Twin Town Diary

A record of visits and other events arising from the twinning of Oban and Laurinburg.


February 99

Centenary of the agreement which formed Scotland County

Feb 7th - Ann Stack arrives for a private visit.

Feb 19 - NC flag flown on Oban Town Hall in honour of the centenary of Scotland County

April 6th

Plaid Day, in recognition of the role of Scots in the USA.

June 99

Barbara and Marjorie Seaton travel to Laurinburg to attend the graduation of Tamberley Ferguson, and enjoy trips to the mountains and to Myrtle Beach.

Don and Ivy Barrett from Laurinburg pay another brief visit to Oban.

Gavin Donn returns after his Senior Year in Scotland High.

14 strong exchange group from Scotland High arrives, and enjoy a packed programme of trips and activities. The group includes Phylis Fipps, who first came in 95, and husband Charlie for whom the high point is a trip to Carnoustie and St Andrews.

Todd Durham, son of Mark Durham, arrives to spend some time in Glasgow, and travels up to Oban to see old friends.

Visit by Doug Purcell and his sister Esther. From Alabama, they are related to Bill Purcell of Laurinburg, and are researching family history.

August 99

Murray Hamilton flies out to spend a Senior year at Scotland High

October 99

Return visit by Oban High group of 10, led by Geoff Anderson.

4 of the OHS students become interested in the possibility of a senior year in SHS, and start the research.

December 99

Centenary of the first court records of Scotland County.

Valerie Price, who visited Oban with the 94 group, gets married. An open invitation is issued to her friends in Oban to pop over for the event. A nice gesture, but an opportunity which nobody is able to take up.

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