Oban FM community radio

Oban FM Radio

is a community radio station, based in Oban, and broadcasting to much of North Argyll in the Highlands of Scotland.

Oban FM broadcasts on 103.3MHz

Technical Data

Oban FM broadcasts on 103.3MHz, with a transmitter on Pulpit Hill, overlooking Oban. We put out 200W erp, with vertical and horizontal polarisation.

Outside Broadcasts

Oban FM gets out to local events when possible. A small transmitter is available, with mic and line inputs, providing a mono signal back to the studio. There is no talkback facility, which can make for some interesting moments! The station can also use an ISDN link in locations where POTS is available.

Location recordings and interviews are done on minidisc, which gives excellent quality, and easy editing.


The Oban FM studio occupies part of what was originally a church hall. Sub divided, the space now includes a small lounge and kitchen area, a reception desk and area, one small broadcasting studio, one small recording studio (as yet incomplete) with a small adjacent control room, and a small admin office area. Big we are not.

Studio 2

The second studio is equipped with a Degidesign 001 analogue/digital interface, and Protools for signal processing.



Centrepiece of the studio is a Sonifex Sovereign 12 channel desk. Three mic channels are available. 2 domestic standard CD players provide the main music inputs although we can also play vinyl. Two cassette decks are available, one of them a twin. Two minidisc recorders have proved invaluable. Programmes can be recorded on these for subsequent replay, and news and other material can be edited quickly and easily. Adverts are played on two disc cart machines, which use standard floppy discs, although in a special audio format. A DAT recorder is used for some programme recording.

The desk also has one Telco input which allows telephone calls to be included, and a spare input is available for outboard equipment , such as the receiver for the OB transmitter.

As a part time radio service, Oban FM broadcasts from 8am to noon most days, and 7pm to 9 to 10pm. At other times, Glasgow based Clyde 2 is available as a sustaining service.

Contact us.

Call us on 01631 570057

E.mail to Oban FM

Snail mail to; Oban FM Radio, 132 George Street, Oban, PA34 5NT.


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