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PS Glen Gower

Builders: Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd Troon 1922

Propulsion type: Paddle compound diagonal (taken second hand from Albion)

Owners: P & A Campbell Ltd

Service dates: 1922 - 1960

Tonnage: Net 218 Gross 553


Glen Gower's engines were fitted second hand from Albion (ex Slieve Donard). Glen Gower was rather like Devonia and Brighton Queen (II) in appearance. Originally on runs in the Bristol Channel from Bristol to Ilfracombe, Cardiff to Ilfracombe and Swansea to Ilfracombe. In 1926 she went to Brighton for a short period and in 1934 was transferred to the South Coast. In 1955 she restarted "No Passport" trips to France, which had ceased with the War in 1939. Site visitor Alan Healey recalls

"I travelled many times on Glengower in the 1950's. I lived in the docks area of Cardiff just a stone's throw from the pontoons from which the steamers operated. I lived there until 1962 and then moved to Rumney in Cardiff and lived there until I retired in 1996. I knew every one of the paddle steamers by sound, as they came up the cut to the landing stages I could tell without looking which one was approaching. Each was different in sound and looks. The vessels I was familiar with were; Ravenswood, Glen Usk, Britannia, Glen Gower, Bristol Queen, Cardiff Queen, and then later Vecta (renamed Westward Ho), Balmoral, Prince Eugine ( Sank off the Gower coast ) St. Trillo and then of course and still going Waverley."

For a close up picture of her paddle box, click this link. Glen Gower kept her name, despite her South Coast operations right up to her scrapping in 1960 after being laid up. The picture above was taken from Brighton, Palace Pier in 1949 by the late Cyril Perrier. For a wonderful colour picture of her bridge, taken in July 1939 by Cyril's father Sidney, please click here.

For previously unpublished photographs of her in 1939/1940 please click here

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