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 July 2002



 Page 1 Tesco says sorry, No drama at Tally Ho, Golden Years

 Page 2 We can’t spend a penny, Paresh walks it, Community Focus, Hole promotes vandalism

 Page 3 Pigeon corner vote results, Cyril Wilds obit

 Page 4 Jubilee special: Golden memories, Jubilee-ation at Strawberry Vale

 Page 5 Writers showcase, Cherry Tree Wood Jubilee Celebrations

 Page 6 Festival Photo spread

 Page 7 Festival Photo spread

 Page 8 Young Archer, London Children’s Bllet, Bridge column

 Page 9 Monica Herring obit, Kalashnikov Kultur

 Page 10 An Evening at the (St Judes) Proms, One step ahead, What’s On

 Page 11 Letters, Gardening, Café Culture

 Page 12 Sports Page – East Finchley Festival Football