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 April 2002



 Page 1 Local GP on sex assault charges, Phoenix rises

 Page 2 Arson attack, Fatal accident, Life sentence, Trader held at gunpoint, Beware one-day sales

 Page 3 Pigeon corner revamp, Burglary prevention, Forum report

 Page 4 Big Fun Walk, Blot on the landscape, Tagger Nekah nicked, Robbery in Finchley, Barnet joins with NYPD

 Page 5 Big breakfast, Writers showcase, Cherry Tree Wood greenspace action, Spike

 Page 6 Peter and the prince, A pair of boots, Euro-starring, Kalashnikov Kultur, Bridge column

 Page 7 Farmers market, US Marine Corps, Queen Victoria’s visit, Muntak about

 Page 8 Young Archer, School News, Keeping it in the family, World book day

 Page 9 Ace café – ace band, Strange but true, Search for Finchley’s poet

 Page 10 Cuckoo, New threat to zebras, St George, Home truths on spring cleaning, Barnet five-0

 Page 11 Letters, Gardening, What’s On, Celebrity chef visits

 Page 12 Sports Page