Adele ACAMPORA, nee WOLFF, died 6th April 1888. Buried in the grave of Martha Wolff


Mary Elizabeth AGNEW, born 7th July 1830 and died 1st August 1870. The wife of R. Vans Agnew


Elias AMBROSE, died 6th November 1860, Seaman, of HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Benjamin ANSLEY, died 26th August 1846, Colonel, Scots Fusilier Guards


Mary Ann ANSLEY, died 4th November 1840, the wife of Colonel Benjamin Ansley


Emily ARMIT, died 28th June 1839, at La Cava. The youngest daughter of Mary and John Armit, late of Dublin


Mary ARMIT, died 16th December 1843, aged 81 years, the widow of John Armit and mother of Emily


Hon. Reginald ASHBURNHAM, died 5th March 1830. The youngest son of George and Charlotte, the Earl and Countess of Ashburnham, born 3rd February 1819


George ASTLEY, died 7th February 1829, aged 28 years, from Bollington, Chester


George ATTRILL, died 12th April 1860, Royal Marines, HMS Caesar    


Henry William AULDJO, died 10th March 1833. The infant son of Anne Maria and Thomas Richardson Auldjo


Thomas Richardson AULDJO, died 7th July 1837, aged 30 years, at San Jorio, near Naples


Catherine Lydia BAGE, died 29th January 1855, aged 5 years 6 months. Same grave as Robert Bage


Charles Edward BAGE, born 28th February 1848 and died 10th April 1886, at Spezia. The son of Robert Bage, and same grave


Robert BAGE, died 28th July 1851, aged 37 years, a Surgeon


Alexander BAILLIE, born 13th November 1777 and died 24th January 1855. The son of James Baillie of the Baillies of Dochfour, Inverness. Same grave as Harriet C. Beaujolois


John Middleton BAINES, died 30th December 1840, aged 36 years, from Ludlow


Lucy BARBAR, died 1st February 1855, aged 4 months


William Henry BARBAR, died 22nd July 1849, aged 15 months

(Born 29th April 1848, William Henry Barbar, son of Barbara Alexandrina Anable and Louis John Barbar. Baptised in Malta 20th May. A merchant family in Malta)


Basil Frank BARFF, died 24th April 1879, aged 4 years 11 months


Charles Ernest BARFF, died 28th July 1883, aged 15 years, at Casamicciola


Mary Caroline Pardo BARFF, died 9th March 1889, aged 48 years. The wife of Reverend Henry T. Barff, English Chaplain


Joseph Foster BARHAM, died 29th March 1872, aged 35 years. Found dead on Monte Albino, Pagani, near Naples


Richard BARKER, son of the late E. Barker, formerly British Vice-Consul in Cairo. Erected by his brothers


Reverend Edgar BARNES, died 17th November 1856, aged 38 years. Chaplain of HMS Malacca, died on board ship


Reverend William Maule BARNES, died 3rd June 1848, aged 38 years. (His only child, Janet Barnes, died 26th April 1846, aged 5 years 5 months, at Sliema. She is buried in the Msida Bastion Cemetery at Floriana)


Edward S. BARTHOLOMEW, died 3rd May 1858. Born in Colchester, Conn., U.S.A. on 8th July 1822


Hussein Kamil Bernard BATEMAN, died 25th December 1882, aged 8 months


Robert BATSON, died 21st February 1841, aged 26 years. The son of Frances and Alfred Batson, born in London 25th October 1815


Charles Carroll BAYARD, died 19th February 1850, aged 21 years. A Midshipman in the United States Navy his death was caused by a wound received on Mount Vesuvius during the eruption of the night of 9th February 1850


Stephana Fussell BAYLY, died 28th January 1850, aged 18 years. The eldest daughter of Charles Bayly, of Frome Selwood, Somerset


Mary BEAUCLERK, Countess of Coventry, born 30th March 1791 and died 11th September 1845


Harriet Charlotte BEAUJOLOIS, Countess of Charleville, died February 1848, aged 45 years. In same grave D. Loridan, and Alexander Baillie


Rosina Agnes BELL, died 19th September 1838. The widow of the late John Bell, Surgeon, of Edinburgh. Same grave as M. Ramsay


Albert BENNETT, died 30th March 1871, aged 24 years. Royal Marine, HMS Caledonia


Clementine BENOIST, died 8th May 1857, aged 26 years


Lady Harriet Scott BENTINCK, died 9th April 1882. The daughter of the fourth Duke of Portland, she was born on 21st April 1798. Erected by her sister, Charlotte, Viscountess Ossington, and her niece Harriet, Duchess of Sermoneta


Richard BERMINGHAM, died 1st October 1841 at Sorrento. The Rector of Moira, Waterford, Ireland. Erected by his widow Letitia Jane


Cecil Galway BERTHOUD, died 8th August 1836, aged 10 months. Buried with his grandfather Captain Joseph Packwood, Royal Navy


Eliza Evelyn BEVERIDGE, died 23rd June 1879, aged 29 years. The wife of J.A Beveridge


John Julius BIRCH, died 14th February 1840, aged 22 years, from Manchester


Elizabeth BOLD, died 18th January 1848, aged 43 years. The wife of Thomas Bold, a Liverpool Merchant


Sarah BONNEFOI, died 10th April 1885, aged 75 years


Werden Maurice BOODE, born 10th December 1843 and died 12th February 1844. The infant son of Clementina Elizabeth Mary and John Christian Boode


Elizabeth BOOTH, died 6th June 1845, aged 24 years. The wife of Peter Booth, both from Aberdeen


Mary BOREHAM, died at Sorrento. The daughter of John Boreham, of Thunderbley, Oxfordshire


Nina Harriet BOWDOIN, died 28th April 184* (?), aged 26 years. The daughter of Mary Dickason Bowdoin and James Temple Bowdoin, of Boston, U.S.A.


Anne BOXALL, died 9th October 1846, aged 29 years, at Castellamare. Her headstone was erected for 11 years faithful service


Le Normand BRABAZON, born 18th May 1839 and died 7th August 1844, the son of William, Lord Brabazon


Harriet Louisa BRADBURY, died 14th February 1873


Robert Samuel BREWER, died 27th January 1890. Born at Rutland, Vermont, U.S.A. on the 11th August 1869


William BRICE, the son of Alexander Brice


Louise BRISBANE, died 17th May 1837. Born in America


Eliza BROOKS, died May 1832, aged 46 years. Erected by Sir Henry Lushington, in whose family she lived for 16 years


John BROOKS, died 27th August 1849, aged 49 years (?). Lieut-Colonel, 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry


John BROWN, died February 1860, of Deal, Kent. 2nd Class boy, HMS Cressy


Philip BUCKLEY, born 10th August and died 18th November 1870


Frederick BUCKTON, died 13th June 1844, aged 40 years. From London, his headstone was erected by his widow to whom he was married for almost 14 years


Alexandre BULLOT, died 20th March 1882. Same grave as A.L. Bullot and E.B.Bullot


Alfred Legrand BULLOT, born in Paris, 31st July 1824 and died 22nd December 1852


Elizabeth Blair BULLOT, nee DAVIS (?), died 15th November 1863, aged 75 years. Born in Scotland, the daughter of Grace and James Davis (?), and the widow of Alfred L. Bullot


