She Knows
Check out Mel's current work at the official Maple Bee website, the website of the record label releasing the Maple Bee album (XIE Recordings), the official Queen Adreena site and the Mediaeval Baebes site.There's a few old journal entries still online at Blurty too.

I have created a Yahoo group called Sick on Words, where Mel Garside fans can communicate with each other directly. There are messages from Mel, several collections of live photos and links to various reviews and interviews not listed here.

Melanie's band Vertigo Angels have their own website, although there is currently no content available. Melanie contributed vocals and writing to two tracks for Conjure One, one of which appeared on their album, although the other remains unreleased.

If you've glanced through this site you will have noticed references to Mel's elder sister, Katie-Jane Garside, and her bands Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena. The official Queen Adreena website now features photos of the new line-up including Mel.  For the ultimate Katie-Jane resource do yourself a favour and visit, which also a great Melanie Garside biography.

You will also have seen several references to Phespirit, who provided some of the images in the press section & virtually all of the information for the Tabitha Zu discography. As far as Tabitha Zu is concerned, he has been there, done that and bought the T-shirt (literally)! Why not pay a visit to his fascinating homepage!

Buy "Chasing Eva" by Maple Bee on Amazon.
Buy "Eradicate Apathy" by Vertigo Angels on Amazon.
Go music shopping - a great place to find Mel Garside related cd's & vinyl (UK)
Go music shopping - a great place to find Mel Garside related cd's & vinyl (US)
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