4/3/2004 Latest club Newsletter includes the following -

  1. SASA membership forms need to be completed therefore all parents asked to spare 5 minutes in the w/c 8 March at the end of session to complete these forms.

  2. Reminder about squad fees due of 1 pound per week for all swimmers attending the 16:30 - 17:30 sessions. To assist the treasurer please now pay at start of the month.

  3. Please ensure all swimmers are arriving at the pool in plenty of time to be at poolside for their session.

  4. Pool closed Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th March for staff training.

15/2/2004 Confirmation has now been received that the club has been accepted as members of the North District Scottish Amateur Swimming Association. We have now got to the end of March to get everyones forms and membership fees of to the district secretary.

9/2/2004 New swimming times came into operation today. Over 20 kids took part in the training session and whilst they were all tired they seemed to enjoy the experience.

6/1/2004 Agreement reached with Highland Council officials that club can have 1 hours pool time every weekday.

9/12/2003 At a meeting in the Dounreay Club it was agreed that the Recreational Swimming Club be disbanded and a new Amateur Swimming club be formed. It was agreed that the new club should apply for affiliation with the Scottish Amateur Swimming Club(SASA). The new club's constitution was formally adopted.