Annie Emily BARFF, died 8th May 1894. The daughter of Thomas Barff, Cliff Field, Wakefield


Henry BARLOWE, born 7th April 1855 and died 12th March 1896. The husband of Mary Anne Barlowe, of Boston, Lincolnshire


Marie BISSON, 1850 - 1902


Augustus E.W. BLACKBURNE, died 25th February 1893, aged 33 years. Same grave as Arthur Hale Eyre


John BLAKE, born 16th June 1849 and died 21st February 1895


Rosa Grace BOURNE, died 13th June 1893, aged 43 years


Neil BOYLE, died 19th October 1904, aged 48 years. From Helensburgh, Scotland


Emillie (sic) Eliza (Elsie) BROOKS, born 20th July 1874 and died 2nd March 1905


Alfred BROWN, died 9th January 1899, aged 68 years, of Tuffleigh, near Gloucester


Harriet BURGES-WATSON, died 2nd April 1894. Erected by her children


Alice CAMPBELL, died 21st June 1893, aged 87 years, at Sans Souci, Posilipo. The daughter of Captain Archibald Campbell, of Melfort, Scotland, and the wife of Captain Matthew Campbell


Duncan CAMPBELL, died 3rd May 1902. Born at Skipness, Argyle, 18th January 1880. Erected by his shipmates s.y. Calanthe


Helen Pitcairn CAMPBELL, born 28th March 1859 and died 24th December 1900


Matthew CAMPBELL, Captain, of H.E.I.C.S, buried at sea. Remembered on the grave of his wife Alice Campbell


Amelia CARLILL, died 28th January 1908, aged 87 years


Benjamin CAVIN, drowned in Naples Harbour 12th January 1896, aged 38 years, from Crewe, Cheshire. Able Seaman. Erected by the officers and crew of s.s. Hessle


William CAWLEY, died at sea, aged 38 years, Boatswain of s.s. Celtic


Marion Hay CHALMERS, died 23rd January 1898, of Edinburgh


William CHARLESWORTH, born at Lofthouse Park, on the 3rd November 1823 and died 28th December 1899


John CHARLTON, died 29th December 1894, aged 56 years


Frederick James CODRINGTON, died 5th September 1895, aged 32 years


Elizabeth COODE, died 18th May 1902, aged 64 years. The widow of Matthew Coode, of Adelaide, Australia


Harry COOK, died 28th April 1903. Chief Stoker, HMS Bacchante


Cecilia COPPOLA, nee BURGES-WATSON, died 6th February 1904. Erected by her sister


Harry Graham CRAIG, died 11th January 1896, aged 30 years, at Pozzuoli


George CROSS, born at Little Hampton (sic) 29th June 1818 and died 11th April 1903 at Posilipo


Reverend Stratford Eyre D’ALTON, died 26th December 1894, aged 38 years. Late Chaplain and Naval Instructor HMS Benbow


DIGBY BESTE Family Tomb. The family of J.R. Digby Beste, of Botleigh Grange and Abbotsham Court. This is not in the Protestant Cemetery but in the Roman Catholic Campo Santo Nuovo Cemetery. Not all are buried here but are recorded in memory of.


Agnes Digby Beste, born at Botleigh Grange on the 8th April 1838 and died 15th August 1859


Lucy Digby Beste, born at Botleigh Grange on the 27th April 1834 and died 16th August 1859


Isabel Digby Beste, died 10th July 1851, aged 9 years, at Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.A.


Henry Diby Beste, died 13th April 1858, aged 26 years, in the Fegee (sic) (Fiji) Islands


Constable Digby Beste, died 5th September 1858, aged 18 years, at Albano near Rome


Frank Digby Beste, died 12th September 1862, aged 27 years at Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.


Whittingham Digby Beste, born at Abbotsham Court on the 7th November 1846 and drowned in the Hoogley River, India, 1865


All seven children of J.R. Digby Beste.


Also mentioned on the tomb I. Richard DIGBY BESTE, I.P.D.L., author of ‘Catholic Hours’ and other works, died at Florence 5th August 1885, aged 79 years


Evelyn Margaret Auton DOWNES, died 19th February 1902, aged 18 years. The daughter of William Greensmith Downes, of Edinburgh


Charles Robert ELLICE, died 20th March 1897, aged 32 years


Arthur Lettsom ELLIOTT, born 9th January 1884 and died 16th April 1892. Same grave as William Guppy


Fanny EMBLETON, died 29th December 1893, aged 44 years. The wife of Matthew S. Embleton


Blase ESPOSTO, born 2nd February 1816 and died 28th March 1876


Arthur Hale EYRE, died 7th April 1893, aged 24 years. Same grave as Augustus E.W. Blackburne


