Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery


Duke of Clarence

Builders: Laird Bros 1892

Propulsion type: Twin Screw Triple expansion

Owners: Lancashire & Yorkshire and London & North Western Railway Companies, Goole Steam Shipping Company Ltd

Service dates: 1892 - 1930

Tonnage: Gross 1458


Duke of Clarence was originally to be called Birkenhead and was the prototype of seven successors. She sailed from Hull to Zeebrugge carrying cargo and passengers and had a top speed of 19 knots. At times she sailed from Liverpool to Drogheda. After the end of the Great War she returned to Hull and ten years later she undertook some "Round Britain" tours from Hull. She also did some tours from Hull to Fleetwood round the north coast of Scotland, when returning to Fleetwood at the end of the season. I suppose she was not really a true excursion steamer, but I have included this card as I like the picture. She was sold in May 1930 and was broken up by TW Ward Ltd at Barrow.

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