RAF Leuchars Airshow 2000

Royal Airforce Leuchars Airshow 2000

Time again for the annual pilgrimage south to a beautiful little village by St Andrews in Scotland for another great display of flight by the RAF and the other major players in the flying fraternity!

This year was a special year in two ways. It was the year 2000 display and, rather more importantly, it is the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

I had the camera with me so click on the thumbs if you want a closer look at the photos. Copy them if you want but if you do please reference my site so that others can see them too!

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Avro Lancaster. 37k

Boeing 707 Tanker. 46k

Hurricane XIIb. 36k

Mig 29.

Harrier/Hurricane. 33k

Harrier T8. 19k

Italian AMX. 42k

C17 Globemaster. 34k

Eurofighter Typhoon. 15k

F16 Fighting Falcon. 11k

Red Arrows 49k

Red Arrows 43k

Red Arrows 13k

Red Arrows 15k

Red Arrows 13k

Red Arrows 19k

Red Arrows 16k

Red Arrows 19k

Red Arrows 16k

Red Arrows 25k

Red Arrows 18k

Red Arrows 31k

Red Arrows 11k

Red Arrows 20k

Red Arrows 12k

Red Arrows 13k

Red Arrows 12k

Red Arrows 22k

Red Arrows 12k

Red Arrows 20k

F16 Fighting Falcon. 30k

Bae Hawk. 36k

Kids with Tornado GR4. 42k

Mig 29.

Mig 29.

F4 Phantom. 30k

Spitfire T9 2 seater. 11k

Spitfire T9 2 seater. 10k

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