Archibald Bedford BULWER, born 10th September 1821 and died 19th December 1904 in Rome and his ashes were placed in his wife’s grave 29th December 1904


Jean Hamilton BULWER, born 5th August 1823 and died 24th November 1877. The wife of Archibald B. Bulwer


George BURDETT, died 2nd June 1849, aged 41 years


George F. BURGESS, died 10th February 1860, aged 33 years. Commander, Royal Navy, of HMS Cressy


John Joseph BURNETT, died 16th March 1862, aged 53 years, from Gadgirth, Ayrshire


Ambrose BURROWES, born at Greenock, Scotland, 23rd November 1862, and died 30th September 1882. The eldest son of Marion and Stephen Burrowes,


Edward Arthur BUTLER, died 7th (?) November 1829. The son of Frances Manleverer (sic) and Colonel the Hon. Henry Edward Butler


Lady Eleanor BUTLER, died 27th September 1859, at Sorrento


William Abrosius CALDWELL, died 9th March 1887, aged 21 years 3 months. Erected by his mother and sisters


John CALVERT, born July 1822 (?) and died 10th June 1877. H.B.M. Consul at Naples


H.T. CAMPBELL, died 26th October 1880. Colonel, late of the Madras Army


Alexander CARMICHAEL, died 6th January 1854, aged 68 years. Captain


Sir Thomas Gibson CARMICHAEL, Baronet, died 13th December 1847, aged 74 years. Also in memory of his wife Ann, died at Leghorn, 7th December 1862, aged 72 years


Anne CARRINGTON, nee FLETCHER, died 1st February 1861, aged 56 years. The wife of William Carrington


Rebecca CARRINGTON, died 26th June 1841, aged 45 years. The wife of William Carrington.


William CARRINGTON, died 4th April 1855, aged 73 years


William CHAMBERLAIN, died 16th October 1882, aged 39 years, on board the s.s. Potosi


Sarah CHAUNCY, died 12th April 1842, aged 56 years, spinster. The daughter of the late William Chauncy, of Trevor Square, London


Juanita CHEYNE, died 12th November 1876. The eldest daughter of Alice and George Cheyne, M.D.


Elizabeth CHILD, died 1st September 1872, aged 77 years. Erected by her children


Richard J. CHURCHER, died 17th November 1860, Seaman, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Dr. John CLARK, died 18th December 1845, aged 62 years. Deputy Inspector General of British Army Hospitals


Sarah Ann CLARK, died 13th January 1848 aged 33 years. The wife of James Clark, Engineer


Thomas CLARKE, died 6th February 1891. Major-General, the son of George Jackson Clarke, D.L., The Steeple, Antrim, Ireland. Erected by his wife




Henrietta Hannah CLOSE, died 2nd July 1836, aged 26 years. The wife of James Close of Manchester


John CLOSE Junior, died 10th May 1842, aged 44 years. From Manchester and Naples


Mary CLOSE, died 31st March 1849, aged 78 years. The widow of the late John Close


Vittorio Tommaso Romano CLOSE, born 30th August 1852 and died 13th October 1883


Edward COLEMAN, BA, died 24th April 1842, aged 23 years (?), of Trinity College, Cambridge


Edward COOMBE, died 16th December 1888, aged 52 years. Master Mariner, of Charlestown, Cornwall


Arthur William CORNER, died 12th May 1880, aged 41 years, on his way back to England from Amoy, China. Second son of the late George R. Corner


Ada Ungaro Beals CORNWALL, died 4th August 1878. Born in New York, U.S.A., 15th December 1852


Mary Anne COVENTRY, Baroness PEPE, died 9th March 1865, at Taranto. The widow of General William Pepe


Fanny Maria Foster COX, died 30th September 1840, aged 7 years. The daughter of Dr. J.C. COX, M.D. in Naples


William CRACROFT, died 3rd April 1846, aged 58 years, late of the Bengal Civil Service


Charles Stuart CRAIG, born in Dublin, 7th September 1848 and died August 1875. He served in the 102nd Fusiliers


James Campbell CRAWFORD, died 10th April 1876, aged 43 years


Samuel CRAWLEY, died 21st December 1852, aged 62 years. From Stockwood, Luton, Bedfordshire


Emily Charlotte CRESPI, nee PERCIVAL, died 22nd January 1884. She left a husband and one son


Thomas CULLY, Sergeant, Royal Marines


Jane CUMMING, died 6th January 1821, aged 28 years, the consort of John Cumming


Frederick Foote CUTLER, born at Dorchester, 16th October 1850 and died 30th January 1882. Captain in the Dorset Militia


Constantia Rebecca D’ARLEY, died 21st November 1876, aged 71 years. The daughter of Colonel Sir William D’Arley


Eleanor DALY, nee CLARK, died 16th February 1872. The last surviving daughter of the late William Clark, of Moatfield, Tipperary, Ireland and the wife of Robert Daly


Elizabeth Mason DANIELL, died 1st July 1828, aged 64 years, at Sorrento. The widow of Ralph Allen Daniell, of Trelissick, Cornwall


Francis John Bateman DASHWOOD, died 14th September 1861 (?)




John DAVIS, died 14th July 1846, after three years of most awful hypochondriasis. Music’s Prodigy, born 2nd August 1826


Hon. Susan DAWSON, died 17th September 1858. The second daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Sinclair by his second wife, born 14th June 1806, and the wife of Francis Dennis Massy Dawson.


John Connellan DEANE, died 24th February 1887, aged 71 years, at Posilipo. From Ummera, Co. Cork, Ireland


George DEGEN, died 29th April 1861, aged 60 years


James DENNISTON, died 2nd April 1870, aged 27 years


William DICKENSON, died 19th January 1837, aged 65 years. From King Weston, Somerset, he represented the county for 25 years in Parliament


Alexander DISNEY, born in Dublin in 1803 and died March 1883


John DONNELLY, born 2nd March 1811 and died 22nd February 1850. Former Captain, 9th Regiment. The second son of the late Admiral Sir Ross Donnelly


Amelia DORANT, died 21st May 1890, the eldest daughter of William and Flora Dorant


Flora DORANT, died 25th January 1872. The wife of William Dorant


William DORANT, died 15th July 1848, aged 63 years. 


