Yamaha EL90
The El 90 was released in 1991 and was the top of a range that included ELs 30, 50 and 70.
It was superseded, at least in the UK, by the AR100.
Yamaha dominated the organ circuit with the EL90, just about every artiste played one, possibly because if you got on the UK organ circuit you could pretty much guarantee Yamaha would loan you an EL90.
The instrument is still used extensively by professionals, partly because the AR100, released in 1996, that followed it was not portable, being designed as a home machine, and also the EL900 that eventually became available in the UK was not so easily available with Yamaha changing their attitude to lending out instruments.

You Tube clips featuring the EL90
Matthew Bason
Sweet Georgia Brown
Members review

Yamaha EL90

by Phil

How long have you had the Yamaha EL90? I have had it for about 3 months

How long have you been playing.
I have Been playing for about 25 years off and on

Do you only play for yourself, play in front of friends, play in public, semi professional etc.
I play for myself and any friends that can bear to listen to me

What type of music do you enjoy most.
I enjoy most middle of the road, standards, easy listening, Latin.

What is your favorite sound, orchestral, theatre organ, pipe organ, big band, piano etc.
I like to listen to Theatre, organ especially American style, but also happy with orchestral and all sorts.

About the instrument.

Was there any particular feature that made you select this instrument.
The amazing range of and flexibility of sounds/rhythms

Is there anything on this instrument you didn't have on your last one.
Lots of flexibility, wonderful quality sounds, huge range of disks and backup assistance (Yamaha music club etc)

Is there anything you had on your last instrument you wish you had on this one.
El 90 only has 1 fill-in/drum break; the Orla had 2 different fill-ins/drum breaks.

What are your favourite sounds on this instrument.
All of them!

What are your favourite rhythms on this instrument.
Most of them

Has this instrument helped improve your playing. Do you feel more confident playing this instrument.
Yes, it has helped because I can change sound etc so much more quickly and easily. So I am more inclined to be more adventurous in the music I am trying to play. I am trying to play Coronation Scott, with all the sound effects of steam, theatre sounds, strings, different rhythms, this is something I would not have contemplated before.

What instrument did you have before this one, and do you still have it and play it.
Previous organ was an Orla Mantova 2 which I part exchanged.

General comments.

Obviously I am still in the 'honeymoon period' with my new organ, but I haven't had any doubts at all that I have made a choice of organ that will suffice my curiosity and imaginative flair for many years to come.

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