The Shetland connection

Open the Shetland phone book, and Laurensons fall out. Shetland is different, not least in its distinctive dialect. If you haven't come across it before, here's a simple introduction.


Man always looks for loveliness,
Whaar ever he micht be,
In fact, da quest for beauty, will
Geng on eternally.
Bit what is dis at we admire?
An' spake aboot sae much?
An' does it lie in what we see,
Or feel, or hear, or touch?
What pleases wan will no please all
An' boannie is as seen.
Da coorsest cratir' at micht be,
Is fine in some wan's een.
While we admire da peerie lamb,
Laekwise da ting o' calf,
Hit taks da midder's hert tae love,
A newly hatched oot skarff!
From 'Tochts on Shetland Life'

by T M Laurenson

Available from 'Shetland Times' bookshop

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