New York Diary


It was quite a year in New York. Mayor Guilliani was losing popularity, and the summer had been as hot and clammy as usual. September 11th changed all that.

The night before had been one of thunderstorms, lightning, and violent rain. Tuesday 11th dawned bright and clear, with the sun clmbing steadily into a brilliant blue sky. Then two planes hit the World Trade Centre's twin towers, and a couple of hours later these symbols of New York and of America, collapsed in ruins, taking some 3000 souls with them.

I was some 35km north of New York, but from a hillside vantage point in Yorktown, just a little further north, I could look towards the city and see the Empire State Building, and a huge pillar of black and brown smoke.

The autumn colours came and went, and a dry autumn gave way to a mild winter. In mid December I was able to sit outside and enjoy a lunch break in the sunshine. Christmas Day was another dry clear sunny day, with daytime temperatures reaching 8C. No snow, and the ski areas upstate were relying on artificial snow.