Ann DOWDE        


Gedeon (sic) DRAPER, died 13th November 1862, aged 54 years. Born in Manchester, he left a widow and children


Gandy DRINKWATER, died 10th September 1847, aged 31 years, at Torre Annunziata. The fifth son of Elizabeth and John Drinkwater of Liverpool


James DRINKWATER, died 8th November 1880, aged 72 years, at San Giorgio a Cremano. Eldest brother of Gandy Drinkwater




James DUFF, died 24th July 1876, aged 58 years


Harriet DUPONT, nee DOUGLAS, died 30th September 1860, aged 74 years. The daughter of Captain Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, Royal Navy, and the widow of Chevalier Maurice Dupont


Eliza DURRETT, died 16th April 1844, aged 45 years. She lived for 33 years with the family of Mrs. Hamilton Nisbet Ferguson, of Belhaven and Dirleton


Frederick Cary ELWES, born 11th November 1818 and died 5th June 1861, of Billing, Northants. Erected by his mother Jane Maria Elwes


Elizabeth ELWIN, died 3rd June 1855, aged 45 years


William J.R. EMBLETON, born 23rd August 1876 and died 14th January 1878


Louis EMERY, 1818 - 1881


Frances ESDAILE, died 24th August 1838, aged 66 years. The widow of Peter Esdaile, of London


Alfred ETHELSTON, died 13th June 1884, aged 37 years


Charlotte EVANS, died 9th September 1828, aged 63 years. The widow of the Reverend John Evans of Bath. Erected by their only child Charlotte ROBINSON


P.I.F. EVANS, born 27th December 1801 and died 15th August 1847


Maria EVENDEN, died 15th July 1845, aged 55 years, from London


Thomas FAUQUIER, died 23rd September 1852, aged 22 years


Eliza FAVALE, nee BRIAN, died 7th February 1880, born in London


Charles E. FISHER, died 8th October 1880, on board HMS Monarch. Gunner, Royal Marine Artillery


Pier. Edward FLEMING, died 21st July 1835, aged 64 years, at Portici, Captain, 3rd Regiment of Foot


Elizabeth FLEWKER, the wife of William Flewker, of Nottingham                  


Agnes Jane Ross FOLEY, died 25th January 1890. The wife of Nelson Foley, of Tourtane, Lismore, Ireland


David FOOT, aged 21 years


Francis Clare FORD, born 17th December 1803 and died 27th March 1808


Matthew Bligh FORDE, died 2nd April 1879. Major-General, Royal Artillery


James FORSTER, died 8th September 1848, aged 24 years. Seaman, of HMS Queen


Henry FOSS, died 26th May 1891, late of Hong Kong


Daniel FOSTER, died 13th March 1891, aged 54 years, on board the yacht Chevy Chase. Captain, of Clifton Terrace, Whitstable, Kent


William Edward Lane FOX, died 17th June 1852 (?), aged 33 years, at La Cava. Attached to the British Legation at Naples


Harriet Elizabeth FRANCK, nee VALENTINE, died 15th May 1877, aged 69 years. The daughter of Mary and Edward Ashweek Valentine, and the wife of O.E.Franck. Buried with her mother


Susan Sinclair FRANKLIN, nee DAWSON, the third daughter of F.D.M. Dawson, and wife of Joseph Lewis Franklin, born 17h May 1837 and died 20th October 1857. Also the infant son of Susan S. Franklin, born and died 1st October 1857


Charles FREEBORN, died 17th June 1839, aged 40 years


George FULTON, died 8th April 1847, aged 21 years. The son of the late John Fulton, of Glasgow


Abraham FURSE, born in Topsham, Devon, on 15th October 1791 and died 22nd December 1841


Frederick John FURSE, died 3rd August 1854, aged 27 years. The eldest son of Abraham Furse


John Benjamin FURSE, born 19th October 1850 and died 20th February 1857. The only son of John William Furse


Thomas GALLWEY, died 21st December 1858, aged 68 years. Captain, Royal Navy, and for 24 years the British Consul at Naples


Mejetebel (sic) Mary GARDINER, died 17th July 1840, aged 3 years 3 months. The daughter of Frances Alicia and John Gardiner, late Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards


Henry GAULTER, M.D., died 3rd October 1834


William Colson GERRARD, died 28th December 1848, aged 48 years, Lieutenant, Royal Navy


William GILES, died 2nd August 1904, at Posilipo. Born 17th January 1817, and late of Trull, Taunton, Somerset. Also in memory of his wife Anna Louisa Giles, who was buried in the parish churchyard of Clevedon, Somerset


Frederick A. GOLLA, born 30th October 1842 in London and died 15th May 1887, at Taranto


Frederick Trevelyan GOODALL, born 24th August 1847 and died 12th April 1871


John Henry Huntley GORDON, died 3rd December 1872


Henry Walter GOSTLING, born 2nd October 1843 and died 3rd April 1887. Surgeon to the G.I.P. Railway, Bombay


Maria Achsah GRACE, born at Gosforth, Northumberland 1st May 1814 and died 22nd August 1834. The daughter of John and Elizabeth Grace


Henry GRAHAM, died May 1819, aged 24 years. An Architect, from York


Elizabeth GRAINDORGES, died 25th November 1834, aged 63 years. She was born at Winchester, and was the wife of L.C. Graindorges


Helen Bradden GRANT, born 26th December 1826 and died 18th October 1872


Mrs Walter GRANT, died 16th December 1819


Alfred Dickinson GREEN, born 15th August 1814 and died 15th December 1867


Alfred Dickinson GREEN, aged 6 years, the son of Alfred D. and Mary K. Green. In his parents grave


Edith Kate GREEN, died 28th April 1892, aged 35 years. Matron of the International Hospital


Mary Kennedy GREEN, born 7th September 1827 and died 16th December 1864. The wife of Alfred Dickinson Green, in the same grave


Stewart GREEN, aged 3 years, son of Alfred D. and Mary K. Green. In his parents grave


Maria Lydia GRENVILLE-VYVYIAN (sic), died 25th January 1889, aged 53 years. The wife of Colonel Beville Grenville-Vyvyian, late of the Bengal Native Infantry


George F.A. GRIFFITHS, died 27th August 1844. He left a widow Mary, who erected his headstone


John GRIFFITHS, died 29th March 1865, aged 36 years. The Master of the Brigantine Anna, of Milford


Alfred GRIMWOOD, died 13th March 1839, aged 6 years


Joanna GRIMWOOD, died 26th December 1833, aged 34 years, at Pozzuoli. The wife of Daniel Grimwood


Maria Cristina GRIMWOOD, died 13th March 1850, aged 10 years


Edmund GROUND, died 4th January 1879, aged 43 years. The son of E.C.H. Ground  


Edmund C.H. GROUND, died 11th April 1875, aged 72 years


Emily GROUND, died 8th June 1882, aged 16 years. The daughter of A. and E. Ground


Harriet GROUND, died 12th August 1876, aged 73 years


Frederick Edmund GROVE, died 29th August 1869, aged 16 months


Henry GUITTON, died 21st June 1841, aged 69 years. Lieutenant in H.M. Army, and Vice-Consul at Naples for several years


Ellinor HACK, the wife of Thomas Hawks Hack. The same grave as her husband


Thomas Hawks HACK, born 21st November 1804 and died 3rd June 1857. He was an Engineer in the service of the King of the Two Sicilies


Henry HADWICK, Seaman, HMS Howe


William HALL, died 25th November 1872, aged 79 years, of Seven Springs, Cheltenham


Reverend William Andrew HAMMOND, died 29th November 1844, aged 50 years. Formerly Rector of Whitchurch, Oxfordshire


Arthur HANKEY, born 31st October


Jane HARDING, died 31st March 1860, at Sorrento. The widow of the late John Harding, of Clifton, Gloucestershire


William HARDY, M.D., died 11th November 1840, aged 31 years. Employed with the Hon. E.I. Co.’s service


May Mitchell HARGREAVES, born 9th April 1838 and died 28th October 1838. The daughter of Martha Maria Molyneux and William Hargreaves


