Dateline July 2000

July 10th

The Americans leave, Lots of tears andfond farwells. A couple of wild raspberries look nearly ready - a couple of days and they'll be mine! The bramble bushes are flowering - a good crop in prospect.

July 9th

A farewell ceilidh for the American group. It rain steadiy outside, but inside the pipes skirl, the box (accordion) rants, highland and clog dancers perform, and a good time is had by all.

July 6th/7th

The Laurinburg went to Edinburgh, visited the Scottish Parliament, and some of them say the Queen on her way to perform the ceremony of knighting Sean Connery.

July 5th

A dull day, and in the evening - rain.

July 4th

Independence Day for Americans everywhere. The Laurinburg group visited Oban Distillery, had lunch with Oban Rotary, and in the evening decamped to Tralee Beach, just north of Oban, for a cookout. Ravenous teenage appetites demolished enough food to satisfy a small army, fireworks soared into the evening sky, and a small group scoured the beach for shells. Having found a few, they were shown how to use them as whistles - an old trick of the islanders who used them to issue whistled commands to their sheepdogs.

July 3rd

The good weather continues, and the Laurinburg group make a trip over to Mull, and then on to Staffa (Fingal's Cave) and Iona, before returning to Oban in the evening. The scenery is described as 'awesome', and the journey as 'cool'.

July 1st

The weather holds, making it just perfect for Radio Clyde who spend the afternoon broadcasting live from Oban, and offering a listeners prize of a weekend for two in Oban. Surprisingly, a number of Oban listeners phone in to enter the competition!