 1836, Andrew STEWART, aged 50 years. Late Barrack Sergeant, he left a widow and three children


Died 4th November 1843, James STEWART, aged 37 years, Private, 42nd Regiment


Died 10th June 1836, Harriet STILON, the wife of Joseph Stilon. She was a widow, Mrs.Bradford, with three daughters when she married Dr. Stilon


Died Monday 3rd April 1848, Dr. Joseph Maria STILON, aged 64 years. Born in Sicily, Dr. Giuseppe Stilon, a former Italian prisoner of war qualified as a Naval surgeon in England, and served in the Royal Navy till 1845. He lived in Strada San Giovanni, Valletta, He practiced as a physician in Malta for 28 years


Died 11th October 1831, Thomas STOCK, aged 32 years, Corporal, 73rd Regiment


Died 18th February 1861, George James STOCKER, aged 43 years, the brother of John Boone Stocker, and interred in his grave


Died 16th June 1852, John Boone STOCKER, aged 36 years


Died 17th June 1829, Richard Sydenham STOCKER, aged 16 years, the son of Richard and Eleanor Stocker


Died 22nd August 1856, Frances Maria Ademina STREET, aged 61 years, the wife of George Street, of Frederickton, New Brunswick. She died at sea between the islands of Zante and Malta


Died in 1858, J.W. STRUGNELL, Royal Artillery


Died 3rd October 1836, John STURGEON, Private, 70th Regiment. Baptised on the Isle of Wight. His mother lived at  14 Finsbury Square, Middlesex


Died…………., Thomas SUFFIELD, aged 8 months


Died 13th July 1855, Sarah SWEETMAN, aged 73 years


Died 21st June 1847, Anna Maria SYMONDS, aged 30 years, the wife of Captain Thomas Symonds, Royal Navy, of HMS Spartan. The daughter of the late Captain Heywood CB


Died in 1831, Francis TALL


Died in 1831, George TAYLOR, Private, Royal Artillery


Died 15th July 1837, Catherine Anna TAYLOR, aged 32 years, the wife of Captain William Taylor, 70th Regiment


Died 2nd August 1837, Gertrude Frances TAYLOR, aged 9 months, the daughter of Captain William Taylor, 70th Regiment


Died 14th March 1835, John TAYLOR, aged 30 years, Private, 53rd Regiment


Died 23rd August 1831, Cecilia TELFER, aged 3 years


Died 3rd August 1846, John Robert Thomas TELFER, aged 11 months, the son of Elizabeth and James Telfer, Royal Artillery


Died 23rd August 1841, Ellen TERRIE, aged 33 years, the wife of Robert Terrie, Colour-Sergeant, 77th Regiment


Died 19th May 1845, Mrs. TERRY, aged 82 years, the mother of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Terry


Died March 1837, George THACKER, Private, Royal Artillery


Died in 1857, John THOMAS


Died 18th September 1850, John Bathurst THOMSON, aged 36 years, of cholera in the Military Hospital. Born 22nd September 1813. M.D.Surgeon, 69th Regiment. He entered the service on 11th January 1839 as an Assistant Surgeon and was promoted to the rank of Surgeon on the 3rd September 1846. Within the 69th Regiment he was well respected both by his brother officers and the rank and file. They appreciated his medical skills and personal attention. During the period when the Cholera epidemic was at its height, his zeal and continuous attention to his patients, was remarked upon by all. His care often led to him working almost continuously without sleep. When he first showed signs of of cholera, he could not be persuaded to give up his duties. It was felt necesary for him to be removed some distance from the hospital, and Colonel Paxton, who was in command of the regiment, arranged for Dr.Thomson to be taken to his own comfortable quarters. For his funeral Dr.Thomson’s body was placed on a gun carriage, and preceeded by the firing party and the bands of the 69th Regiment and Royal Malta Fencibles. It was followed by the Medical staff, officers of his corps, men from the 69th Regiment, some wives and personal friends. When the coffin reached the ditch, between Valletta and Floriana, the men insisted on removing it from the bier, and carried it on their shoulders the rest of the way to Msida Bastion cemetery.

The 69th regiment had left Malta before the monument in Upper Barracca Gardens, Valletta, was erected to his memory. The matter was left in the hands of the Reverend Hare and Mr.Julyan of the Commissariat. The monument was produced by Darmanin & Sons, the well known marble workers, with the inscription by Dr.Pirotti


Died 30th April 1831, George THORN, aged 15 years


Died 7th October 1833, Mary THORN, aged 54 years. She married George Thorn on 10th April 1806, her maiden name was Mary Fraser


Died 14th August 1856, Mary THORNTON, aged 69 years, the sister of the Hon. Sir William Henry Thornton. Born 10th December 1786                       


Died 27th January 1859, Sir William Henry THORNTON, aged 74 years. KCMG 1856. For thirty years a member of the Council of Government. Officer of Arms and Auditor General. Born in Hereford on 10th December 1784


