Mick Mercer's Photographs
Tabitha Zu and Zu collections
Legendary rock journalist and photographer Mick Mercer is currently making sets of his photos available on cd-rom, and among the vast numbers of bands he has photographed are Melanie Garside's former bands Tabitha Zu and Zu.

Take a look at these fantastic sample pictures!

There are over 100 pictures available in total, covering the following:
Tabitha Zu - Live at the Bull & Gate April '92 (Colour)
Tabitha Zu - Live at the Bull & Gate April '92 (B&W)
Zu - Live at the Bull & Gate 11.7.93 (Colour)
Zu - Live at the Splash Club 3.3.93 (Colour)

To obtain the pictures on cd-rom, or for more information, please visit the Mick Mercer website.

Among the many other bands Mick has photographed is Daisy Chainsaw, the band featuring Mel's sister Katie. For further information about Daisy Chainsaw pictures, go Here.


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