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Registers of the Rev D. P. Cosseratt 1801-1807   Index of Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial
Registers of Reverend J.C.Miller 1805-1818   Fort Chambray Cemetery, Gozo
Methodist Marriages - Military 1869-1900   Capuchin Cemetery, Floriana
Index of Mediterranean Fleet 1881   Index of Pembroke Military Cemetery
Voters List 1860          Index of Pieta Military Cemetery
Voters List 1870   Index of Imtarfa Military Cemetery
Voters List 1880   Index of Kalkara Naval Cemetery
Voters List 1900 St Lawrence's Cemetery, Vittoriosa
Voters List 1920

Index of Msida Bastion Cemetery

Russian Refugees 1919   Other Mediterranean Cemeteries
The Malta Directory 1888   The Turkish Cemetery at Marsa
Eyewitness in Malta 1915  

Army Chapel-Schools

Eyewitness in Malta 1940    




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