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TSS Dieppe (IV)

Builders: Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd 1905

Propulsion type: Triple Screw turbine

Owner: London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, Southern Railway, Lord Moyne

Service dates: 1905 - 1941

Tonnage: Gross 1210


Dieppe (IV) was similar in appearance to Brighton, but was some 100 tons heavier. She operated out of Newhaven and sailed to the port of her name for the LB&SCR. She saw war service as a transport ship initially and later as a hospital ship then a troopship. She survived the hostilities and was absorbed into the Soiuthern Railway fleet in 1923. After ten years in this guise she was purchased by Lord Moyne, who converted her into a private yacht, naming her Rosaura and replacing the former Brighton. She had her turbines replaced as part of the conversion to a yacht and was fitted with a single funnel. During this process her speed was reduced from her cross channel days of 22 knots to just over 15 knots service speed. She saw war service again as an armed boarding vessel, but was mined off Tobruk and lost on 18 March 1941.

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