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The Ships

Bristol Channel Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of: Albion, Bonnie Doon, Brighton, Bristol Queen, Britannia, Cambria, Cardiff Queen, Devonia, Empress Queen, Glen Avon, Glen Gower, Glen Rosa, Glen Usk, Gwalia, Lady Ismay, Lady Margaret, Lord Tredegar, Marchioness (The), Normandy, Privateer, Queen of the Bay, Ravenswood, Scotia, Waverley (1885), Waverley (Ex Barry 1907), a passenger group aboard Waverley (Ex Barry), Westonia, MV Westward Ho and PS Westward Ho

Cornwall & South Devon Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of Alexandra (1888), Bangor Castle, Berry Castle, Britannia, Compton Castle, MV Conway Castle, MV Dartmouth Castle, PS Dartmouth Castle (I), Duchess of Devonshire, Duke of Devonshire, Earl of Arran, Eleanor, Empress, Helper, Hibernia, Kingswear Castle, Queen of the Bay, Sir Francis Drake, and Totnes Castle

Isle of Man, Ireland Wales and North West of England Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of: Bangor Castle, Belle, Ben-my-Chree (II), Ben-my-Chree (III), Ben-my-Chree (IV), Bonnie Princess, Cynthia, Donegal, Duchess of Devonshire, Duke of Cornwall, Earl Spencer, Empress Queen, Fenella (II), Greyhound, Hinterton, Innishowen, Ivanhoe, King Orry (II), King Orry (III), King Orry (IV), Lady of Mann, Lady Orme, Laird's Isle, La Marguerite, Lune, Manx Maid (I), Manxman (I), Manxman (II), Minden, Mona (IV), Mona's Isle (III), Mona's Isle (IV), Mona's Isle (V), Mona's Queen (II), Mona's Queen (IV), Nelson, Normandy, Pearl, Prince George (New St George), Prince of Wales, Queen of the Bay, Queen of the North, Queen Victoria, Rhos Colwyn, Rhos Trevor, Rose, Royal Daffodil (I), Royal Iris (I), Rushen Castle, St Elvies, TS St Seiriol (II), PS St Trillo, MV St Trillo, PS St Tudno (I), PS St Tudno (II), TS St Tudno (III), Snaefell (II), Snaefell (IV), Snaefell (V), Snowdon, Tynwald (III), Tynwald (V), Ulster, Victoria, Viking, Violet, Waverley (1864) and a copy of a 1932 steamer bill

North East Coast Steamers This page has pictures of Atalanta, Bilsdale, Brocklesby, Celia, Conqueror, Cynthia, Duke of Clarence, Frenchman, Greatham, Grimsby, Humber, Killingholme, Lincoln Castle, CM Palmer, Scarborough, Tattershall Castle, Wingfield Castle and Yorkshireman

Scottish Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of: Adder, Argyle, Atalanta, Benmore, Britannia, Caledonia (I), Caledonia (II), Carrick Castle, Chancellor, Chevalier (II), Cobra, Columba, Culzean Castle, Cumbrae, Dandie Dinmont (I), Duchess of Argyll, Duchess of Fife, PS Duchess of Hamilton, TS Duchess of Hamilton, Duchess of Montrose, Duchess of Rothesay, Duchess of York, Eagle III, Earl of Arran, Earl Spencer, Edinburgh Castle, Empress, Fair Maid, Fusilier, Gael, Galatea, Glencoe, Glen Rosa, PS Glen Sannox, TS Glen Sannox, Gondolier, Grenadier, Heather Bell, Iona (III), Isle of Arran, Isle of Cumbrae, Isle of Skye, Ivanhoe, Jeanie Deans (I), Jeanie Deans (II), Juno, Jupiter (I) includes pictures of her captain John M MacNaughton, Kenilworth, King Edward, King George V, Kylemore, Lady Clare, Lady of the Isles, Linnet, Lochfyne, Lord Morton, Lord of the Isles (I), Lord of the Isles (II), Lucy Ashton, Madge Wildfire, Maid of Argyll, Maid of the Loch, Marchioness of Breadalbane, Marchioness of Lorne, Marmion, Marquis of Bute, Marquis of Lorne, Mars, Mercury (I), Mercury (II), Minerva, Mountaineer (I), Neptune, Pioneer, Prince Edward, Prince George, Princess Louise, Princess May (Larne), Princess May (Loch Lomond), Redgauntlet, Queen Alexandra, Queen Empress, Queen Mary II, St Columba, St Magnus (I), Sir Walter Scott, Talisman (I), Talisman (II), Viceroy, Victory, Viper, Vivid, Vulcan (I), Vulcan (II), Waverley (1899), Waverley (1946) and William Muir

