Dateline February 2001

February 28th

After the cold of the weekend, a milder spell with some showers and longer periods of rain. Bulging daffodil bulbs offer the propect of a display, but no more than that so far. Still no sign of Foot and Mouth north of Glasgow.

February 24th

A showy morning which causes some problems for a fw hours in the morning. But by the afternoon it has largely gone. Still cold though. The Foot and Mouth outbreak in the north of England sends shivers down the spine of the agricultural community, but others will feel the same if it spreads here.

February 22nd

Esentially a bright sunny day, but the occasional shower sweeps in to drench the odd unlucky patch here and there. Still relatively few signs of spring - the daffodil shoots are poking up, but not yet tall enought o show buds.

February 14th

Another dry bright sunny day. Snow sprinkled mountains add contrast to the bleakness of the lower slopes.

February 10th.

A damp start to the day, but the wind has risen and brought cold blustery rain. Not a day for outside.

February 8th.

Bitterly cold with a south easterly airstream. Much of the east coast is buried in snow, but we sit comfortably below the snowline.

February 6th.

Glorious sunshine. Snowdrops prliferate, and the birches have taken on that deep purple hue that precedes budding. The larch too is changing colour. Snow flattened grass lines the roadside, budt there is a suspicion of green in some of the fields.

February 4th.

A walk in the hills in glorious sunshine. Bitterly cold in the wind, but in sheltered stretches it feels almost warm.

February 1st.

A damp and dreich start to February. But mild.