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4th December 2004 - Melanie Garside (now known publicly as Maple Bee) has a number of new projects in progress. A new solo double album has just been released, and Maple is now a member of Medieval Baebes as well as the new bass player in her sister's band Queen Adreena. For more information check out the links and discography pages, or take a look at the newsgroup "Sick On Words".

3rd December 2004 - The website has been moved to a new host following a change in my ISP. Please update your bookmarks as necessary. I am in the process of updating the content to reflect everything that has occured in the more than 2 years (!) since the last update. Our Lady Of Miracles changed their name to Vertigo Angels, and released an album "Eradicate Apathy".


11th April 2002 - UPDATE - The Official Our Lady Of Miracles website is now online.

The debut single "Burned" should be released very soon.

The Conjure One album is now due for release 30th July 2002.

4th November 2001 - UPDATE - Check out the Our Lady Of Miracles page on for reviews of the band and a message from Mel.

The Conjure One album featuring guest vocals by Mel is now due for release February 2002.

9th May 2001 - UPDATE - Mel Garside has formed a new 3 piece Rock Band called Our Lady Of Miracles. More information when I get it!

7th May 2001 - UPDATE - New Section added! Mick Mercer's photographs of Tabitha Zu and Zu available for sale. Follow the link from the front page of the site.

6th May 2001 - UPDATE - I have added a number of new press cuttings, pictures and "hidden features" to the site. Many thanks to Rick Lennox and Princess Molly for all their help!

25th March 2001 - UPDATE - The Conjure One album should be released around September!

Also I have created a Yahoo group, Sick on Words, where fans of Mel can communicate with each other. Please take a look!

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10th December 2000 - UPDATE - I have added a few things to the site recently:

At the bottom of this page you will now find a link to Mindphaser>news, where you can keep up to date with the Conjure One project. I've added a promotional biography of Mel to the Press section, and I've also added some 'secret' features, where mouse-clicking on various images on the site will reveal new sections. For example, clicking on the small picture of Mel on the front page will take you to the 'Fossil' lyrics. Enjoy!!

16th November 2000 - UPDATE - After extensive searches of the net, I have found some news:

"Rhys Fulber, known of Front Line Assembly and Delerium informs that his new solo project is called Conjure One. Conjure One is also the title of a upcoming song on the album, which is already recorded. New singers were added in the project lately: Melanie Garside and Kirsty Hawkshaw. A single and mixes will be available later this year, with the entire album in early 2001! All vocals have been finished, the last of them in London."

[Story taken from Prospective Music Magazine, link below]

This page will contain news of Mel's current musical activities, and also news of site updates (so you know when I've added something new) - so, if you know what Mel's been doing recently, if you know about any planned gigs or releases, please get in touch so I can advertise them here. Also, if you have any pictures, articles or records that I've missed, please let me know about them!



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