South Coast Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of: Albert Victor, Albion, Alexandra (1863), Alexandra (1879), Alliance, Arundel, MV Balmoral, PS Balmoral, Bangor Castle, Bembridge, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Queen, Brading, Brighton (IV), Brighton (V), Brighton (VI), Brighton Belle, Brighton Queen (I), Brighton Queen (II), Brittany, Brodick Castle, Calais-Douvres (I), Canterbury, Carisbrooke, Castalia, Conqueror, Consul, Cote d'Azur, Cynthia, Dandie Dinmont (I), Dieppe, Dinard, Dover, Duchess of Albany, Duchess of Edinburgh, Duchess of Fife, Duchess of Kent, Duchess of York (Red Funnel), Duchess of York (SER), Embassy, Empress (Cosens), Empress (London Chatham & Dover Railway), Emperor of India, Engadine, Freshwater, Glen Rosa, Gracie Fields, Heather Bell, Helper, Her Majesty, Invicta (I), Invicta (II), Island Queen, Isle of Jersey, Isle of Thanet, La Duchesse de Normandie, Lady Enchantress, Le Nord, Louise Dagmar, Lord Elgin, Lord Warden, Lorna Doone, Lorna Doone II, Lymington, Mabel Grace, Majestic, Marie Henriette, Mary Beatrice, Mayflower, Medina, Melcombe Regis, Merstone, Monarch (1888), Monarch (1924), Myleta, Nelson, Normandy (II), Onward, Paris (III), Premier, Princess Alice, Princess Beatrice, Princesse Clementine, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Helena, Princess Mary, Prince of Wales, Queen, Queen of the South (ex Woolwich Belle), Riviera, Rouen (V), Ryde, St Briac, Sandown, PS Shanklin, MV Shanklin, Seagull, Sir Francis Drake, Solent (III), Solent Queen (I), Solent Queen (II), Southampton, PS Southsea, MV Southsea, Stirling Castle, Sussex, Sussex Queen, Swanage Queen, Twickenham Ferry, Upton, Vecta, Victoria (Cosens), Victoria (LC&DR), Whippingham, Windsor Castle, Worthing and Worthing Belle

Thames Medway & East Coast Steamers This page has pictures and descriptions of: Alexandra (Showboat), Audrey, Celia, City of Rochester, Clacton Belle (including rare pictures of her at the breaker's yard) , Clacton Queen, Claude Hamilton, PS Crested Eagle, MV Crested Eagle, Cynthia, Eagle, Essex (II), Golden Eagle (including pictures of her evacuating children in Sept 1939), Gordon, Halcyon, Harlequin, Hoboken, Isle of Arran, John Batey, Jupiter, Kingfisher, Koh-i-noor, Lady Enchantress, Laguna Belle, Laverock, London Belle, Lord of the Isles (I), Lord Roberts, Mavis, Medway Queen (includes sailing bills from 1959 season), The Mermaid, Myleta, New Prince of Wales, Norfolk, Oriole, Palmerston, Philomel, Princess Mary, Princess of Wales, Queen of the Channel (I), Queen of the Channel (II) (includes previously unpublished photos), Queen of Kent, Queen of Thanet, Queen of the South (ex Jeanie Deans), Rochester Queen (II), Royal Eagle, Royal Daffodil (I), MV Royal Daffodil (II), Royal Sovereign II, III and IV (now includes previously unpublished pictures of her engines), Showboat (Alexandra), Southend Belle, Southend Britannia, Southwold Belle, Squires, Swallow, Swift, United Service, Walton Belle, Woolwich Belle and Yarmouth Belle. It also has a record of a 1934 trip on Royal Eagle

Pleasure Steamers at War This page has a collection of various pleasure steamers in Navy service. They include Britannia, Caledonia, Clacton Belle, Devonia, Duchess of Rothesay, Glen Avon, Glen Gower, Golden Eagle, Jeanie Deans, Lady Moyra, Laguna Belle, Lorna Doone, Medway Queen, Mona's Isle, Prince Edward, Queen Empress, Royal Eagle, St Tudno (II), Southwold Belle, Thames Queen, Yarmouth Belle, Waverley, Walton Belle, Westward Ho and a group of Campbell's steamers at Ilfracombe in December 1914

HMS Skiddaw (Campbell's PS Britannia) A photographic record of her war service by her Chief Engineer, Hector McFadyen. This section includes some previously unpublished and historic pictures

Some Paddle Boxes This page has close ups of the paddle boxes of: Ben-my-Chree (II), Brighton Queen, Britannia, Glen Gower, Glen Usk, Gwalia, Jeanie Deans, Kingswear Castle, La Marguerite, Lorna Doone (I), Maid of the Loch, Medway Queen, Royal Sovereign and Waverley

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