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The main one is to bring information to the fingertips of those wishing to become tattooed, I know it isn't for everyone, but for those with an interest or an urge, this site may prove useful.

The secondary aim is to increase the expectations of customers as to what is available now days. Gone are the days when all you could expect was a bluish line that looked like it was done with a six inch nail (sorry for all you decimals out there).

There should not be any images likely to offend in this site, there are NO photo's of nude models, so if you do find anything offensive, let me know. The purpose is to educate not titillate.

At last, I have finally been able to edit the site, bloody talktalk, had to totally move my site to another host. Hope all goes well. First stage complete, well the first stage anyway. General tidying up and a facelift, content will change over the coming weeks - thanks for being so patient

.......now the new host has become unreliable so switching back..... we can only hope