WLNC Radio

Hometown Radio in Laurinburg, North Carolina is WLNC. Located on the northern edge of town, WLNC serves Laurinburg and Scotland County with a mix of speech and music which is heavily based on local events, news and personalities.

The station broadcasts on 1300m, medium wave, during daylight hours.

Fred Fox, the owner is a colourful personality, and anchors the morning breakfast show in his own distinctive style. Sandy Callan takes care of local news, and between them, they somehow manage to know just about anything that happens in Laurinburg, and who makes it happen.

WLNC Radio had been very supportive of the link between Laurinburg and Oban, Scotland. In 1996, the station was awarded a silver quaich (a traditional Scottish drinking vessel) in recognition of that support.

Oban visitors have been featured on WLNC, and the station has taken part in several joint broadcasts with Oban FM Radio.

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