Died 13th December 1846, Richard THURNBURY, aged 25 years


Died 30th October 1848, Major-General John TOMBS, aged 73 years. East India Company's service. He served in India for about 50 years as a Cavalry officer. He was Colonel of the 6th Regiment Bengal Light Cavalry. His son, Sir Henry Tombs was born 10th November 1824, at sea


Died 18th December 1848, Maria TONNA, aged 56 years, the daughter of the late Major Henry Branckly HM Consul General in the Balearic Islands and in Algiers, and widow of Iovis Hippolytis Joseph Tonna, a native of Malta for many years resident in Liverpool


Died 15th May 1833, Robert TORR, aged 25 years, Private, 94th Regiment


Died 13th November 1836, Caroline TOVEY, aged 32 years, the wife of George Tovey, Colonel, 5th Regiment. Died of remittent fever


Died in 1859, Anna Maria TRYTON


Died in 1834, Mrs. Ann TUDDUN


Died 13th June 1856, Mrs. Emma Augusta TURNER, aged 30 years


Died Friday 18th July 1845, Lecilena TYLDEN, aged 51 years, the the wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Tylden, Royal Engineers, and the eldest daughter of William Baldwin


Died 1st July 1852, Dr. Charles UNDERWOOD MD, aged 45 years, at 9 Strada Mercanti, Valletta. From Wye Terrace House, Ross, Herefordshire


Died…………….., Francis VALENTINE


Died 20th July 1834, W. Henry VERNON, Armourer Sergeant, 94th Regiment                  


Died 29th July 1831, Mrs. Ann VICARY, aged 46 years


Died 7th November 1845, John VICKERS, aged 37 years. House Steward at San Antonio Palace


Died 10th February 1857, Reverend George WAGNER, aged 39 years. The eldest son of the Reverend Melchoir Wagner, of St.James', Piccadilly, London. Born 8th January 1818, BA 1842, MA 1845. Ordained 1842, P.C. of St.Stephen's Church, Brighton. George Wagner established a home for girls. On 29th October 1856 he left Marseilles for Malta and settled at Dunsford’s Royal Hotel in Valletta, but by January 1857, his consumption reached an advanced stage.  A memorial was erected by the congregation of his church at St.Stephen's Brighton


Died 7th August 1829, William WAKEFIELD, Private, 7th Regiment


Died…………….. 1829, John WALKER, Private, Royal Artillery


Died 24th May 1833, John Whitmore WALL, the eldest son of John Wall of Quatt, Salop. MA 1831 Fellow of New College Oxford 1821 - 1823


Died 27th November 1835, John WALLIS, Corporal, 5th Regiment


Died 31st May 1865, Elizabeth Georgiana WARD, aged 7 years 10 months


Died 2nd July 1848, John WATSON, merchant, at his residence in St.Venera, aged 73 years, leaving seven sons and a daughter. From Preston, Lancashire, had lived 42 years in Malta. Married to Miss Elizabeth Pilkington of a Lancashire family. Together with Henry Cowper, Thomas MacGill and Joseph Morris, they ran the Malta Tanning Company, in the 1820's


Died Tuesday 3rd January 1843, Margaret WATSON, aged 22 years, the wife of William Watson.  Director of the Malta Infant School. Died of consumption


Died 10th August 1836, Deborah WATT, aged 33 years, the wife of John Watt, Paymaster Sergeant, 5th Regiment


Died 3rd November 1840, Frederick WEAVER. Seaman in HMS Coaster. (See O'Brien and Silneck)


Died 4th July 1856, Mary WEEKS, aged 10 days, the daughter of Edmund and Mary Weeks, of the U.S.A.


Died 9th September 1829, Theophilus WEISS, aged 8 months, the son of Mathew and Margaret Weiss of Basel, Switzerland


Died 17th March 1844, Assistant Surgeon WELD, aged 24 years. Serving on HMS Queen, his knife slipped whilst disecting a corpse and cut his finger, which he ignored. The wound became seriously infected, and he died on Sunday evening at 10 p.m. Had previously been Assistant Surgeon on HMS Formidable in 1842


Died 14th July 1832, Judith WHAITE, aged 24 years, the wife of Colour-Sergeant Thomas Whaite


Died 27th December 1836, William Maurice WHITLEY, aged 26 years. From Liverpool


Died 23rd May ****, Elleso WILES/WILLS/WILLIAM, the wife of Private W.………..., Reserve Battalion, 42nd Regiment, born 15th June 1815. She left two children. Also in memory of her infant daughter Cecilia Stewart who was born on 6th April and died on the 5th May


Died August 1839, Samuel WILKINS, aged 2 months 11 days


Died 2nd September 1854, Ellen Christian WILKINSON, aged 33 years. The sister of Mrs. Rose of Valletta