John HARPER, died 18th October 1842, aged 34 years, of York


Thomas Blenkins HARTLEY, youngest son of James Hartley, of Ashbrooke Hall


Henry C. HARVEY, died 19th June 1889, aged 71 years


John William HASSARD, died 21st May 1843, aged 8 months 15 days


Jonathan HATFIELD, died 3rd February 1840, from England


Isabella HAYES, nee BARNARD, died 12th June 1832, aged 54 years. The daughter of Dr. Henry Barnard of Banbrook, Coleraine, Ireland and the wife of Henry Horace Hayes, clerk, of Northstoke, Somerset


Mary HEAD, died 12th May 1872, aged 40 years, at Castellamare. The wife of J.O. Head, of Hackwood, Hexham, Northumberland


Charlotte Estelle HEALEY, born at Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A., 15th June 1861 and died 12th August 1884


David HENDERSON, born in Edinburgh, on the 18th April 1794 and died 28th December 1824


Douglas Mercer HENDERSON, died 21st March 1852, aged 69 years. Lieut-General, of Fordell, Fife, Colonel of the 68th Regiment


Richard Whitfield HEWLETT


John James HIME, died 13th February 1879, aged 46 years, late of Colombo, Ceylon. The son of the late Reverend Maurice Calwell Hime, of Dublin


Henry HIND, died 1st March 1875. The son of Maria and James Hind, born 28th April 1834, he was murdered in Naples


Catherine HINTON, died 25th March 1831, infant daughter of Isabella and Joseph Hinton


Joseph HINTON, died 4th July 1837, aged 42 years


Joshua HOLLOWAY, died 29th November 1860, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Edgar Valentine HOLME, born 16th September 1874 and died July 1875


Henrietta HOLME, died 31st December 1890. The wife of Richard O.M. Holme


Thomas Murray HOLME, died 10th May 1866 at Hokatika, New Zealand. Born at Venice 12th December 1842, the youngest son of the late Thomas Holme, of Venice


William Thomas HONYMAN, died 25th August 1828, aged 32 years. From Mansfield, Ayr, Scotland, the son of Sir William Honyman, Baronet, one of H.M. Lords of Session, who assumed the title of Lord Armadale. Erected by his widow


Amy Eliza HOPE, died 16th June 1892, aged 39 years. The only daughter of the Hon. George Hope, Captain, Royal Navy


Lebbeus HORDERN, died 1st November 1881, aged 56 years. Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, he died on his way to the Colonies


Reverend George HORNBY, died 2nd November 1872, aged 83 years, of Brasenose College, Oxford


Gabriell Augusta HORROCKS, died 8th December 1872, from typhoid fever, at Castellamare. Born 1847 in Oxfordshire, the eldest child of Louise and George Horrocks. Related to John Horrocks of Preston, Lancashire


Kate HUDD, died 4th April 1889. The wife of Alfred E. Hudd, of Clifton, Bristol


Caroline HUNT, nee ISHAM, died Sunday 5th December 1824, aged 23 years. The eldest daughter of the Reverend Charles Euseby Isham, and the wife of Thomas W. Hunt


Thomas Welch HUNT, died Friday 3rd December 1824, aged 28 years. From Wadenhoe, Northants, he had been married ten months to Caroline and they were shot by brigands when on an excursion to Paestum, on 3rd December. The bullet went through both the husband and the wife who died two days later


Patricia HUNTER, nee BARRINGTON, died 27th November 1843, aged 43 years. The third daughter of Sir Jonah Barrington, and wife of John A. Hunter of Harwick, Lincolnshire


Lawrence IGOULDEN, died 23rd March 1862


Sophia IGOULDEN, died 13th December 185* (?), aged 37 years


William IGOULDEN, died April 1864 (?), aged 70 years


Clara JAHIER, nee CONKEY, died 4th February 1882, aged 38 years. Born in Oxford, Miss., U.S.A.


Samuel JARVIS, died 14th August 1860, Private, Royal Marines, HMS Caesar


Jane JEANS, died 6th August 1847, aged 48 years. The wife of Thomas Jeans


William JENNINGS, died 2nd February 1840, aged 39 years


Anne Sarah JERVIS, nee PAGET, died 28th February 1886, at Posilipo. Born in Exeter on 22nd February 1801, the daughter of W. Paget, M.D., and widow of T.B. Jervis, Lieut-Colonel, Bombay Engineers


Charles JOHNSON, died 28th November 1860, Seaman, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Charles Frederick JOHNSON, born 21st May 1850 and died 24th April 1859. The son of Reverend Evans Johnson, Archdeacon of Ferns, Ireland


William John JOHNSTON, died 25th February 1837, aged 26 years, from Magheramena, Fermanagh, Ireland


Richard Smith KAY, died 21st February 1857. The eldest son of the late William Kay, of Tring Park, Hertfordshire


Michael KEATING, died 23rd April 1831, aged 75 years. Erected by his only child, Mary Anna WYLLY


Isabella KEIR, died 9th August 1839 at Sorrento


Elizabeth KELLY


Frank F. KELLY, died 15th October 1889, aged 32 years, of Newcastle-on-Tyne


Alfred KENNEDY, died 5th December 1846, aged 20 months. The infant son of Anne and Peter Kennedy, of Feldkirch, Austria


Amelia Jane Elizabeth KENNEDY, died 14th November 1840, aged 8 months 10 days. The daughter of Amelia Maria and John Kennedy, H.B.M. Secretary of Legation at the Court of Naples


Joseph KERNOT, died 26th December 1871, from London. Brother of Septimus


Septimus KERNOT, died 6th May 1878, from London. Brother of Joseph, and buried in the same grave


Charles KERR, died 9th May 1861


Basilia Maud KNIPE, died 13th March 1874, aged 17 years. Youngest child of Edward J. Knipe, of Elvaston Place, Queens


Francis KOE, born 18th May 1825 and died 25th April 1859. Captain, Royal Engineers


Harriet LA GUIDARA, died 6th November 1853, aged 48 years. A widow


Robert LAING, born 14th April 1855 and died 20th April 1881, aged 26 years


William LAKELIN, died 19th September 1844, aged 33 years


Melita LANE, died 20th July 1839, aged 8 months. Infant daughter of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs Lane


Dr. Dionysius LARDNER, D.C.L., F.R.S., died 29th April 1859, aged 66 years


Robert LAST, died 20th February 1876




William Wilson LAWRIE, died 15th June 1857, aged 41 years, at Capri, from Edinburgh


Minnie LEOPOLD, died 9th April 1873 (?). Born in Baltimore U.S.A. on 29th November 1850


Sarah LITTLEWOOD, died 11th February 1843, aged 65 years. Same grave as Charles O’Reilly


Dominique LORIDAN, born 23rd April 1780 and died 16th April 1853. In memory of 55 years service. Same grave as Harriet C. Beaujolois


William LOVEGROVE, died 27th January 1844, aged 42 years. Late of Baker Street, London


Alan G. LOWNDES, born 21st August 1857 and died 7th February 1863


Emily LOWNDES, died 29th March 1876, aged 45 years, from Liverpool


Helen Emma LOWNDES, born 9th May 1834 and died 14th February 1863


Emily LUSHINGTON, aged 7 years 4 months


Ellen MacDONALD, daughter of the late Captain Allen Reginald Macdonald, Bengal Army, born 27th October 1856 at Sagur


John A. McDOUALL, born 10th October 1805 at Penrith, and died 1st May 1839, as a result of a fall from his horse. Erected by his widow Gertrude McDouall


Anne Campbell MacKENZIE, died 6th June 1855, the wife of John Mackenzie


Harriet MacKENZIE, died 5th August 1854, aged 43 years. The wife of William Mackenzie. Also Mary Harriet her grand-daughter


Harriet MacLEAN, died 20th September 1850 (?), at Castellamare. The wife of Donald Maclean. Same grave as E.J.S. Maitland


Elizabeth Hobbes McMURRAY, born in Hampshire, 23rd November 1820. The wife of James McMurray


James MacMURRAY, died 30th January 1861, aged 54 years


James Theodore MacMURRAY, died 15th January 1880, aged 10 years. Buried in the same grave as James MacMurray


John MABERLEY, died 17th January 1829, aged 21 years. The second son of John Maberley, M.P.


