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PS Violet

Builders: Laird Bros 1880

Propulsion type: Paddle originally simple oscillating, later triple expansion steeple

Owners: London & North Western Railway, Liverpool & Douglas Steamers Ltd

Service dates: 1880 - 1904

Tonnage: Gross 1175


In 1880 the L&NW Railway introduced a night service from Holyhead to Dublin, to supplement their existing day service. At almost 18 knots two sisters, the Violet and Lily, were built by Lairds for this purpose. After ten years the company wished to increase the speed of the vessels but did not want larger engines to reduce the lucrative cargo and passenger space. Lairds were asked to solve this problem and did so by constructing and installing innovative triple expansion steeple engines which, with new boilers, gave a speed of 19.5 knots. Lily was withdrawn in 1900 with Violet following two years later. Both ships went to Liverpool & Douglas Steamers, who operated them until 1904 when they were sold to TW Wards for breaking up.

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