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The site will undergo a major rebuild as I have been forced to change server. Please bear with me during this time as the rebuild will be long and slow! If you have any specific queries in the meantime please email me at tsbl2000@tiscali.co.uk

I had considered closing the site altogether but the support I have had from visitors has made me reconsider. I would like to thank all contributors, old and new, who have helped shape the site and made it so successful. My gratitude goes to you all.

The old site has been archived by The British Library and is still available at Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery

Tom S B Lee, September 2013

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to my site since it was launched from my study in Sussex on 11 October 1999

This site is dedicated to my father Gordon B Lee, April 1920 - January 2004

My father introduced me to the nostalgia of the British excursion steamers that for so long operated around our coasts and without the interest given to me by my father, and to him by his father Henry J B Lee, this site would not exist. The site started as a way to catalogue my paddle steamer postcard collection, but has expanded to cover non paddlers, at visitors requests.

The site is co-dedicated to my friend Cyril Perrier, February 1926-May 2006. Cyril was my "proof reader" for the site and many were the corrections by Cyril of errors that were made by me. He was also a good friend and Cyril had an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things transport and especially railway related. Cyril and his father Sidney were also the creative source of many of the images shown here, both having a passion for all forms of surface related transport. His support of the site is much missed.

Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery shows images of some recent and some long gone ships that will hold memories for many of those of us over a certain age. It is not intended to be a "high tech" site, as this is not in keeping with the images and subjects that are contained here. I do hope, however, that you will find it clear and informative and that you will find it easy to get around. Any suggestions for improvement will be welcome.

Unless stated otherwise, all pictures come from old postcards and photos that I have collected over the years. I have not intended to breach any copyrights but if you know differently please let me know and I will remove them from the site.

The site is regularly updated with new images and descriptions of the ships and I have been particularly grateful to all those visitors who have allowed me to include some of their own, previously unpublished photographs and recollections. Thank you to all those concerned and please email me if you have any pictures or memories that you are willing to let me include on the site.

When I started Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery in 1999 I had no idea it would prove so interesting to anyone other than me, certainly I did not envisage it would still be here ten years later. Also, my scanner and the webspace available to me did not allow me to produce very hi resolution images. As such, some of the images are rather poor. If you can spot any poor quality images please let me know at tsbl2000@tiscali.co.uk and I will rescan and upload them. As always, I am indebted to you, my visitors, for helping me with the site.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy your trip around the Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery.

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