Anne MACARTNEY, died 24th August 1855, aged 60 years. Sister of Letitia Macartney. All three sisters in the same grave


Letitia MACARTNEY, died 19th September 1854, from cholera, at Portici. The fourth daughter of Arthur Chichester Macartney, of Co.Down, Ireland


Matilda MACARTNEY, died 15th December 1857, aged 50 years. Sister of Letitia and Anne Macartney


Julia Ann MACKLEM, born 11th January 1819 at Niagara Falls, Canada, and died 14th May 1879. The widow of Oliver T. Macklem


Elizabeth MACRA, died 12th October 1843, aged 87 years


John MADDOCK, of Northwich, Cheshire


Emily MAGRA, died 24th December 1857, aged 85 years. Same grave as J.F. Magra


James Frederick MAGRA, died 6th January 1857, aged 63 years


Mary MAINGAY, died 30th July 1877, aged 70 years, at Naples. Also in memory of Charles MAINGAY, of Naples, died 26th July 1871, aged 73 years, at Tonbridge, Kent


Elinor Jane Susan MAITLAND, died 4th June 1870, aged 47 years. The niece of Harriett Maclean, and buried in the same grave


John Augustus MANNING, died 14th April 1864, aged 57 years


Susan MARCHESI, nee COLLIER, died September 1871. The daughter of the late William Collier of Manchester, born July 1829, and the wife of Lewis Marchesi of Rome


John MARKHAM, died 13th January 1827, aged 67 years, Admiral       


Martha MARTIN, died 20th May 1881, aged 39 years. Erected by her friends A.N. and J.G.R.


Rosina MASSONET, died 17th August 1884, aged 78 years


Louisa MASTERS, nee GRANT, died 15th July 1845, aged 56 years. The daughter of the late Sir Alexander Grant of Dalvey, and the wife of the Reverend Dr. R. Masters. Erected by her daughter


Blanche V. MATER, died 29th April 1891


Thomas James MATHIAS, born 9th March 1754, and died 26th July 1835




John Brydges MAUDUIT, born 1st July 1832 and died 28th August 1839. The son of Mary Hannah and John Michael Mauduit. Same grave as his parents


John Michael Adolphus MAUDUIT, died 27th April 1852, aged 47 years, of London


Mary Hannah Haile MAUDUIT, died 26th August 1876, of Cheltenham. The wife of John M.A. Mauduit. Same grave as her husband


Charlotte MAXWELL, died 16th December 1843, aged 35 years. The wife of Francis Maxwell, Merchant of Liverpool


Adelina MAY, born 20th September 1884 and died 23rd August 1886


Emma MAY, born 27th May 1883 and died 11th August 1887


Arthur MIDDLETON, died 9th June 1853. Colonel, from Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., born 28th October 1795


John MILLS, died 2nd March 1838, aged 65 years, from Co.Wicklow, Ireland 


William Drago MONTAGU, the Duke of Manchester, died 21st March 1890


James MOORE, J.P., died 18th April 1889, aged 54 years, of Cullybackey, Antrim, Ireland


Dorothea Carleton MORRIS, died 27th December 1850, aged 16 years 5 months. Erected by her mother and uncle


Edmund William MORRIS, born at Birchwood, Sydenham Hill, 31st January 1866, and died 31st March 1874. The only child of Laura Mary Frances and Eugene Squire Morris


Harriet MORRISON, born 14th February 1831 and died 29th March 1832. The daughter of Harriet and James Morrison


Harriet Augusta MORRISON, nee ROUTH, died 27th January 1853, aged 42 years. The daughter of W.E. Routh and the wife of James Morrison,


St.Clair Kelburn MULHOLLAND, died 11th April 1861, aged 20 years, at Sorrento. The only son of S.K. Mulholland, of Eglantine, Hillsborough, Co. Down, Ireland


Alexander MUNRO, born in Edinburgh on 14th September 1813, and died 23rd August 1836


John NEILSON, died 9th January 1883, aged 38 years. The fourth son of the late William Neilson, of Whitevale, Glasgow


Charles NEUMANN, died 21st February 1854. Born in Danzig April 1773, but from Oakleigh, Cheshire


Mary Louisa NEVE, born at Old Warden, Bedfordshire on 22nd November 1816, and died 3rd March 1876


Robert Edward Whitlock NICHOLL, died 26th August 1848. The eldest son of Whitlock Nicholl, of Adamsdown, Cardiff, born 10th March 1819


C.I.S. NIXON, died 21st November 1841, aged 46 years. Born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the widow of the late W. Nixon, 44th Regiment


Frances Maria NIXON, died 22nd September 1834, the wife of Reverend Francis Russell Nixon, formerly Chaplain at Naples. She was born 17th April 1809.


Robert Streatfield NIXON, born at Pisa 24th March 1833, and died at Naples 29th July 1833. The son of Frances M. and the Reverend Francis R. Nixon


Thomas NOEL, Lord Berwick, died 2nd November 1832


Florence Ada de NORMANN, born 18th January 1862 and died 16th May 1863


Charles O’REILLY, died 12th April 1849, aged 69 years, a Surgeon, resident in Naples for 36 years


Emily Winter O’REILLY, died 9th June 1851, aged 72 years. The widow of Charles O’Reilly


Miles O’REILLY, died 24th October 1857, aged 76 years


George OATES, died 16th October 1827, aged 38 years, Merchant of Naples, formerly of Sheffield


Maria Antonietta OLDHAM, died 28th July 1844, aged 30 years. The wife of Major John Field Oldham


Mary Ann Eliza OLIN, died 7th May 1830. The wife of Reverend Stephen Olin, of the United States


Thomas OLIVER, died 29th December 1848, aged 45 years. From Baltimore, U.S.A.


Rosina Augusta ONSLOW, died 2nd July 1840, aged 1 year 1 month. Only child of Rosa and Guildford Onslow


Sir George Graham OTWAY, died 27th August 1881, aged 64 years. Admiral


Joseph PACKWOOD, died 28th November 1835, aged 73 years. Captain, Royal Navy. His grandson C.G. Berthoud was buried with him the following year


Princess Emma D’Abro PAGRATIDE, born 30th August 1810 and died 20th April 1880


Thomas PAINE, died 3rd December 1860, Seaman, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Count Demetrius de PALATIANO, born in Corfu 12/24 December 1795 and died 2nd February 1849, aged 54 years


William Henry de PALATIANO, born in Naples 16th April and died 21st October 1848, aged 6 months 6 days. The youngest son of Count and Countess Palatiano


Catherine Swan PALUMBO, died 19th January 1876, aged 36 years. Born at Castle Craig, she was the wife of Pasquale Palumbo


Mrs Anna PANDOLFELLI, died 6th March 1836, aged 45 years. Born Salcombe, England


Charles William PANTER, died 2nd June 1867, aged 28 years. An Architect, of Brookline, Mass., U.S.A.


