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Often described as the gateway to the islands, Oban is a town of some 9000, and dominates North Argyll. A lively and bustling tourist centre, Oban's crowning glory is McCaig's folly, just visible in the picture above. The structure was built in the early 1900s courtesy of John McCaig, an eminent local banker, and gave much needed work to unemployed stone masons.

Oban has two twin towns - Gorey in Ireland, and Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA.


The name is derived from the Gaelic language, and means 'The land of the Gael'. A land of mountains and moorlands, islands and sheltered glens, unspoilt air and water, and a rich variety of wildlife, Argyll has a long and chequered history. Once dependent on fishing farming and forestry, modern Argyll is a popular tourist destination and now boasts an impressive telecommunications infrastructure which has assisted the development of new businesses.


The Scottish Connection

A radio series for those with Scotland in their blood or in thier heart. People and places, history and contemporary events, culture, music - if its connected to Scotland, it has a place. But the heart of 'The Scottish Connection' centers on people and their stories. Organisers of events, travellers to Scotland, researchers of Scottish culture, musicians, story tellers - if they have a Scottish connection, they have a place in this entertaining and unique series.



Not just listening to good music, but audio recording and processing.

From quarter inch tape and the the Revox A77, through cassettes to minidisc, and from hospital broadcasting to Oban FM community radio, this has been a lifetime interest.

And now its all digital

Audio Archive - recordings from the series 'The Scottish Connection', available in 3 formats

  • RealAudio - for broadband
  • RealAudio - for 56k modem
  • MP3 format.

Audio Archive - recordings from the Oban FM series 'Notes from New York', available in 3 formats

  • RealAudio - for broadband
  • RealAudio - for 56k modem
  • MP3 format.

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