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PS Marmion

Builders: A &J Inglis Pointhouse 1906

Propulsion type: Paddle compound diagonal

Owners: North British Railway Co, London North Eastern Railway Co

Service dates: 1906 - 1941

Tonnage: Gross 409


Marmion was a well furnished steamer, built for the North British's Loch Goil, Loch Long and Loch Lomond tour between Craigendorran and Arrochar. She was requisitioned for minesweeping duties in the Great War and did not return to peacetime commission until 1926. She was used for duties on the railway connection from Craigendorran to Dunoon and Rothesay. She was considerably altered internally in 1932 to change her passenger accommodation and at the same time was reboilered and overhauled. She was present at the Dunkirk evacuation, which she survived, but was lost in shallow water off Harwich when bombed in April 1941. She was raised and scrapped at Pounds of Porchester.

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