William PARKER, died 14th April 1881, aged 55 years, on board the Royal Italian frigate Italia.  He represented the firm of J. Penn & Sons, Engineers, of Greenwich, Kent. Erected by his friends


John PARKES, died 10th September 1836, aged 44 years, at Sorrento


Frances B. PARKYNS, died 3rd January 1839, of Nottingham. Niece of the late Sir John Borlace Warren


Charles PARRY, died 10th October 1868, aged 34 years, Commander, Royal Navy. The son of Rear-Admiral Sir W. Edward Parry


Christ. PATTISON, died 17th May 1872, aged 29 years


Emily Adela PATTISON, born in Berlin 11th July 1845 and died at Capri 3rd March 1869 


Maria PATTISON, nee GREGG, died 7th October 1870. The daughter of J.W. Gregg of Dublin and the wife of Thomas T. Pattison. Same grave as Emily A. Pattison            


Francis John PEARSON, born 10th April and died 26th May 1843. The son of Sir Edwin and the Hon. Lady Pearson.


Bertram PERCIVAL, died 29th January 1884, aged 49 years (?)


Antonio PEROCCHI, died 8th December 1880, aged 79 years. Born at Pesce, in Tuscany and resident in London for 50 years. He left a widow and two children


Mary Anne PETERSON, nee FISCHER, born in Leeds, Yorkshire on the 7th April 1805, and died 13th February 1857. The daughter of Elizabeth and Maximilian Fischer and the wife of Gustave Peterson


Peter PINCOFFS, M.D., died at Munich 17th July 1872. He was born in Rotterdam 29th August 1815, but lived for eleven years in Naples


James PITKIN, died 19th October 1877, aged 83 years. Erected by an English firm in recognition of 63 years faithful service


John PITKIN, 1805 - 1876


Henry de Courcy POOK, died 14th June 1875. Born at Dalcombe, on 3rd August 1803


Mary Frances PORTER, died 29th January 1873. The eldest daughter of Mary and William Porter, of Thingwall Hall, Cheshire


Reverend Angelo POWER, died 9th May 1843. A native of Ireland and a Roman Catholic priest, he was on his way from Naples to Rome, when he burst a blood vessel from violent seasickness. His memorial was erected by the Reverend J.N. Palmer, of St. John’s College, Oxford who also arranged the funeral


Ellen Jane Berthon PRESTON, born 5th March 1829 and died 7th September 1838 at Sorrento. The daughter of Ellen Sarah and Robert Preston


Emily PRESTON, died 2nd December 1841, aged 12 years (?). The daughter of Ellen Sarah and Robert Preston


Frederick Berthon PRESTON, born 27th July 1838 and died 25th October 1838 at Sorrento. The son of Ellen Sarah and Robert Preston


Henry PRICE, died 18th March 1874, aged 30 years. A faithful servant of the Gurdon Rebow family


Thomas PUGH, died 5th January 1872. Corporal, Royal Marines Artillery, HMS Defence


David PUGH-EDWARDS, 1860 - 1885, of Gwyn Fryn House, Pwllheli, Wales


Edward PURLAND, died 13th December 1846, aged 53 years. The only son of Susannah and George Purland, of Norwich


Mary Vienot QUINCLET, died 13th April 1841 at Sorrento. Born at Walton, Lancashire


Nina RADICE, died 23rd August 1866, aged 25 years, after 48 hours illness. Born in Monkstown, Ireland, 24th April 1841, the daughter of the late Colonel Evasio Radice, of the Sardinian Army and Maria Hutton his wife


Eric RAE, died 4th March 1889, aged ** months


Stanley RAE, died 19th February 1892, aged 20 months


Caterina RAGGIO, nee MILLS, died 17th March 1850, from Scotland. The wife of Temistocle dei Conti Raggio, who erected the headstone


Caroline Frances Jolliffe RAITT, born 19th July 1853, and died 6th February 1889. The daughter of Annie S. and Augustus Charles Henry Raitt, and sister of Ella


Ella Beatrice RAITT, died 20th November 1885, aged 25 years. The youngest daughter of Annie S. and Augustus Charles Henry Raitt. Buried with Caroline F.J. Raitt


Mary RAMSAY, died 29th November 1819, aged 72 years. Same grave as Rosina A. Bell


John RAMSBOTHAM, died 25th December 1818, aged 48 years, from Manchester


Elizabeth RANZANI, nee PEPPER, died 30th September 1849 (?). The daughter of William Pepper, of Kent


Elizabeth RAWSON, died 15th May 1862, aged 33 years, at Capri. The only child of Mary Anne and the late William Rawson, of Wincobank Hall, Sheffield


Francis Neville REID, died 12th July 1892, aged 66 years


Helen REYNOLDS, died 17th May 1887


Anne RICHARDS, died 3rd March 1851, aged 60 years. The widow of John Richards. Same grave as her husband


John RICHARDS, died 12th November 1839, aged 46 years


Charles James RIDGWAY, died 22nd January 1855, aged 63 years


Maria RINCK, died 15th July 1881, aged 69 years




Alexander John ROBERTSON, died 16th April 1865, aged 24 years. Student of the Middle Temple


David ROBERTSON, died 2nd November 1892, aged 84 years (sic). Born in Glasgow, on 2nd February 1809. Engineer in the Royal Italian Navy


William ROBERTSON, died 8th May 1850


Louisa Mary ROBIN, born 17th December and died 22nd December 1852. Baby of Mary Louisa and Raulin Robin


Mary Louisa ROBIN, died 27th January 1877, aged 50 years. The wife of Raulin Robin


Emily Mary ROBINSON, died November 1840, aged 9 years, the daughter of Sarah Sophia and Lieutenant George Robinson, Royal Navy


Frederick ROBINSON, died November 1840, aged 11 years, the son of Sarah Sophia and Lieutenant George Robinson, Royal Navy


John ROBINSON, died 14th April 1881, aged 60 years, of Hong Kong


Mary ROBINSON, died 1st March 1845, aged 20 months. Infant daughter of Madeleine E. and James Stuart Robinson


Henry RODEFELDT, born in Germany, and died February 1852, aged 28 years. His headstone was erected by the Marine Officers and Guard of the United States Razee Independence. He was murdered in Naples while on liberty between the 6th and 23rd February 


Anne Montgomery ROGERS, died 31st July 1855, aged 28 months. The daughter of Emily and Robert Malcolm Rogers


Henry ROGERS, died October 1836, aged 27 years. The son of Isabella and John Rogers


Isabella ROGERS, died 23rd August 1854, aged 66 years, at Castellamare. The wife of John Henry Rogers


John Henry Maingay ROGERS, died 2nd August 1853, aged 22 months. The son of Emily and Robert Malcolm Rogers


