Dateline January 2001

January 31st.

The end of one of the coldest, driest and sunniest Januaries that Argyll has seen for many a year. Global warning, or just one of the exceptions that proves the rule?

January 29th.

A beautiful morning of sunshine, but cloudier later on. The first snowdrps seen.

January 24th.

The mild weather leaves the hills littered with tattered remnants of snowfall. The rivers are gushing and the loch levels rising again.

January 23rd.

A breezy rainy day. The loch levels are rising as snowmelt amplifies the rainfall. The wind is breezy and erratic, and the sea heaves itelf up into an erratic jumble of peaks and troughs with no discernible pattern, as though it had forgotten how to form neat regular patterns of waves.

January 21st.

The rain arrives. Low cloud and wind accompany it as though to stir the quietness of the last couple weeks.

January 20th.

A hazy day of low cloud and rising temperatures. The rain is coming, but as yet the loch levels lie low, and the ice encased mountain streams trickle gently down.

January 17th.

An interesting contrast in styles. The sun is preceded by some pomp and ceremny - the reddening of cloud low on the horizon, the glow in the sky, and then suddenly it heaves it self up, rises low over the hills, melts the frost which has built up on trees and buses, and goes back to bed, leaving an afterglow, and some more cloud reddening. The moon by contrast, though waning, still rises high, peers down at us for a while, and shows some interest. No grand or entrance or exit - the moon just gets on with the job.

January 14th

Still cold and clear, but the moon rises later, so that the stars are visible in the early evening. The air was particularly clear today, so that the islands stand out sharply during the day, and the stars are nore numerous by night.

January 11th.

The cold weather continues. Clear blue skies, and brilliant moonlit nights. The temperature struggles towards zero during the day, and sometiemes even reaches it for an hour or so. Windscreens need scraping every morning, and the supermarkets see a heavy demand for de icing fluid.

January 9th.

It did! Superb views of the eclipse in the early evening - but you had to be well wrapped up to be able to enjoy it for any length of time.

January 7th.

A cold spell - clear skies make for sunny days and frosty nights. A welocome change from the usual jJanuary weather. Will it last for the eclipse?

January 1st.

The snow clings on in places, but is disappearing fast. A pity.