Wersi Scala, click for a larger picture

Wersi Scala

Wersi have produced a range of instruments based round a 500 mz Celeron computer running Windows XP.
All the voices, presetts and rhythems can be held on the built in disk drive.
A built in CD ROM allows you to down load more sounds etc, or you can play along to your favorite CD.
Because it is Windows based updates are easily achieved, the latest software is version six, this feature live drums with the ability to vary the tempo, five pages of instruments available behind each instrument selection button, each page can hold nine instruments. A total of 1485 sounds can be made instantly available.
In Addition to the above you can store another 90 organ sounds in the organ section, plus you have 9 drawbars on the upper manual and 7 on the lower. All instrumental voices can be played on upper and lower manuals.
On the rhythm side behind each button you can store five pages of nine instruments. With fourteen buttons available you have 630 rhythms available.
In addition to all this you can store 1000 instrument setups on the presetts, the pressets can use voices and rhythms not on the buttons.
Keyboards 2 x 61 note
Pedal board 25 note
Touch response After on upper and lower
Voices 600 sampled, Akai voices can be added
Voice sections Lower manual 3 layer, upper manual 4 layer, pedals 2 layer
Voice control Very extensive
Preset 1000
Output 4 channel Surround sound
Speakers 2 x 80 watt, 2 X 40 watt
Disk drives
Hard drive 8.4gb
Touch screen
Line in 4
Line out 6

Why not come along to a Basildon Keyboard Club Concert, you will be made very welcome, have a great evenings entertainment, a complimentary cup of tea or coffee with biscuits and of course experience the delights of live music played on top of the range electronic organs & keyboards by the best players.