Mary Isabella ROGERS, died 14th November 1852, aged 2½ years. The daughter of Emily and Robert Malcolm Rogers


Edward, 5th Lord ROKEBY of Armagh, Ireland, born 6th July 1787 and died 7th April 1847


Ivy ROLFE, born at Heacham, 10th December 1869 and died 8th April 1892. The second daughter of Eustace Neville Rolfe


Anne P. ROLLASON, died 29th October 1853, aged 53 years, from Coventry


John ROSKILLY, M.D., died 16th May 1864, aged 75 years. Had been a Medical Practitioner in Naples for nearly 50 years


Harriet ROUTH, died 16th January 1850, aged 68 years. The wife of W.E. Routh


William Eppes ROUTH, died 7th February 1864, aged 85 years


Baby RUDD, born and died 11th August 1878


George RUSSELL, aged 35 years


Spencer Charles Dudley RYDER, died 3rd March 1873, aged 47 years. The youngest son of the late Hon. Henry Ryder, Lieut-Colonel, Bengal Staff Corps, and late of 14th Bengal Native Infantry


Mary Elizabeth SALOMONS, died 3rd February 1879, aged 31 years. The wife of Leopold Salomons, of Woodside, Surrey


Geraldine Louisa Charlotte SANTASILLA, born 20th September **** and died 18th October 1872. Same grave as Mary Ann Coventry


John Robert SAWYER, died 21st January 1889


Martha Slade SAZZESE, born 13th November 1826 and died 22nd June 1867. From Wellington, Somerset, the widow of C. Sazzese


Attilio SCEBERRAS, died 7th April 1884, aged 57 years. Formerly Lieut-Colonel of the 98th (Prince of Wales) Regiment. (In St.Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Valletta, Malta, is a brass memorial plate for Attilio Sceberras, the late Lieutenant-Colonel of the 98th Prince of Wales’ Regiment. Born in Malta on 26th July 1826, he joined the 80th (Staffordshire Volunteers) Regiment as an Ensign on 21st April 1846 transferring to the 70th (Surrey) Regiment in 1849.

He was Adjutant of the 70th in India during 1857/1858, and was present at Peshawar when the native garrison mutinied, and the 70th helped to disarm them. Later he was involved when the 51st Bengal Native Infantry mutinied in August 1857 and were annihilated. During this conflict his charger was shot beneath him. He was awarded the Indian Mutiny medal. He joined the 98th Regiment in 1860 and remained with them until retirement in 1880, having being appointed to the rank of Lieut-Colonel on 14th September 1878.

The family lived in Malta. His baby son, Charles Victor, was 11 months old when he died on 31st August 1878. His wife Matilda was born in Floriana and died 27th February 1911, aged 79 years. A stained glass window in her memory was placed in Holy Trinity Church, Rudolph Street, Sliema, by their daughter Madeleine, who died in May 1955. All three are buried in Ta Braxia cemetery.)


Ada Laura SCHIASSI, died 3rd December 1872, aged 22 years. The daughter of Laura Eliza Schiassi, in the same grave


Laura Eliza SCHIASSI, nee DOUGLAS, died 5th May 1877


William SCOFFIELD, Seaman, of HMS Rodney


John Middleton SCOTT, died 9th January 1827, aged 23 years. From Wicklow, Ireland


Joseph SEARLE, died 2nd December 1871. Royal Marines Artillery, HMS Defence


John Malcolm SEWELL, died 31st January 1869, aged 40 years


Emma Maria Mackenzie SHAW, died 10th January 1886, aged 53 years


John Hall SHEIL, born 29th September 1833 and died 25th April 1870. Late of H.M. Indian Army


William Brinsley SHERIDAN, died 17th March 1868, aged 29 years


William SHILTON, died 18th April 1886, aged 57 years, at Posilipo. Born at Branthwaite, Cumberland


David SIBREE, died 23rd January 1861, Seaman, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Emma Augusta Juliana SIMONETTI, nee DAWKINS, died 23rd January 1873, aged 36 years. Born in Oxfordshire


Mark SKELTON, died 26th February 1839, aged 65 years (?), from the Yews, Yorkshire


Elizabeth Townshend SMITH, died 12th February 1889. The widow of A.J. Smith of Clifton


Francis SMITH, died 21st February 1851, in Capri, aged 27 years, from Berkshire. Erected by his parents


Thomas SMITH, Seaman, HMS Queen


Walter Sinnett SMITH


Mary SMYTH, died 3rd September 1839, aged 45 years, at Sorrento. The wife of Reverend William Smyth, of South Erlkington, Lincolnshire and late of Lathbury, Buckinghamshire


Martha SOMERVILLE, died 1879, the daughter of Mary Somerville, and buried with her mother  


Mary SOMERVILLE, died 1872. The mother of Mary and Martha Somerville


Mary SOMERVILLE, died 1875, the daughter of Mary Somerville, buried with her mother


Charlotte STANFORD, died 6th September 1872, aged 52 years


Frederic John STANFORD, died 1st September 1851, aged 49 years, from Lingfield, Surrey


William STANFORD Senior, died 2nd March 1853, aged 83 years, from Lingfield, Surrey


Eliza Louisa STEPHENSON, died 4th March 1883. The wife of George Henry Stephenson


George J. STILES, born May 1837


Charles Noble STODDARD, died 15th December 1874, aged 19 years, at Castellamare. The son of Francis F. and E. Stoddard, of Glasgow


George Tweedie STODDART, died 23rd May 1882, aged 41 years, from Edinburgh


Augusta Caroline STORER, died 26th April 1874, aged 31 years, at Sorrento. The wife of Horatio R.Storer, of Boston, U.S.A.


Mary Lowe STOREY, died 20th March 1850, aged 32 years. The wife of James Storey


Louisa Dillon STRACHAN, Marquise de Salza, died 5th January 1867


Elizabeth STRANGE, died 2nd June 1847. The wife of Robert Strange M.D.

Also in memory of Robert Strange, died 4th June 1872, aged 72 years in London


Lizzie STRANGMAN, died 17th April 1881. The wife of J.P. Strangman, of Waterford, Ireland


Caroline Sarah STREET, died 20th January 1879, aged 31 years


William STRIKE, died 26th October 1865, aged 27 years. The son of Mary Ann and William Strike


Mary STUDDERT, died 11th March 1883. The wife of Robert Ashworth Studdert, of Kilkishen House, Co.Clare, Ireland


Jane TAGGART, died 31st January 1842, aged 22 years. The daughter of Mary and the late Alexander Taggart, of Knocknaconey, Co.Down, Ireland


Mary TAINE, died 10th December 1841, aged 83 years. A friend of the Turner family. Interred in the burial ground of San Carlo all’Arena


Lady Victoria TALBOT, born 27th February 1831 and died 8th June 1856


Richard TAPPIN


Margaret TAYLOR, died 10th January 1873. Same grave as Pattison


George Ernest Abdallah TEMPLE, born 4th January and died 16th June 1832. The son of Sir Grenville and Lady Temple


Josephine Charlotte Stephanie TENISON, died 25th August 1842, aged 18 months at Ischia. The daughter of Lady Louisa and Edward King Tenison


