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PS Princess May

Builders: Wm Denny Bros Dumbarton 1892

Propulsion type: Paddle, 2 cylinder compound diagonal

Owners: The Larne and Stranraer Steamboat Co

Service dates: 1892 - 1919

Tonnage: Gross 1123


This steamer was based on an earlier Denny steamer, the Princess Victoria of 1890. Princess May, however had some improvements made and was a fast steamer capable of 20 knots. Both paddlers were designed to take not only passengers but also cargo, mail and cattle. Princess May was later improved by a redesign of her passenger accommodation, but she was taken out of service in 1912 and laid up in Loch Ryan. Upon the outbreak of the Great War, she was purchased by the Admiralty for "special duties" and survived the war in tact. After the cessation of hostilities, she was laid up in Holy Loch and then sold in 1921 for breaking up at Garston.

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