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Please let me know if you find an out of date link and I will remove it.. Go on, browse around a few of the sites, there are some interesting entries there.

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Heritage Steamers archive site The definitive point for access to the unique museum collection of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society; a fascinating site for delving into all things pleasure steamer related. A must for all interested in our pleasure steamers and their history.

Clyde Steamers Search This is a wonderful site for those of you looking for information on ships that may have been built on the Clyde. It has been created by Bruce Biddulph and Stuart Cameron and they are to be congratulated for a very comprehensive database. Well done!

Clyde River Steamer Club The official site of the CRSC. This is well worth the membership fee, especially if you live North of the Border.

Clyde Steamers Douglas Urqhart's interesting site on Clyde steamers including Waverley and Queen Mary II. Well worth a visit.

Ships of Mann Adrian Sweeney's IOMSP Co related magazine site

Mersey Ferries An interesting and topical site with a good history page on the Mersey Ferries

SS Manxman The official site detailing the preservation progress of Manxman by the Manxman Steamship Company.

Manxlink Dave Worth's site offering some good pictures for Manx enthusiasts.


Riversea International. A very interesting topical and historical site, showing an ever changing selection of modern and past shipping.

Shipping at Dunkirk Evacuation A very informative and interesting French site regarding the ships in attendance at the Dunkirk evauctions

Maritime Britain A guide to Maritime attractions in Britain.

John's Swiss Paddle Steamers A very interesting site for those who are into Swiss Steamers. Very comprehensive and full of information.

Paddle A good and interesting site about Paddle Steamers, including some good links

Thames Tugs Run by "Pete the paddler".

National Piers Society National Piers Society Pages. Some very good pictures here.

PS Waverley The official site. You can book paddle steamer trips from this site.

Maid of the Loch See the progress being made in the restoration of the Loch Lomond Paddler.

PS Kingswear Castle Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle site maintained by her Captain, John Megoran. A good source of information about KC and other paddlers, especially the Cosens ships

PS Waverley The unofficial Paddle Steamer Waverley site. Make sure you see the rebuild section

Medway Queen Preservation Society Recently redesigned Paddle Steamer Medway Queen site, you can buy videos of the steamers and watch the Medway Queen's restoration progress from here!.

MV Balmoral Ok, not a paddler, but a great favourite of mine and still sailing.

Country Bus site An intereting and nostaglic look at bus travel in the days when there were drivers AND conductors!

Tramscape Tramscape site by Gordon Stewart, which has a wealth of pictures relating to tramways.

Simplon Postcards A website devoted to postcards of passenger ships of all sizes.

Harold Jordan Cards If you are looking for new cards of old steamers this is well worth a visit. there are some good cards here at low prices.

Paddle Ducks; a group of modellers who have a passion for paddlewheel driven vessels.

Windermere Lake Cruises Interesting and informative site about the cruises available on Lake Windermere.

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