Herbert E. THOMAS, died 3rd May 1890, aged 26 years


David THOMS, died 7th November 1830, aged 34 years. From Clepington, Forfarshire


Julia Frances THRUPP, nee MATTHEY, died 25th February 1879, aged 20 years, in Basilicata. The only daughter of Francis Matthey, of Catania, and the wife of Edward J. Thrupp


William THURSTON, died 25th August 1822, aged 49 years. From Boston U.S.A., Counsellor-at-Law


Reverend Arthur TIDMAN, died 3rd August 1852, of Woodstock, Oxfordshire


Francis TUCKETT, died 2nd May 1868, aged 65 years, at Castellamare. From Frenchay, Gloucestershire. Erected by his children


Jane TULLOH, died 7th October 1850


Arthur Samuel TURNER, died 14th September 1853, aged 9 years. The son of Emma and William Turner of Santa Lucia. Interred in the burial ground at San Carlo all’Arena


Catherine Elizabeth TURNER, born 16th July 1845 and died 5th October 1869


Charles TURNER, died 24th July 1830, aged 16 months. The son of Mary Maingy and Charles Turner. Also Caroline TURNER, their infant daughter


Charles TURNER, died 14th December 1835, aged 25 years. From Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a Solicitor, who went to Naples in the hope of recovering his health and had arrived on 25th November, 19 days before he died


Charles TURNER, died 7th February 1862. British Merchant during nearly half a century in Naples


Emma TURNER, died 27th October 1868, aged 57 years, at Santa Lucia. The wife of William Turner


Emma Randall TURNER, died in 1846, aged 6 years 4 months. The daughter of Emma and William Turner of Santa Lucia. Interred in the burial ground of San Carlo all’Arena


Frederick E. TURNER, died 17th December 1891, aged 33 years


Harriet TURNER, died 20th July 1884, aged 50 years


John TURNER, died 29th January 1878, aged 48 years


Lydia Catherine TURNER, died in 1846, aged 19 months (?). The daughter of Emma and William Turner of Santa Lucia. Interred in the burial ground of San Carlo all’Arena


Sarah TURNER, died 19th March 1854, aged 59 years


Sarah Ellen TURNER, died 24th July 1864, aged 5 years


William TURNER, died 7th February 1864, aged 66 years


William TURNER, died 18th July 1884, aged 81 years at Naples. Same grave as Emma Turner


William James TURNER, died 12th June 1824, aged 50 years 9 months. The son of John Turner, of Putney. Interred in the burial ground at San Carlo all’Arena.


William James TURNER, died 26th August 1885, aged 52 years, at Santa Lucia. The son of William Turner


Sir W. West TURNER, K.C.S.I., C.B., died 9th July 1871. Colonel, he served for 30 years with Her Majesty’s 26th, 15th, 7th Fusiliers and 97th Regiments, in China, the Crimea and India


George TURNOUR, died 10th April 1843, aged 44 years. The son of the Hon. George Tournour, employed by the Ceylon Civil Service


Mary UNGARO, died 9th February 1884, aged 78 years


Edward Ashweek VALENTINE, died 6th June 1832, aged 59 years


Mary VALENTINE, died 10th April 1856, aged 85 years. The widow of Edward Ashweek Valentine. Also buried with her their elder daughter Harriet Elizabeth Franck


Mary Julia VANE, died 6th September 1854, aged 13 months


Charlotte VANNECK, nee LOVELACE, died 9th April 1875, aged 93 years 9 days. The daughter of Colonel Lovelace, of the Guards and widow of Gerrard Vanneck


John WALKER, died 19th January 1830, aged 25 years, from Crowsnest, Halifax, Yorkshire


John Lawson WALKER, born 20th August 1828 and died 10th October 1829. The son of Margaret and George Walker


Richard WALKER, died 25th March 1833, aged 79 years, from Manchester


Reverend George WANDBY, died 16th February 1862, aged 34 years, from smallpox, the Chaplain of HMS Exmouth


Julia WARRE, died 7th June 1873. The daughter of the late Lieut-General Sir W. Warre C.B.


Richard H. WARREN, died 4th March 1863, aged 19 years. Master’s Assistant, HMS Meeanee


Thomas WARRINGTON, died 18th November 1832, aged 27 years, at the Villa Auriemma, Piano di Sorrento


Helen Ruthven WATERSTON, died 25th July 1858, aged 17 years. The only daughter of Anna and Robert Waterston, born in Boston, U.S.A., on the 6th January 1841


William WATSON, died 22nd May 1848, aged 23 years. Clerk of HMS Thetis


Charles WEBBER, HMS Defence


Caroline Amanda WELCH, died 21st February 1876, aged 22 years. The only daughter of Captain and Mrs. Welch of Virginia Water


Edward James WELLS, died 29th January 1860, aged 34 years, from Sheffield


Edward W. WEST, died 23rd December 1885, aged 47 years. Lieut-Colonel, H.M. Bombay Staff Corps, Political Agent in Kattiewar


Amos WHEATON, died 4th May 1859. Seaman, United States Navy, died on board the Flagship Wabash, of Durham, Connecticut, U.S.A.


Anna Baptista WHITE, died 28th November 1833, spinster, at St.Jorio, near Portici


George WHITLA, died 24th February 1844, aged 55 years, from Belfast


Robert WHYTE, M.D., died 4th July 1857, aged 31 years. Same grave as Bage family


Caroline Elizabeth WILLIAMS, died 12th April 1842 (?), aged 14 months. The daughter of Elizabeth and William R. Williams, same grave as her mother


Elizabeth WILLIAMS, died 1st May 1847, aged 30 years. The wife of William Robert Williams


Katherine WILLIAMS, born 12th August 1809 and died 16th May 1839. The widow of Samuel Williams, of Trafford, Cheshire


Monier WILLIAMS, Lieut-Colonel of H.E.I Co.’s Army, died 30th November 1823, aged 45 years. He left a widow Hannah Sophia


Walter William WILLIAMS, died 2nd December 1864. Seaman on board the ship Mary Fry, fell from the deck into the hold and was killed


Mary WILLIAMSON, died 14th October 1889. The wife of Joseph K. Williamson


Robert WILLIAMSON, died 6th October 1857, aged 37 years. Engineer, of Amluch, North Wales


Sarah WILLIAMSON, died 8th March 1875


Margaret WILSON, died 23rd December 1829, aged 50 years. The fourth daughter of the late William Wilson of Dundee


Thomas Patten WILSON, died 28th October 1819, aged 18 years


Rowland William Allanson WINN, infant son of Lord and Lady Headley


Nathan WOLFE, died 29th November 1860, Carpenter’s Crew, HMS Hannibal. Appears on a seven man memorial erected by the crew of HMS Hannibal in memory of their shipmates


Francis WOLFF, died 9th December 1864, aged 85 years. The husband of Martha.


George Augustus WOLFF, died 23rd December 1873, at Portici. Born in Malta in 1815. The son of Francis and Martha Wolff. Buried with his parents


Martha WOLFF, died 31st March 1861, aged 78 years. The same grave as her husband Francis Wolff


Robert WOLLASTON, M.D., died 22nd August 1865, aged 64 years. Of Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London


Isabella WOOD, died 31st March 1871


Sophia Anna WOOD, died 1833, aged 21 years. Erected by her father Joseph Wood


Caroline Matilda Mayo WYATT, died 13th June 1871, and her little daughters

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