Morris Dancing Teams in the Ripon & Harrogate District

Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers
Chewitt Well Mummers
Claro Sword & Morris Men
Cricket on the Hearth - Tessa Goldsmith 01677 470774
Flag & Bone Gang
Great Yorkshire Morris Men
Highside Longsword
Knaresborough Mummers
Medusa (Geraldine 01423 563649)
Minster Strays
Ripon City Morris Dancers
Ripon Sword Dancers
Skelton on Ure Blue Stots
Wakeman Mummers

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Yorkshire Garland
It is the Mission of the Yorkshire Garland Group to make Yorkshire’s Folk Song Heritage as widely and as readily available to the General Public as current technology and copyright considerations permit, and at no charge.

Friday 13th Folk Club

Highside Folk Dance Club



Whitby Folk Week 2007

Saint Wilfrid's Procession 2007

Ripon City Morris Dancers Weekend of Dance 2007

Flag and Bone Gang at Berkshire Bedlam's Weekend of Dance 2007

Knaresborough Mummers - May 2007

Betty Lupton's Weekend of Dance 2007

Lezan 2007

Transylvania 2003

Berlin 2003

Morris Federation AGM 2002

Golden Jubilee at Bishop Monkton

Saint Wilfrid's Procession 2001

Ripon City's Weekend of Dance 2001

Luchon 1999

North West Pacific 1998