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PS Lord of the Isles

Builders: D & W Henderson, Partick 1891

Propulsion type: Paddle two cylinder oscillating

Owners: Glasgow & Inverary Steamboat Co Ltd, Lochgoil and Inverary Steamboat Co Ltd, Williamson Buchanan Ltd and Turbine Steamers Ltd

Service dates: 1891 - 1928

Tonnage: Gross 466


This beautiful steamer replaced a ship of the same name, by the same builders, but proved even more popular than her predecessor. When built, she was one of the largest Clyde steamers seen and had improved accommodation for her passengers. As her owners name suggested, she maintained the Glasgow to Inverary route and she was regularly to be found racing the MacBrayne's steamers Columba and Iona. 1903 saw the introduction of King Edward as competition and the racing continued, with disputes over berthing at Inverary being common. In 1912, Turbine Steamers bought the Lord of the Isles so that they could eliminate her as competition. She was then moved to less importnt sailings. She was not called up for war service but transferred to the Glasgow to Lochgoilhead route. After the First World War she cruised round Bute and in her last season she sailed for MacBraynes. Lord of the Isles was scrapped at Port Glasgow, after the 1928 season.

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