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Upton 1997

Upton on Severn.

Welcome to the Original Welsh Border Morris home page. This photograph was taken on a glorious sunny afternoon whilst in Upton on the December 1997 tour. This page contains some information about the side and has links to photographs from several tours. I am sure you will work it out... Further information about the club and dances can also be gained from Dean's Welsh Border page.


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The Origins of the Black Face.
The blackening of the face is a disguise that was often used by individuals who did not want to be easily recognised by land owners due to the fact that they were up to no good. Trespassing and poaching were activities that were not looked upon favourably by landowners and gentry.

Pub Break
Miller's Arms, Pershore.
Some images
from the 1997 tour.
Pub Break
Miller's Arms, Pershore.

How The Club Started
In the early seventies several of the founder members went to a dance instructional given by Roy Dommett in Ledbury. He taught a number of dances that originated from the region. Several people decided to revive the tradition of dancing on the last Saturday before Christmas, a time where by the labourers could earn some extra income during the season of goodwill. As far as we know this side is the first Morris team to revive these border dances. Another Morris team, who were a Cotswold side at that time, decided that they would like to perform these dances at other times of the year and hence they became a well known Border side that we know today. The concensus of the founder members of the Welsh Border Morris Men was to keep this team as a separate body, only dancing on an occasion just prior to Christmas. The chosen day for dancing is the last Saturday before Christmas Day.

The following dress was agreed when the club was first started:

"Black face, white shirt with rags or ribbons, black breeches, brown wool stockings, black shoes and dark (undecorated) trilby hat. The final arrangement was that the ribbons would be 18 in number, each 1.5 inches by 12 inches. A turquoise sash and bellpads were added, and there is no stipulation on which shoulder the sash will be worn."

The Founder Members Were

John Barker, Dave Jones, Bernie Smart, John Aston, Ian Garbutt,
Andrew Watson, Steve Vigurs, Stan Kilby, Nick Oliver and Gael Turnbull

(The passage above is based on information given to me by founder members Gael Turnbull, John Barker and documentation from Dean Clark)

The tour itinerary (This may vary from year to year)

  1. Meet in the depths of Worcestershire at a pub for breakfast.
  2. Coach leaves at about 9.15
  3. Dance at White Ladies Aston
  4. Dance in Pershore. This is where the AGM takes place in the "Angel"
  5. Lunch provided on the bus, cheese rolls
  6. Dance in Upton on Severn
  7. Final dance spot by the Guild Hall in Worcester
  8. Leave Worcester to return to our starting point


Some of the tunes that are played for the dances are:

If you really need To contact the Original Welsh Border Morris Men then the details are:

Mail to:- Dean Clarke

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