Argyll & Bute Education Business Partnership (EBP)

EBPs are partnerships between local education authorities and the business community. The principal partners in Argyll & Bute EBP are Argyll & Bute Council (Education Service), and Argyll & Islands Enterprise (AIE).

This year's round of '3rd Option' conferences is the 11th, and these conferences continue to perform a valuable role in encouraging young people to consider self employment as a positive and rewarding career aspiration. Participants now have the opportunity to progress to a business startup course.

Most EBP activities are in line with the matrix of Progression in Education for Work contained in the SCCC document "EIL in Scotland - A National Framework'. Schools will be given greater assistance to see where their activities fit into this progression, into Higher Still core skills, and into 'How Good is Our School at EIL'.

The government's Excellence Fund is making resources available to provide industrial placements for a number of teachers in Argyll & Bute. The EBP will provide an important means of enabling high quality placements within Argyll & Bute.

A number of relevant initiatives have been the subject of Argyll & Bute bids to the New Opportunities Fund. Some, such as summer schools, are relevant to EBP activities, and EBP involvement will be determined once the results of the bidding process are known.

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