Hubert FINCH, died 29th March 1898, aged 45 years. Master Mariner. Erected by his widow and brother officers


William GARDNER, M.D., died 1st April 1897. From Melbourne, Australia


John Thomas GOOD, died 27th March 1905. Born in Hull, 11th November 1868, and Boatswain of the s.s. Douro of Hull. Erected by his shipmates of Wilson Company ships


John Edward GRAY, died 8th November 1896, aged 22 years. A scholar of King’s College, Cambridge, the son of S.O. and A.C.J. Gray of London, he died a few hours after his arrival to study at the Zoological Station


Frank James GREEN, born 4th August 1860 and died 8th August 1897  


Anne Jane GROUND, nee MacLEAN, died 11th February 1898, aged 57 years


Frederick John GROVE, died 10th March 1902, aged 71 years


Charles Lambert GUPPY, born 10th December 1860 and died 14th April 1870


Thomas Richard GUPPY, C.E., born 30th August 1797 and died 28th June 1882, from Bristol. Erected by his children, Thomas and Mary. (The Guppy family were owners of a large engineering works in Naples.)


William GUPPY, born 25th January 1864 and died 5th August 1866               


James Courtney HAIGH, died 3rd March 1897, aged 50 years, of Harrogate


Dora HAMILTON, died 22nd May 1902. Erected by her friend Sophia Tasker


James Thomas HANDLEY, born 5th November 1839 and died 26th March 1896. The husband of Catherine Elizabeth Court Handley


Edward Hughes Broderick HARTWELL, died 14th January 1895. Captain, Royal Navy, and formerly H.B.M. Consul at Naples


Isabella HEAD, born in London, 4th April 1841 and died 13th March 1900


Helen HOLLOWAY, died 29th March 1902, aged 89 years


Albina Mary HOLME, nee VALENTINE, died 17th June 1898. Born in Venice, 14th July 1812, the daughter of Edward Ashweek Valentine, and the widow of Thomas Holme. (Her husband was believed to be a wealthy steamship agent)


Richard HOLME, born at Venice, 3rd May 1841 and died 10th February 1906


Louisa Mary HOSKINS, died 4th April 1904


Mary JAMIESON, died 28th October 1899. The wife of Reverend J.A. Jamieson, Rector of St. Leonards-on-Sea


Francis R. L. JOLY, born 14th May 1891 and died Christmas 1893


Frances Mary JONES, born at Shrewsbury, 11th December 1812, and died 4th November 1898. The wife of Reverend T.W.S. Jones. Erected by fellow worshippers at the Wesleyan Church, S.Anna di Palazzo


Margaret Scott KELSO, died 17th May 1906. The widow of James Kelso, of Greenock. Sister of Barbara A. Scott Ross, buried in the same grave


Robert KERRISON, died 1st May 1906, aged 49 years


Bertha KING, Contessa Paleotti, born in London 27th January 1844 and died 19th March 1904


Maisie Edith Vaughan McALLUM, died 27th March 1904, aged 4 years


Elizabeth O. MARRA, nee STEWART-CRAIG, died 7th July 1894. The wife of Rear-Admiral Marra         


Christine A. T. MAUNOIR, nee JARVIS, born at New York, U.S.A., 18th March 1819 and died 19th March 1895


Jesse MORE, died 25th February 1897. The daughter of the late Professor More, of Edinburgh University


Amy Flower NEWMAN, nee SEAGRAM, died 16th December 1889. Born at Warminster, Wiltshire on the 26th July 1842. She is not in the Protestant Cemetery but in the Roman Catholic Campo Santo Nuovo Cemetery.


John J. NUNN, born 16th March 1835 and died 4th March 1896. Of White House, Downham Market


Emma OLDFIELD, born 6th September 1815 and died 24th February 1893. The eldest daughter of T. B. Oldfield, of Champion Hill, Surrey


John PATTISON, born 31st December 1815 and died 31st March 1899, an Engineer. (The Pattison family were the owners of a large engineering works in Naples.)


Angelina PINCOFFS, died 12th September 1904, in her 85th year. The widow of Peter Pincoffs, M.D.