Died at 4 a.m. on 26th October 1847, George Wickens WILLES, aged 63 years, on board HMS Vanguard, of which he had been Captain for nearly three years. Death was caused by a congestion of the brain. Captain Willes had on two or three occasions been seized with apoplexy from which he miraculously recovered, as he did also from an attack of paralysis. He entered the Royal Navy in the late 1700’s. He was a Lieutenant on HMS Active at the destruction of a Turkish squadron in the Dardanelles in 1807; when serving on HMS Spartan, he performed many gallant exploits in her boats in the Adriatic, and assisted at the reduction of Zante and neighbouring islands. He was promoted after the gallant action with the enemy's squadron in the Bay of Naples, when Captain Brenton reported him "one of the best and most gallant officers he ever met". His body was taken from the ship at 3 o'clock, having been delayed by rain, and was lowered into the Barge of the Vanguard, which was towed by the Pinnance towards the landing place at Pinto’s stores. Once ashore the coffin was received by a guard of Royal Marines, commanded by Major Ashmore, as well as the bands of Her Majesty’s 54th and 97th Regiments. At the same time as his body left the ship, the first of 20 minute guns was fired from HMS Vanguard. The land procession was formed under the direction of Lieutenant Forrest, Royal Marines, and immediately proceeded through the Calcara Gate to the Msida Bastion cemetery in Floriana. The coffin was borne by the crew of the Vanguard ‘s Galley, with the Barge's crew as relief. The officers of both the Royal Navy and the Army were in full uniform wearing crape on the left arm and their sword knots. The procession was almost a mile in length, and it was estimated that around 5,000 people attended. Included in the procession, led by two sailors, was Captain Willes’s favourite Newfoundland dog. Vice Admiral Sir William Parker, was deeply affected, since Captain Willes was one of his dearest friends. On reaching the cemetery, the coffin passed through a street formed by 360 Royal Marines, 60 men from each of the ships in port. The funeral service was performed by the Reverend Watson, the Chaplain of the Vanguard, assisted by His Lordship the Bishop of Gibraltar


Died…………. 1835, James WILLIAMS


Died 3rd February 1845, Richard WILLIAMS, Captain's Coxwain of the sloop Snake. He fell from the topmast rigging


Died 17th December 1844, Elizabeth WILSON, aged 50 years


Died 25th April 1848, Captain James WILSON, aged 40 years, of the English barque Hartley, of pulmonory consumption


Died 11th June 1879, Jane WILSON, aged 52 years. Interred in the family vault of Charles Johnston


Died 17th March 1856, Mrs. Jane WILSON, aged 89 years, the mother of Mrs. Charles Johnston and wife of the late William Wilson Esq., Clerk of Works, Barracks Department


Died 2nd July 1833, at Sliema, John WILTON. For 23 years he was the Cashier of Anglo-Maltese Bank


Died 6th July 1838, Joseph WINCH, aged 45 years


Died 13th June 1832, John WINDSOR, aged 28 years


Died in 1854, John WINNFORD         


Died 21st September 1836, James Liston WOLFERSTON, aged 8 months, the son of James and Esther Wolferston. Born 20th January 1836


Died 31st January 1852, Elizabeth WOOD, aged 36 years, the wife of Robert Brent Wood. She left a husband and seven young children. He was a Hair Cutter and Perfumier


Died 1st February 1843, Robert WOOD, aged 3 years 5 months, the son of Jane and Walter Wood, Corporal, 42nd Regiment


Died 30th November 1849, John WOODHOUSE, Private, Bandsman, 44th Regiment. Baptised in Cambridge. His brother was Joseph Woodhouse


Died 11th November 1831, Charles WRAY, aged 29 years, Schoolmaster Sergeant, 7th Regiment. Born in Cork, Ireland, and brother of J. Wray living in Middlesex


Buried 17th July 1842, James Richard WRIGHT, aged 7 months. He was born 10th December 1841, the son of Louisa and William Wright


Died 20th April 1826, Waller Rodwell WRIGHT, aged 50 years. Born Suffolk in 1775, he became the Recorder of Bury St. Edmunds in 1801 and in June 1803 was appointed British Consul for the Ionian Islands. Later in 1814 he became the President H.M. Court of Appeal in Malta. A leading Freemason, he was Master of the Lodge of St.John St.Paul, in 1815, 1819, 1823, 1824. A memorial was erected in Msida Bastion Cemetery in 1840. Another memorial tablet can be seen in Ta’ Braxia cemetery


Died 2nd November 1836, Richard WYBOURNE, No.3 Company, 5th Battery, Royal Artillery


Died 19th July 1842, Lowry George Fjellstedt WYNNE, aged 1 year 9 months, the son of Elizabeth Sophia and Lowry William M. Wynne, Captain, Royal Artillery.

“Yes there are little ones in heaven, babes such as he surround the throne, to whom the King of Kings hath given, a Glory like His own, Jesus Thy mercy rich and free, hath suffered him to come to thee.”


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