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PS Nelson

Builders: W Allsup & Son, Preston 1875

Propulsion type: Paddle twin cylinder single diagonal

Owner: South Blackpool Jetty Co Ltd, Samuel Little, Bristol Channel Steam Towing & Firing Co, Plymouth Pier Co, Hastings, St Leonards & Eastbourne Steamboat Co, R R Collard, Alexandra Towing Co, TH Williams (Mrs E Clare), Belgian owners

Service dates: 1875-19??

Tonnage: Gross 166


This little iron built paddler was well travelled and there is some confusion about her eventual fate. She was built in Preston for use as a pleasure steamer out of Blackpool, where she lasted some eight seasons. She was then sold for use from Newport to Cardiff, then sold again in March 1886 for towing use. In 1887 she was sold yet again for pleasure use out of Plymouth, but reports say she did not actually sail from there, instead she was chartered for use as a pleasure steamer out of Hastings. After changing hands again, but staying in Hastings, she was bought in 1892 by the Alexandra Towing Co of Liverpool, but it appears once more she stayed in Hastings, running for Mr Collard. This gentleman seems to have not always adhered to the maritime regulations in that he was in trouble for "racing and shadowing" and also for overcrowding on Nelson. After 1897 she seems to have been sold again, probably to Belgian owners, as this picture comes from a card of her posted in August 1919 and she appears to have been undertaking excursions out of Blankenberge. I do not have a record of her demise.

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