Elizabeth Susan PINKETT, born 13th February 1840 and died 6th September 1900. The second wife of the late Edward Pinkett, M.A. Cantab., Barrister, of Ilfracombe, Devon


Isabella Mary POTTER, born 17th September 1826 and died 14th April 1899. The widow of Henry Glasford Potter


George W. READE, died 9th December 1898


Leopold Joseph RENDEL, born at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 20th November 1865 and died 18th June 1896 at Pozzuoli


Susan RICHETTS, died 12th April 1901, from Droitwich. The daughter of Martin Richetts


Alexander ROBERTSON, born 19th September 1862 and died 30th July 1901


Harriet Elizabeth ROBIN, died 19th January 1904, aged 73 years. The wife of John N. Robin. (Her husband was believed to be a wealthy steamship agent)


Emily Auber Frances ROLFE, died 1st December 1900, aged 56 years. For 33 years the wife of E. Neville Rolfe, H.B.M. Consul for Southern Italy


Barbara A. Scott ROSS, died 24th February 1902. The widow of John B. Ross, of Glasgow. Same grave as Margaret Kelso


John O’Brien SAUNDERS, C.I.E., born 10th October 1853 and died 9th February 1905


Julie Salis SCHWABE, died 20th May 1896, aged 78 years, in the midst of her loving work for the children of Italy. (She was the widow of a partner in a large Manchester company, and very wealthy. She wished to educate Neapolitan children, but was often concerned that her charity work would be seen as proselytising.)


Edwin SMITH, born 27th April 1822 and died 23rd April 1906


Chevalier William Jemison SMITH, died 14th December 1894, aged 65 years. Late Consul for Spain and Portugal at Malta. Erected by his wife and sons, Caroline Corlett Smith, Thomas Corlett Smith and W.J. Sallust Smith

(He was born in London. Founded Smith & Co. in Valletta in 1851, which after his death changed its name to Thomas C. Smith & Co.  He married his second wife Caroline Corlett, a daughter of Thomas Corlett, a prominent Valletta Merchant on 5th January 1858 in Malta.)


A.C. STUDER, died 3rd January 1900. Major, born 31st December 1831 in Switzerland. For twenty-five years in the Consular Service of the U.S.A., in Singapore and Barmen (?). Erected by his daughter


Eyham G. S. SWYNY, died at sea 27th December 1895, aged 40 years


Edward J. TANSLEY, born 26th November 1858 and died 7th December 1899


Robert TAYLOR, born 17th January 1835 and died 21st April 1906. Employed by the Bengal Civil Service


Emily Macpherson TERZI, died 27th March 1900


Mary (May) TOWNSEND, born in Manchester, 5th January 1856 and died 27th February 1901. The wife of Robert Townsend


Charles Augustus TURNER, born 13th July 1835 and died 13th September 1903. (An English Resident from 1869 to 1876 in Naples, says that Charles A. Turner was the eldest son of Mr.Turner of Iggulden’s English Bank. About 1871 there was a terrible outbreak of cholera in Naples, and the father used to pass the nights at a hotel opposite the railway station at Cava de Tirreni, kept by an Anglo-Maltese called Ellis, who had served in the Commissariat at Malta long before. When old Mr.Turner arrived from Naples, I used to torment him with questions concerning the bulletins of mortality issued daily in Naples, and he, desirous to quell the anxiety which emptied Naples of his English customers, rubbing his hands, as his habit was, with invisible soap was prepared to pooh-pooh the very existence of cholera as a thing unknown and non-existent, except in diseased imaginations. Such conduct I have often since observed in chaplains, bankers and other officials when the credit of a foreign city required whitewashing.)


Laura Mary TURNER, born 21st June 1847 and died 27th October 1899. The wife of George Turner. (Believed to be the daughter of an English tradesman in Naples named PEARCE)


Julia Helen TWELLS, died 27th February 1893


James TYTLER, born 20th March 1869 and died 10th February 1904. Of Aberdeen, a member of the London Stock Exchange. Erected by his widow


Mabel Frances VICKERS, born in Sheffield, on 21st October 1862 and died 21st April 1894. The daughter of Thomas Edward Vickers


Frederick WADE, died 18th January 1903, aged 42 years, in the International Hospital, from Farsley, Yorkshire


James WHITE, died 13th September 1901. Erected by his wife and children


Lydia Catherine WHYTE, born 6th October 1817 and died 6th April 1895. The only child of Sarah and Charles O’Reilly


James WILLIS, died 23rd October 1895, aged 50 years. Of Bleak House, Anlaby Road, Hull


Elizabeth WOOD, died 23rd March 1900. Erected by her children


Mary Emma WORDSWORTH, nee REYNOLDS, died 9th September 1898, in her 62nd year. The daughter of Morris and Emma Reynolds, late of Ambleside, and the wife for twenty-five years of W.Wordsworth C.I., late of Elphinstone College, Bombay


Charlotte ZEMELLO, born 1st August 1819 and died 27th December 1898, after sixty-one years faithful service. Buried in the same grave as her sister Lucy


Lucy ZEMELLO, born 20th May 1823 and died 3rd May 1891, for many years in the same family as her sister Charlotte

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